[Site News] Added New Affiliate: CNBLUE Puerto Rico

Hello ma Beautiful BOICE,

Here I am once again to announce yet another wonderful and supportive CNBLUE fanbase to my BOICE family: CNBLUE Puerto Rico! CNBLUE Puerto Rico was founded 2 years ago and is the main source of information for the island to share updates about all things about our favorite Korean band. Even though Puerto Rico may seem rather small in comparison to other countries, it is full of BOICE who share one similar interest: our love for CNBLUE!

logo cnblueprgruesocamisa (1)I am most happy to include CNBLUE PR into the family, for now you can contact them through their Facebook page but they have a website in the works so as soon as its done, I’ll update their website link. As always, I welcome any and all BOICE fanbases to join my growing family so please leave me a message on my ‘Affiliates’ page or email me at ColorMeCNBLUE@gmail.com with your request!

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