[Pic | Trans] 130531-130602 CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live In Australia SMS Round-Up



[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: It’s been a long time..this is Jungshin’s tweet. Korean concert ended not that long ago and the feeling is still lingering and now we are in Melbourne~~ Hoho tomorrow is our concert but everyone is ecstatic as if we’re already performing at the concert.. ㅋㅋ I just can’t express it with words… ㅎㅎ Also if you look closely at my snap-back cap there’s “Mister Untouchable”‘ written on it…ㅋㅋㅋ I received it as a gift… Yes… It’s me “Untouchable”.. but now I became easier.. ㅎㅎ From MISTER UNTOUCHABLE



[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: Mental Breaker here. Wow~ Today’s Melbourne concert also ended well and full of joy~~!! The atmosphere in Melbourne was really hot! The girl who danced from start till the end keeps coming to my mindㅋㅋ Looking forward to Sydney’s concert tomorrow too!ㅋㅋ So we’ll eat healthy supplements a lot and off to Sydney tomorrow ppyong~!! Good night!



[TRANS] CNBLUE_4: CNBLUE successfully completed a concert in Melbourne, here’s a picture to reveal the members POV! Please look forward to the concert in Sydney~^^

blrvot5cuaaaplj 2013-06-02_1329_2nd_msg

[TRANS] CNBLUE_4: Everyone!!! Finally we finished all concerts in Australia! Today was Sydney!!! It was really hot!ㅋㅋ Helloo~oww Sydney~ㅋㅋ It rained both in Melbourne and Sydney. I love rain so it makes me happy because it feels as if the rain was giving me support! ㅋㅋ What about (the weather) in Korea? I enjoyed being in Sydney so I’ll be back! That’s all from correspondent Jung Yonghwa. Soryuuuujillleeeooo!!!!! (this is not a typo) ㅋㅋ pppyong!

WOW what a round of gorgeous yet cute and sweaty selca from our CNBLUE over the past few days! The first being from Jungshin and I’m not sure but some people were saying they thought Yonghwa took that shot of “MISTER UNTOUCHABLEJS while on a quiet street somewhere in Melbourne, I’m guessing near their hotel the night they arrived there.  The scene looks like it was meant for a movie with all the buildings in the background and the wet streets/ sidewalks doesn’t it? Such a cool shot!

The second picture was attached to a tweet again by Jungshin only this time, the entire group is there and might I say cheeky and cute as ever!! What is that post Yonghwa? hehe As usual, Jonghyun is “Mr. Derp” because of his awkward facial expression and the two maknae are just freaking tall and cute too.

The third image posted from Melbourne was to the LINE app and sorry but I had to get the translation from google for that one because I was to lazy to scour my Twitter timeline to see if any BOICE had translated it. It’s pretty basic though, just say how they finished the concert but the best part is of course, the super cute selca! Gosh Lee Jonghyun is so damn good looking but his smile, just makes me want to melt! The same with the last image, CNBLUE are just so good looking, it kills me. ‘Lovely’ Minhyuk in the forefront and might I say, oh so yummmmmmy with his mussed hair and that sweet smile of his! UNFFF!

Here they are, tired and dripping with sweat (LAAAWD HAVE MERCY THE BYUNTAE THOUGHTS) and yet they look so perfectly imperfect! Their hair is only slightly messy but their smiles shine brighter than the spotlights shining on them! CNBLUE are definitely too good to be true!


Source: @CNBLUE_4, [2] [3], CNBLUE Official LINE
Trans: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

9 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 130531-130602 CNBLUE ‘BLUE MOON’ Live In Australia SMS Round-Up

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  6. How can they all look so good after a 2+ hour concert?! (When will they announce the rest of the tour dates?!) 😛

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