[News] CNBLUE Conquers The Land Down Under, ‘Blue Moon’ Australia Has Successful Turnout

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Hallyu Rock group CNBLUE just completed yet another set of concerts; this time Australia was the setting for their first solo concerts ever down under.

When CNBLUE and FNC Entertainment first announced ‘Blue Moon’ Live in Australia, only one date was set for the country then they later decided to add another date making this first ever solo appearance in Australia, a double venue concert held in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. The band’s appearances in Australia mark their first sixth country and first non-Asian country visited so far on theirBlue Moon’ World Tour rounding the total number of concerts CNBLUE have performed in the last three months, to ten.



Since the concerts were set back to back in different cities, CNBLUE had to make a quick dash to the airport shortly after their first concert at Festival Hall, Melbourne had ended. Though they took the time to post images and a short message to fans on Twitter and Naver LINE app:



“Mental Breaker (Jungshin) here. Wow~ Today’s Melbourne concert also ended well and full of joy~~!! The atmosphere in Melbourne was really hot! The girl who danced from start till the end keeps coming to my mindㅋㅋ Looking forward to Sydney’s concert tomorrow too!ㅋㅋ So we’ll eat healthy supplements a lot and off to Sydney tomorrow ppyong~!! Good night!”

In Sydney, just as in Melbourne, CNBLUE performed a mix of new songs from their January releaseRe:Blue’ as well as many of their other hits and fan favorites to a sold out crowd however, the Sydney concert didn’t go off without a hitch unfortunately. According to witnesses, some fans reported that Big Top Sydney staff underestimated the number of VIP ticket holders and didn’t start letting fans into the seating or standing area until about thirty minutes before show time which resulted in many disappointed fans missing the first forty-five minutes of the concert.

Ritually after the concert, CNBLUE shared this tweet message and group selca (self-picture):


“Everyone!!! Finally we finished all concerts in Australia! Today was Sydney!!! It was really hot!ㅋㅋ Helloo~oww Sydney~ㅋㅋ It rained both in Melbourne and Sydney. I love rain so it makes me happy because it feels as if the rain was giving me support! ㅋㅋ What about (the weather) in Korea? I enjoyed being in Sydney so I’ll be back! That’s all from correspondent Jung Yonghwa. Soryuuuujillleeeooo!!!!! (this is not a typo) ㅋㅋ pppyong!”



CNBLUE’s next stop on their hugely popular ‘Blue Moon’ World Tour will be Live in Manila, Philippines at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on June 15th 2013 organized by PULP Live World.

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: FNC Ent.
Photo Credits: CNBLUE Twitter, Johnny Au
Trans: cnbluestorm
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

8 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE Conquers The Land Down Under, ‘Blue Moon’ Australia Has Successful Turnout

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    • IDK, I was hoping they’d have two as you said but I’m thinking just having one would be tough to swing considering the fact they feel we US fans aren’t as plentiful as fans are in other countries! We just have to be more vocal! That’s another reason why I wanted to start CNBLUE USA!

      But definitely, I see then going to LA again and possibly NY too

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