[Site News] Attention: Donations Needed ASAP for Jung Yonghwa Birthday Cake Project!!!


YH's Bday Project 2013_2

On behalf of CNBLUE USA & ColorMeCNBLUE, we would like to send Jung Yonghwa a cake for his 25th birthday on June 22nd 2013! As time is really importiant and we dont have much of it since the cake order has to be in by at least 7 days before the event date, we dont have much time to gather funds! We urge all BOICE to please come together and donate any amount you can for Project: Jung Yonghwa’s Birthday Cake as we need to raise at least $500 at the minimum for the cake & delivery fees!

Please send all donations using Paypal address: cnblueusa@gmail.com

or click the image above or here!!

Here are some images from the Sweet 16th bakery that we would like to hire for the creation of the cake! CNBLUE INA successfully sent Lee Jonghyun an awesome cake, don’t you think?

941439_501351746597838_850332564_n  428103_501351763264503_698553891_n 970793_501351599931186_176088743_n


We would like to send Yonghwa a cake fitting for the special bubbly leader and I really don’t want to give away the design ideas we have but we think he would really love it! Please spread the word to let everyone know to please give whatever you can, even if its $5 or less, it all adds up but please hurry since we basically have two weeks to raise the money & put in our order!! We need all the support we can get at this time! Thank you to all of you in advance <33

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19 thoughts on “[Site News] Attention: Donations Needed ASAP for Jung Yonghwa Birthday Cake Project!!!

  1. Hi Mari!
    Count me in for the birthdays project! I’m gonna make the donation before tonight.
    Just one question, is there going to be a kind of birthday card with the name of all the participants? Or will the logos of the participating fan bases just appear?

    • TBH I’m not exactly sure how we will deal with letting Yonghwa & Minhyuk know all the contributors! I’m guessing that yes, the names of the fanbases will appear on the cupcakes just as the images are but there would be way too many people’s names to add! I’m thinking we will also make a card and list all the fans names on that!

      Thank you for any donation you can make and be sure to please pass on the link to the post and paypal info to anyone who you know would like to participate too!

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  3. Hi again Mari….ok I really should just be kicked out of the club since I have just finally connected all the dots…CNBLUE USA???? I have a couple questions before I get the boot…1. Even though I am old and slow, I have searched for a way to join official BOICE fan club….although now that I say this I remember reading something about it all goes through FNC now…ok that’s not really a question—I would like to be official, is the only way through FNC??? 2. I would like to help out with YONGHWA birthday!!!! I will read your post before asking silly questions. I am sort of thinking now that it is almost 2am here, I should be asleep, but now I have YH birthday on my mind. 3. I can’t find the original post for the challenge you posted (on twitter) I would love to play. ……ok, I wouldn’t let me in the fan club after reading this rambling post. Let me end by saying, Mari you rock. I love CNBLUE, I am sleepy so I will go have sweet dreams of wonderful music. Fighting!!!

    • Wow that’s a lot of questions hahaha but I’m hoping I can answer them all for you! OK firstly, you will never ever get the boot from anywhere I am so don’t you even think that way hahah! I don’t mind ppl asking questions so don’t you worry!You can always email me if you need to ask anything too colormecnblue@gmail.com

      1. YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD hahah…cuz if you are then I am too, sorry I can’t tell you how old I am cuz then I’d have to kill you =P No one can become official BOICE unless you go through FNC, that’s just how it is and that’s a good thing! That will prevent fakes and others that will prey on unsuspecting fangirls out of their money. So if you want to become official BOICE, here’s the tut: http://colormecnblue.com/tutorial/become-official-boice/

      2. We are now adding our Lovely Minhyuk to the Yonghwa birthday project since his b-day is on June 28th. I haven’t made the official post about that but I will very soon. So you or anyone else you know that would be willing to help please click the support graphic in this post to take you to our Paypal donations page.

      3. Here’s the contest post: http://colormecnblue.com/2013/05/05/contest-colormecnblues-game-challenge-guess-that-cnblue-song/

      Thank you for your support my Luv, I do everything I do for CNBLUE & for all of you guys, ma BOICE, that appreciate it<33

    • Thank you for your wanting to help us! All fan-bases who leave donations will be added to a list of contributors and posted on my site once the Mission of delivering his cake is completed! So whatever donations we can get, we will really appreciate! Thank you <33

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