[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE’s 1st Ever Giveaway: Win A Copy of CNBLUE’s ‘RE: BLUE’ or ‘Now or Never’

Hello Dear BOICE,

I just wanted to let everyBOICE know that ColorMeCNBLUE.COM is turning ONE YEAR OLD! I really cannot believe that it has been a whole year already on May 5th!! To help celebrate ColorMeCNBLUE‘s 1 Year Anniversary, I have decided to hold a contest, game challenge to give all of you the chance to play and win either one of the following cool prizes!!


Three [3] 1ST Prize Winners will receive ONE of the following:

CNBLUE’s latest Korean album, ‘RE: BLUE’  [2]

reblue cover

CNBLUE’s First Japanese release, ‘Now Or Never’ [1]

now or never cover

PLUS ONE Lucky Runner Up will be chosen to receive a SPECIAL CNBLUE Gift just for participating!!

MINI 64p CNBLUE Photobook & 64p Monthly Planner




BONUS: ONE player will be chosen at random to receive  Juniel’s latest Japanese release, ‘JUNI’ [1] Just for participating!!


ColorMECNBLUE 1st Ever Giveaway Prizes

sorry for the crappy picture LOL

This is an awesome chance for me to give back some love to all of my followers and I really hope that many of you get to participate. I would appreciate it so much if everyone spread the word and the link to this post so that everyone can join in for a chance to win.

**PLEASE READ ALL RULES POSTED, Any questions received which can be answered on this page will be ignored!!!**

Participation RULES

  • Anyone can participate, International or Domestic (Shipping will be covered by me)
  • ALL participants must follow ColorMeCNBLUE WP site ColorMeCNBLUE.com for updates. Also follow or LIKE any/all of the following services: Twitter | Tumblr | FaceBook
  • Only participants with completely correct answers will be eligible to win a 1st prize item.
  • 1st Prizes will be selected at random (Please do not request a particular item)
  • Participants need to comment on ONLY this post with the correct answers to the challenge AND  leave a valid email address and MUST specify how you are following me and what User name you are using [Example: I’m following your site & twitter using User name: gamer]. (All comments will await Moderation and will NOT be published in order to keep answers hidden and to eliminate cheaters!!)
  • Only ONE entry per person / IP address (Please be honest, I will check)
  • Contest will be open for three weeks between the dates of Sunday, May 5th at 12 AM [EST] and 11:59 PM [EST] Sunday, May 26th 2013. Winners will be chosen and announced by Saturday, June 1st, 2013 11:59 PM [EST].


  • Three 1st prize winners will be chosen at random from those who had 100% correct answers, One [1] “Runner Up” participant will be chosen from those with at least 85% of the correct answers.
  • Winners will be chosen at random using Random.org.
  • All participants need to comment on ONLY the contest post with the correct answers! Any and all comments placed anywhere other than the correct post and all duplicates will be ignored!!
  • If by the close of contest date, there are NO participants with 100% correct answers, I will then select all the winners depending on their degree of accuracy AND application time and date using Random.org.
  • Winners are given 48 hours to respond, if no response is received within the time given, another winner will be chosen at random. (Sorry, NO exceptions)
  • Please submit ALL QUESTIONS & Inquiries about the Contest in a comment on THIS post or email ColorMeCNBLUE@gmail.com and use Game Challenge in the subject line. (Please Do not ask questions on the contest post or they will be ignored!!)

Actual Contest “Game Challenge” Post and applicable rules will be posted on Sunday, May 5th 2013 at Midnight.


Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

57 thoughts on “[Site News] ColorMeCNBLUE’s 1st Ever Giveaway: Win A Copy of CNBLUE’s ‘RE: BLUE’ or ‘Now or Never’

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  2. dugeun dugeun. i can’t wait for june 1st hehe. I hoped I answered everything correctly >.< again, happy first anniversary! Thanks for doing this giveaway, it was really kind of you. i hope for more colormecnblue years to come~

  3. oh eonnie….at first i had confident that i can answer all of the songs because i always listen to their songs everyday everytime. But when i played the soundcloud file, than…..’blank’ oouch…this’s really hard, so i had to play it again…again…and again….hahaha
    i’m not sure with my answers, it made me dizzy n confused >.<
    over all, that's very challenging n fun ! 😀
    Happy Anniversary eonnie

  4. The contest was sooo hard! and though i don’t think i’d win anything, it was fun guessing those super-short sound clips. i thought i’d go insane listening carefully to all their songs. haha! i just wish i get all songs right :)) ohhh, this post’s getting long.

    anyway, congratulations on your first year, ms. Mari! Fighting! 🙂

  5. Hi Mari,
    I discovered CNBlue thanks to my sister (Cotcotte) and I’m now a huge fan! She told me about your wonderful blog and the contest. I’d like to know if I can participate since my sister is participating too. Knowing that we don’t live together and we search for the answers separately. My sister already found everything but sadly not me! :o(
    By the way, happy birthday to ColormeCnblue!

