[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE Is BACK!!!

Dear Faithful & Beautiful BOICE,

Thank you for all your encouragement and support over the past month! April was so crazy for me since I was having computer issues and then not having my computer for long periods because it was in repair. It seems like I have quite a lot of CNBLUE AWESOMENESS to update for you guys, over a month’s worth I think!!

But now I finally have my brand new laptop, I don’t foresee having any of the problems I had with my old computer anymore so YAY for me hehe! As I get my files and other things situated I ask that you please bear with me because I have a shit ton of things to post lol! I think the best way for me to start updating would be to post anything new that happens from now on and once I have any older posts ready to publish, I’ll post them then. So as a result, you guys will get some new News or Pictures as well as some things that are not so new so don’t be surprised if you see something recent and something from a month ago being posted in the same day =))

Hopefully, I can do a good job at catching up but I’m pretty anal about how I post things so again, bear with me lol! Thanks again to all of you who still visit despite the updates! That shows me that my site is really a place BOICE like to visit just as much as I like running it <33

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Please do not forget that I have a Contest/ Giveaway going on so please check out the post down below if you have missed it!! GOOD LUCK!!

8 thoughts on “[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE Is BACK!!!

  1. γŠγ‹γˆγ‚Š (Okaeri) !! *practising my japanese xD*
    Welcome back Unni~ ❀ ^^ I missed you !

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