[Site News] Slow Updates….Again

Hey EveryBOICE,

In case you haven’t noticed, I have been sort of MIA but not because I want to be. Apparently the folks over at HP don’t want me to have my computer, EVER because everytime they send it back to me, its still not completely repaired! Twice now, I have sent my laptop to them for repair and TWICE they send it back and I still face the same issues. The computer crashes and I get the blue screen of death. For those of you who know what I’m talking about, you can understand how frustrated I am, trying to keep all my files and images organized or trying to make a post and then to have the computer crash on me right in the middle of my work! UGH!

Not only am I dealing with that, but I keep getting error messages from Windows processes that just decide to quit just for the hell of it! I don’t know what the hell happened! Just one day… poof, my Dulce (that’s the name I gave my lappy hehehe) just wanted to fail on me. Anyway so HP finally sent my lappy back to me yesterday and when I turn it on, its the same shit! The same errors, everything! So I called them and literally had to hold myself back from being the loud rude bitch I know I can be and spoke to the Rep really calmly, letting them know I was very unhappy!

So because of the fact that they still were unable to fix my PC despite their many attempts, the Rep on the phone made me an offer….If I send in my current laptop, they will replace it with a BRAND NEW LAPTOP! WAAAAAH? I really had to try not to sound too eager because a few minutes prior, I wanted to yell at this guy and now I wanted to kiss him! LOL! So yeah here are the specs to my current laptop, Dulce that I purchased in April 2011:

Current Specs

HP-Pavilion-dv7-4290us-Laptop-with-Intel-Core-i7-Processor 1312406537_2

Now here are the specifications to the NEW laptop they are going to replace mine with:

New Lappy with Specs

44b1dda6-c504-48ff-8c94-972ac86d4ce4 c63c8732-4ec3-44f5-8fa9-1cdb12f7dc6b

I’m going to miss the Silver brushed aluminum casing but the new one is a cool Piano Black and still brushed aluminum so I guess its still ok! Hahaha I’m hung up on the wrong shit right? I’m also gonna miss having Windows 7 cuz having to get used to Windows 8 will be annoying and I really hope its not as bad as I hear it is or that people are just being over critical about the new OS.

Anyway so the whole purpose of this long winded post is to let you guys know that because of the fact that I’m waiting for the new PC to arrive by the end of next week, I will not be updating! I know I haven’t been updating anyway but I really hate to leave you guys hanging and not knowing when i will start posting again. It will be soon! Trust me, I hate how behind I’ve gotten on all the CNBLUE updates since they have been pretty busy lately. All my files are all over the place, I can’t wait for this new laptop to come so I can finally have some stability again! This is the most disorganized I have been, EVER so yeah, its killing me not to have been able to get with it lately. But I’ll be back soon so please continue to wait for me! Thank you everyBOICE, I love you all^^

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10 thoughts on “[Site News] Slow Updates….Again

  1. omg… the blue screen of death! thats the reason why i switched from PC to MAC. i love my mac.. so if u ever have problems with ur computer again… i think you should switch over πŸ˜›

    • I would love to switch to MAC but I just haven’t been able to afford it! MACs are super expensive for what i need being into graphic design so I guess one day I’ll just have to start a fund for one but until then, I’ll be content with the new HP laptop I’m getting next week hehe!

    • Ugh I was looking at some tutorials about Win8 and ewww its ugly hahaha but I guess I can’t really be picky since its a new laptop that I would otherwise not be able to afford at the moment!

      Thank you, I think I need all the cheers I can get hahah ❀

  2. Uh I understand your frustration. I had to repair my PC last month too.
    Fighting, Unni I’m waiting for your comeback ! kk

  3. Oh! You’re going to have the same Laptop as mine (Hachepy, for me, it’s its little name)!! It’s not going to comfort you but Windows 8 sucks…a lot! If I had the choice, I wouldn’t choose this OS but it’s difficult to find new laptops without Windows 8. But apart from that, you’ll see, this laptop is great, very “chic” with its glossy black…

    • Ugh I wasnt looking forward to that cuz I’ve heard some bad things about Win8 but yeah Its either stay with my shitty, crashing all the time or get a brand new out of the box lappy even if it has to have Win8

      I guess beggars cant be choosy in my case =((

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