[Site News] For Those Who Missed It: CNBLUE USA is Here!!


This was the very first post on our fanbase blog and we are so very excited to be here! For those of you who don’t already know, I decided to band together with a couple of fellow BOICE to found CNBLUE USA, a CNBLUE fanbase established in the U.S. by U.S. BOICE!


Since until recently, us U.S. BOICE didn’t really have a fanbase dedicated to just CNBLUE fans in the USA so wanted all BOICE to have a place they can visit to find other BOICE friends. CNBLUE are currently on their ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour and have not yet added certain dates to their agenda such as North & South America and Europe even though they mentioned in several different information releases that they would plan dates in these countries as well. Even though they have not announced any U.S. dates, it is safe to assume they will eventually add the U.S. as one of their concert locations. Because what’s a world tour without hitting America right? At least that’s how we like to think.

CNBLUE USA are hoping to gather BOICE who live in the U.S. and all surrounding countries together, even if its just online at the moment, to show CNBLUE and their management company FNC that yes, they do have devoted fans in the U.S. and yes, we have a voice and want to let them know, we are here! It is our goal to eventually be able to organize a real meeting of all CNBLUE fans in the U.S. but in order to make that possible, we need to know you all are out there! Through creating ColorMeCNBLUE a year ago for BOICE to enjoy CNBLUE with me, I have met some wonderful and sweet U.S. fans who are always asking me if there are others out there and I know we are, we just need to have a place to meet up, right?

We ask ALL BOICE, not just American fans, to please support and promote us so that everyone knows who we are. Our official email address is CNBLUEUSA@gmail.com so please let us know if you have any questions or just want to say hi! Also, you can always reach me, at ColorMeCNBLUE cuz I ain’t going anywhere!! Thank you so very much <33

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