[Site News] Happy Birthday Our Beloved Guitar Freak, Lee Jonghyun!!

Dear Lee Jonghyun,

Where can I begin to tell you what you and your music mean to me? I can start by saying that it was love at first sight with me and you, the moment I first saw you and then heard you sing, it was like I had just discovered breathing. You were the first one I saw in CNBLUE and because of that, you will always be special to me. You and your brothers are so very special to me and it brings me so much joy to be able to say Happy Birthday to you yet another wonderful year!

We as your fans are often left powerless to your charms, your voice, the way you carry yourself…there is only one Lee Jonghyun! Thank you for being who you are and bringing your light and beautiful smile to my life. I can honestly say that CNBLUE is a part of my daily life and its because of my love for you and your members that I started this fansite!

by ColorMeCNBLUE

by ColorMeCNBLUE

I thank you for making the music you create and I pray that you keep the vision that God has given you always and keep going. You are truly meant to do what you are doing which is making people happy! Thank you for all your hard work with your acting as well, I can’t believe how much growth you have shown in just the last two years. No one said being a star, a musician, a big brother, a friend would be easy but you strive on no matter what life brings you and because of that, you inspire me everyday. Thank you for giving me happiness with your music and more importantly, with knowing you really do love your fans, I love you for that!

I pray you a happy special Birthday and many, many more to come because there will be more happy years for you my sweet Guitarist Jonghyun! My message to you will probably never be seen by your eyes but it gives me so much pleasure to write these things to you regardless! Please never change your indifference, your cool demeanor, your beautiful persona because I as your BOICE, will love you for you…always ❀

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Since I am on the other side of the world from you in the United States, I get the privilege of celebrating your Birthday for two days hehe so this may be late for your day in Korea, here your special day is only just beginning…Β  <33

6 thoughts on “[Site News] Happy Birthday Our Beloved Guitar Freak, Lee Jonghyun!!

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  4. Mari, nicely said!
    Happy Birthday Jonghyun! please continue to provide us with great music along with the rest of the members of CNBlue.

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