    Lucile Pidou

  6. Hi Mari!
    I have another (stupid) question about the contest. In the rules, you indicate that everyone must follow your blog and like/follow you on twitter or facebook. I subscribed to your twitter account after the beginning of the contest, does it work or not? I suddenly had a doubt and since I eat,breathe and sleep CNBlue for the past few days to find the songs (just one left, ONE!!!), I will be disappointed if my answers are rejected because of that.

    • You’re so cute lol! I know you follow me on twitter cuz I’ve spoken to you so that’s fine. That part of the rules is for people who don’t already follow my social media accounts like twitter, facebook, tumblr and my site! As long as you follow my site & at least one other account, you’re fine! Hope that answers your question dear and good luck^^

  7. Happy first anniversary Mari! I can’t believe I’ve been following your blog for more than half a year and…here’s a proof that I’m an idiot, I wasn’t aware of the ‘follow’ button here and I check your blog by clicking the bookmark page in my devices everyday (sob sob & blush). I’m so silly! haha anyway congratz and thanks for all the awesome work you’ve done!

    • LOL well I’m glad you finally followed me hahah!! And thank you for coming so often and always leaving comments just to say hi! I appreciate that so very much! <333

  8. Happy first anniversary! ^^ I have been following your blog for a while now, I must say you’re doing a great job! Thank you for the hard work! ^^
    A quick question, I’ve followed ColorMeCNBLUE WP site, but haven’t signed up to WP, does it matter? Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for following and for your lovely comment! I’m glad you visit often and appreciate what I do here hehe =)

      I don’t think you have to sign up for WP to follow a blog cuz it just signs you up for email updates for that blog so test it out, next time I update my site, you should receive an email!

  9. Hi Mari!
    That’s perhaps a silly question but let’s ask it anyway! For the contest, does our answers will be hidden from others? Does the comments will be only seen by you?
    I know, I know it’s a stupid question but since I haven’t seen any comments on the contest post, I’m curious…
    Thanks for your answer!

    • Yes they will be hidden, I specified in the rules and info that I will not publish any comments, only I can see who posts what and I will not be posting comments so they will not be seen and stay hidden. That’s why you can’t see any comments in the post.

      Trust me, lots of ppl have submitted their guesses already :))

  10. *Game Challenge*

    I have questions!

    – Are some clips from the same songs?
    – Have you used any instrumental tracks?

    I’m frustrated cause there’s just a few songs I haven’t “found out” but I knoooow them, I knooow~

  11. Congrat’ for you 1st anniversary !! Happy birthday~~
    Thank you for your awesome fansite which enables me to meet an awesome Boice ^w^ !
    Good luck for the future !

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  13. Hi Mari ^^ Congratulations on your 1st anniversary! What better to celebrate this with a contest? ❤ Excellent! *O* I want to participate, I hope that luck is with me XD, waiting for tomorrow, thank you for this opportunity, greetings from Venezuela 🙂

  14. Happy 1st anniversary colormecnblue! ❤ Though I just found your blog recently, I do enjoy your update and appreciate your effort! It's hard to run a blog/site alone (I know it 'coz I was running a site before but had to stop due to school work TT_TT). Fighting XD!

    • Thank you so much and I’m so glad that you found my site too! I thank you also for understanding what goes into running a blog/site alone and yeah its hard but loving CNB & BOICE makes it a bit easier! Thanks for your support and hope you can share another year with me^^

  15. happy anniversary mari! ❤
    weeee! this sounds like fun! i hope i win! i never win anything! ha

  16. Happy birthday ColorMeCNBLUE!!! I’m a newbie but I’m so glad to have found you and your blog. Your dedication to CNBLUE is so amazing!!!! Thank you to let us share all your hard work about those wonderful 4 korean guys!

    • Awww you’re so sweet! I’m glad you found CNBLUE and my site too hehe!! My dedication comes from wanting to spread the love for CNBLUE and for BOICE as well! So thank you for finding my site & supporting me <33

  17. Happy 1st anniversary Mari! Wonderful prizes you have there! I shall give the chance to others to win them since I already have them. Go grab the prizes people!

    • Thank you! I’ve been planning on doing a giveaway for a long time now but I figured it would be more meaningful if I did it for my 1year anniversary! I’ll be posting the actual contest post soon so I hope you can participate!! =))

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