[Site News] ATTEN: Jung Yonghwa & Kang Minhyuk Birthday Cake Project!!!

Dear BOICE, 

MH's Bday Project 2013_2

Yes, we’re back with yet another announcement lol… We are happy to announce that we have decided to add our ‘Lovely’ Drummer Kang Minhyuk to the original project we started in order to raise funds for a birthday cake for Jung Yonghwa’s 25th birthday on June 22nd. We figured since we have making the efforts for Yonghwa‘s special day, we realized that Minhyuks 23rd birthday is just six days later on June 28th so we felt it would only be right to work twice as hard to make sure that both our CNBLUE members celebrating their birthdays in June get a special gift from us! With that said, we would need to just about double our initial project amount. We will submit some cake design sketches & other images to the bakery by Tuesday, May 21st or as soon as we feel we have enough to provide a deposit.

In addition, we are happy to add CNBLUE Puerto Rico to our project! They have so graciously offered to help with our efforts to make this now joint project come to fruition! But you don’t have to be an Affiliate to help out, all you have to do is visit our Paypal payment page!

Follow these easy steps to help out:

  1. Visit Paypay.com.
  2. Create an account if you don’t already have one. In a few easy steps, after you have set up your bank account or credit card…
  3. Then click here to submit your payment to the CNBLUE USA Project Fund!

Remember, no payment is too big or small! We understand that times are hard for everyone these days so we’re not asking for much, whatever you feel you can afford is fine, even if its just a dollar! Your contribution will help us <33

YH & MH's Bday Project 2013Please send all donations using Paypal address: cnblueusa@gmail.com

or click here!!

CNBLUE4INA successfully sent Lee Jonghyun an awesome cake plus some other goodies that include the logos of the project’s supporters which is what we have in mind as well. We really hate to use the same ideas as our Affiliates but in this case I’m glad that CNBLUE4INA were so successful in their project and delivery of the baked goods that we just hope to have the same positive outcome!

Just as a reminder, here are some images from the Sweet 16th bakery that we would like to hire for the creation of the cakes!

941439_501351746597838_850332564_n 428103_501351763264503_698553891_n 970793_501351599931186_176088743_n


We would like to send Yonghwa a cake fitting for the special bubbly leader and one that is equally fitting to our handsome Minhyuk since they both deserve have this small token of our love for them!

As I stated earlier on Twitter, I know that we are such a young fanbase but we felt this would be a good time to gather our forces and make this project a possibility! We need all the support we can get at this time so please spread the word to let everyone know about our joint project for Yonghwa & Minhyuk and please hurry since we basically have two weeks to raise the money & put in our final order!! Thank you to everyone in advance <33

mari logo


On another note, I really feel I need to say that it pains me to know that we couldn’t devote the same efforts to Lee Jonghyun’s birthday which just passed on May 15th! We unfortunately didn’t think in advance that we would be in the position to hold any projects at all and didn’t have the time to properly devote to a birthday project for him. I also didn’t have my computer for almost a month which only added to our issues.

I can only say that I am deeply sorry to everyone and assure you all that God willing, next year we can rightfully show our Guitar Freak Jonghyun how much we love him as well because we do really love and support all of our CNBLUE members, not just one or two but ALL FOUR!! After all, we wouldn’t be CNBLUE USA or ColorMeCNBLUE without all of our talented CNBLUE!

by ColorMeCNBLUE

by ColorMeCNBLUE

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  4. HI there….checked again to make sure this was not last years post….yes, I am still beating myself up over it. I will let go soon, I promise. I wanted to let you know I paypal’d you some money for the boys. Thank you so much for taking on this job. Can’t wait to see how/what you guys come up with!!!! YOU ROCK!

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