[Album] CNBLUE ~Lives & Covers~ 『Unofficial Compilation』 Part ❶

by ColorMeCNBLUE

CNBLUE  ~Lives & Covers~ 『Unofficial Compilation』 Part ❶ by Mari დ

Bit Rate: 320kbps
File Size: 257 MB
Duration: 01:08:00 Hrs

Track List:

  1. Harder to Breathe
  2. 직감 (Intuition/ Rock Ver.)
  3. It’s Raining, LOAM, IDC, HB
  4. My Life Would Suck Without You
  5. Mister
  6. Romeo & Juliet
  7. Tainted Love
  8. Nobody
  9. Magic Carpet Ride
  10. 외톨이야 (I’m a Loner/ Slow Ver.)
  11. Sarang, Sarang, Sarang
  12. 사랑 빛 (Love Light/ Sarang Bit)
  13. Inside of You
  14. I Don’t Know Why (Yonghwa Remix)
  15. Jam Session @ Zepp Tour
  16. Young Sun
  17. Geek In The Pink
  18. So sick
  19. Umbrella
  20. Lucky ft. IU
  21. Love (Slow Ver.)
  22. Always
  23. Drive
  24. The Distant Future
  25. In My Head (Korean Ver.)
  26. Where You Are (Live)
  27. Rock & Roll Music
  28. Gee
  29. Champion
  30. Safety Song
  31. Song For a Fool
  32. Umbrella (Acoustic Ver.)
  33. Comfort Song
  34. Falling Slowly
  35. Girl
  36. Wherever You Will Go
  37. Cheoeum Saranghaneun Yeonindeureul Wihae (For First Time Lovers, Banmal Song)
  38. I Swear
  39. Sunday Morning
  40. I’m in Love


I put together this album myself because I really enjoyed so many of CNBLUE‘s show performances and sometimes when they appear on music or radio shows, they perform cover songs (songs that are original to other recording artists) and other songs that they haven’t performed that often. I am sharing this album as a request because I’ve gotten so many emails asking if I have certain audio rips. I really want to say that I put so much work into cutting the videos and ripping the audio for this album, some of the songs are from really rare video clips as well. I really scoured the net trying to find all the covers that CNBLUE has recorded but I’m not sure I’ve collected them all so I’m always on the hunt for other tracks they’ve performed. In some cases, I had to enhance the audio track with my music editor and some I just couldn’t enhance much because of the audience or other sounds that were out of my control. I tagged all the info for the tracks and even created the cover art! Let’s just say that I worked hard on putting this together for myself and me sharing this with my readers is really special to me. This is my first Unofficial album I’ve made so I really feel like it’s my baby! It may not be perfect but I really tried hard to make the tracks perfect! I’m actually working on a ‘Lives & Covers’ part two because there are so many more songs that I just couldn’t include on this edition so please look forward that soon!

With that said, I ask that you please, please, PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD or RE-POST ANYWHERE!! I don’t want my files re-posted on other sites simply because people generally do not credit original sources and I would hate to have worked so hard on this to then have someone else take the credit and not give me any!! This goes for any of the audio rips I upload and the artwork I make for them as well! If I feel that my simple request has been violated, I just wont share any more audio rips again and I really don’t want to have to do that!

I like sharing my original content and other things that I make myself with you guys so please enjoy this and let me know what you think


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**

Artwork & Audio Ripped, Complied, Edited & Posted by Mari @Colormecnblue

65 thoughts on “[Album] CNBLUE ~Lives & Covers~ 『Unofficial Compilation』 Part ❶

  1. Dear Mary thanks a lot for these beautiful songs can i ask you to out the videos of these songs? or can you give us the link of these videos on you tube or somewhere else?
    Thank you dear

  2. Hi Mari! I’m the one who tweeted you last time. I just want to thank you for your efforts and hardwork on uploading these audio rips. Thank you so much. 🙂 Super thank you! ^^

    • You’re welcome Denise. It makes me happy to make others happy! That’s why I started this site and why I’m so proud to spread CNBLUE to everyone who comes here!

      I’ll be posting your request sometime this week so please make sure you follow the site officially so you can receive email notifications when I update =)

  3. Mariiiiii…thank u so much for your hardwork..i’m istening it now!
    u help me to listen cnblue’s song covers without busy looking for it&make a playlist hehe..YOU’R THE BEST BOICE EVEEEHHHH!!:))

  4. Thank you so much Mari! Your hardwork is really really appreciated! You’re a one of a kind Boice for doing this! ❤

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  6. Mari, thank you very much for your effort and generousness. May you include yonghwa’s Love me tender and Try to remember in your coming unofficial album?

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  8. Dear Mari, first I wanna say thank you so much for working hard on this project ^^
    I hope to get your permission to introduce about this album on my site: http://allinblue4.wordpress.com/
    This is our new fansite for Vietnamese Boices, just joined in wordpress on May 15. We update news, videos, pictures and make Vietnamese subs for Boices in Viet Nam.
    I will just copy the name and the tracklist of the album, then write some words to introduce about ít. The download link will link back to this site.
    Are you willing to help me to spread this so-cool album to Vietnamese Boices?
    Thanks you so much again, and I’m looking for your reply 🙂

    p/s: I’m lavender, one of admins of this page, actually we have chatted on facebook (my facebook is Lavender Duchess:)

    • Hi Lavender! Well since you have WP site too, you can just click the “reblog” button at the top of my site while on the post you want to share! Then add whatever comments you need to add at the bottom of the post! I’m not really giving anyone permission to repost this album right now, I hope you understand and thank you for asking in advance but as I said, you’re welcome to reblog to your site. 🙂

      • thank you for replying to me ^^ it’s ok, it’s a good solution 🙂

        thanks again for this great album 🙂

  9. SUPER DUPER THANK YOU! You truly spoil us!! Thanks for ALL your hard work, on this, and the whole site! WHOOHOO!!!

  10. Took me a bit to figure out how to download 🙂 since I don’t normally do those things. However, It was worth all the navigation from one site to another and downloading the B1 Free Archiver to get the music. I am sure my effort was very much less than yours. Thank you so very much for the compilation! I am listening to it now and it is wonderful!
    Great Job Mari!

      • No… I am quick to learn. I just never had the need to download before…. but I sure was not going to pass this up.
        🙂 Thanks again!
        tweet to—> @themuse0

  11. Thank you sooooooooo muccchhhhhhhhhhhh Mari! It’s so nice of you to share this amazing album with us. Thanks for all your efforts and all! ❤ I always love their cover songs which sound a lot…well what's the word, anyway I love their covers! (esp yonghwa's payphone and geek in the pink and etc) haha Thanks again 🙂

    • You’re welcome dear! I’m working on part two and I’ll include all the ones from 2012 and whatever I didnt include on the first one…glad so many fan like my collection hehe!

  12. Thank you Mari. I will download later. A rurally one song that I like is by Yonghwa and Lyn “it’s because of you”. Do not remember where I heard or saw the video

  13. Woooh… this is great!!! Thank you a thousand times for all the efforts you make and all the time you devoted! You’re the best<3

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