[Scan | Trans] Sexy Cute Kang Minhyuk’s Spread & Interview @ Dazed & Confused May 2013


“Naked Morning”

Q : You look very comfortable today

When I think about it, I don’t have a lot of quality time in the morning. I always go out in a hurry, so I really want to feel that comfortable feeling just like in the photo shoot just now. I really want to experience a morning like this.

Q : During the photo shoot, your arm muscles looks very toned. Looks like you exercise regularly.

I am 23 years old now, I don’t know when I started to not like my skinny body. I like my current look, but I still do weight practice, and train my shoulder, abdomen, back, and my chest. So my body starts developing some muscle.

Q : Isn’t it hard?

Because I’ve always liked active sports like soccer, or baseball I feel that this is fun. Although there are times where I’m tired and sweat a lot, but it’s good for my body.

Q : You have good body and good skin, what is your secret?

Blemishes appear on dry skin so I put a lot of effort to keep my skin moist. I must use cleansing oil to clear my make up. Then I must use these 4 things; toner, lotion, essence and moisturizing cream. Recently I always put “Belif” moisturizing skin lotion at night. After I took a bath I always put on body lotion. I like the smell of Iris flower, which has a faint refreshing aroma.


Q : You are very thorough, but there is a cut on your lips.

I just can’t seem to leave my lips alone. I keep on touching them or licking my lips. Even though I use lip balm it will be the same.

Q : You shouldn’t do that.

It’s a bad habit I have ever since I was small. Especially during the time when I day dream. Is there a good way to fix this bad habit?

Q : Because it’s dry . To be healthy, do you prepare some food that you can eat anytime?

I drink a lot of water and juices, and I especially like milk and yogurt. But I hate carbonated drinks that have bubbles coming out, that is why I don’t really drink the water-soluble vitamins.

Q: You have a very healthy appetite.

I eat anything. At first when I eat a lot there are not a lot of changes in my body weight. However, after the 2nd year of junior high school, now I’m in my highest body weight ever. Looks like it’s because I do a lot of exercise, gained my muscles. I have exceeded 65 kg now.

Q : You are very busy because you are doing world tour practices and other activities. In order to relieve stress, what kind of things will you do?

I spend time together with other member. I will go to eat with JungShin, eat supper with everyone, have a drink and will find a good restaurant together. Because it’s boring to just stay at home when we have our break and 4 of us want to have a rest so we do that kind of thing a lot.

Q : You’re not worried when you roam around like that?

I will apply a lot of BB cream, so my skin will turn yellowish. I feel that after I use BB cream no one will recognize me, and my skin will luster.

Q : Using BB Cream is a very 20s thing. World tour will begin in April, How do you feel when you know Hong Kong’s concert ticket is sold out within 5 minutes?

I’m a bit worried because it’s our first world tour. We will go to South America, North America, and Europe too. So we practice hard to try to show a pleasant performance to everyone. Of course we have to prepare everything perfectly, we even think a lot about the ad-libs we’d put in the performance. Because of all the fans we have the opportunity to hold a world tour concert, so of course we have to show our best for them.

Q : So you are a perfectionist?

I do the same thing when I’m acting too. Because I start later than other actors, so I’m very worried. I really have to make full preparations when I act. The most important thing on the stage or on the screen is we have to be able to be one with the audiences and show our ability.


Q : Looks like there is a different look between actor Kang MinHyuk, and CNBLUE’s drummer Kang MinHyuk.

CNBLUE’s Kang MinHyuk is very close to my original look, it’s the same with my real life persona. However when I’m acting I have to throw away Kang MinHyuk persona and embody new look according to that character persona.

Q : It’s a new look…. What will you do in the future?

I want to take care of those people I am not able to during my everyday life, I want to socialize properly with other people, and I want to exercise properly. Furthermore I want to have time for self-improvement. Back when I was just a kid, I was able to concentrate fully when I hear songs on the radio, right now I just listened with one ear (too busy). I want to be the little thing that people look at significantly. Now it’s that time for me I guess. I think this is the time for me to look for my true self.

Q : The concept of this May issue is ‘Man Beauty’. What do you think is Man Beauty?

I think the kind of people that in their every speech and action , they are able to take care of others, and touch their souls. I think that is the real man.

8p Scans by KangMinhyuk


How can I look at this guy the same ever again? I mean, of course he’s a man and he’s been so for a really long time but even with the constant reminders of his masculinity, I used to still hold him close to my heart as cute Minhyuk, with the squirrel cheeks! But omg he’s so damn good looking, borderline rape-able….I say borderline because he just takes me to the edge and then I have to wrangle myself back to reality hahah

This and his oh so famous ‘James Dean’ styled Sure Magazine photoshoot are soooo hawt! Anyway, I will never look at him the same again, he’s definitely a man in my eyes, forever<33


Scans: kangminhyuk, topstarnews
Chinese Trans : 皮皮 @ weibo
English Trans : cnblackyong
Edited: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

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    • Hahahaa yes drunk plenty of water and exercise before sitting in front of your pc to view CNBLUE!! Otherwise you can die from heat exhaustion and dehydration! Hahah

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