[Pic] 130605 Fantaken CNBLUE Airport Fashion En Route from Australia to Korea

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CNBLUE had a very busy time during their few days spent in Australia counting their flight to Melbourne for the first concert, then flying to Sydney for their second concert, holding several interviews and even a mystery filming while down under. Let’s say FNC likes to make sure all their time is being used wisely, even if the guys just want to kick back and enjoy the sights. Rumor has it that they filmed an MV while in Sydney during their few days after the last concert on June 1st. No one can confirm this news yet so its just speculation but I have had some sources say that this was planned months ago!

Here are some shots of CNBLUE caught ‘Out & About’ in Australia:

A couple of those shots including Yonghwa with the “Fuck You” hoodie, which BTW I laughed super hard when I read what that said….YONGHWA you know what that means OK! hahah, but I digress. Those shots are of the guys arriving at the venue in Sydney on June 1st. There’s a few of them taken while they filmed the ‘Mystery Video’ and the rest are of them either arriving somewhere to eat or just stopping to give some lucky fans an autograph.

With that said, I’d like to mention that I’m so glad the guys weren’t stalked though they probably were and we just didn’t see it. I really dont like it when they travel to foreign places and get mobbed or followed or just plain old harassed just because fans are super excited to see them. I get the excitement but for me, I’d like to give CNBLUE a good impression of a country they haven’t experienced right? Let’s all keep that in mind next time they visit a city near you! Just dont tail them all over the place and take images of them when they dont want you to. Yonghwa has stated several times that’s he’s seen pictures of himself that are unfortunate and not cool and that makes him feel bad to not show his “good side” or not look his best and be caught on camera or pictures! Its just not cool IMO.


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Compiled & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

8 thoughts on “[Pic] 130605 Fantaken CNBLUE Airport Fashion En Route from Australia to Korea

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  3. I hope they film a “mystery video” when they come to the States! (Yes…WHEN they come..not IF. :D)
    And I totally agree with your comments about not being mobbed. They should be able to enjoy traveling and being out and about, rather than hide in the hotel from crazy fans.

    • Yes, I wonder why they only filmed the photoshoot BTS when they were here and not more. Either way, it would be nice for them to see more of LA or wherever they go…it would be super cool if they went to NY and filmed an edgy video there too! Yonghwa so wants to see NY and I want that for him too!

      Thanks about the comments. I honestly understand the fan mentality and wanting to know the celebs whereabouts and see how they live etc but yeah, they should be able to come and go freely without being watched from outside the restaurant or hotel! Fans did that when the guys were first in LA and I hated to see the fancams of that! They couldn’t even eat a meal without having a crowd of screaming idiots around. I think that’s pathetic.

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