[News] CNBLUE Bring ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour to Singapore and Rock the House


CNBLUE, one of Korea’s top musical artists turned world stars, successfully concluded the second concert date on their ‘BLUE MOON’ tour on April 13th, 2013.

The four member rock band kicked off their first ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour 2013 last week on April 6th in Taipei, Taiwan with a sold out venue of 11,000 lucky fans. This time around, CNBLUE headed to the island of Singapore and left their mark on the thousands fans who attended the once again, sold out show.

CNBLUE arrived in Singapore two days prior to a jam packed airport full of eager BOICE (CNBLUE Fans) who welcomed the band with gifts and boisterous energy and then quickly prepared for their press conference with local media and some last minute rehearsal time. Excited fans started queuing early, the morning of the big concert and stood in line all day to secure their place in the crowd for a chance to get a closer look at the band who would finally take the stage a few hours later.



The time finally arrived, CNBLUE comprised of Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jungshin & Kang Minhyuk, took the stage and unleashed one hit song after another, opening their set list with the powerful sound of  ‘Where you are’ followed by other fan popular tracks,One Time’, ‘Y,Why…’ and ‘Just Please’. New to the band’s repertoire were four newly released songs that appeared on their most recent top selling album, ‘RE: BLUE. Adding to the excitement of the crowd, CNBLUE performed the hits that put them on the map, ‘I’m A Loner’, ‘In my head’ and most recently, ‘I’m Sorry’ which ended the show as the concert finale.


Throughout the night, CNBLUE charmed fans with their amusing personalities and humorous moments. At one point, Jung Yonghwa picked up a furry character hat a fan had thrown up onto the stage and placed it on his head and proceeded to perform for the rest of the Encore performance wearing the cute hat with a hugs smile on his face. The members took the time to amp up the crowd with short chats between their set in their best English which captivated the audience with the level of effort in their communication. During the show ending, the members made their rounds thanking the screaming audience, bowing at 90 degrees,and throwing kisses to each of their adoring fans. As the closing music started to play ‘I’m Sorry’ in the background, Lee Jungshin & leader Yonghwa sauntered down the catwalk, performing their silly ‘choreography’ they personally made up for the song, giving their fans one last moment to cherish.



Soon after the concert was over and the quartet said their heartbreaking goodbyes to their beloved fans, Lee Jonghyun posted a message on Twitter including a self taken candid of himself and his band of brothers during the band’s encore performance. “Hello. Guitarist Jonghyun here. Singapore’s show ended well! Gave our everything and we had a really fun show. Look forward to the next venue. Everyone~ please take care of us!!!”

CNBLUE Twitter During SG Concert 130413

CNBLUE will continue to leave a wake of moonstrucked audiences as they one by one, take on each country on their current list of tour dates, continuing onward, still leaving their rumored stops to the Americas and Europe a well guarded secret for now. Next stop on their way to completing their world domination tour ‘BLUE MOON’, will be the lovely Thailand on May 4th at the Impact Arena.

**Images provided by CNBLUE fan, Qiumei, who gave expressed permission to KpopStarz to repost**

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

Source: @CNBLUE_4, BOICE @qiumei
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

3 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE Bring ‘BLUE MOON’ World Tour to Singapore and Rock the House

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  2. welcome back mari! ive been away too! the boys never cease to amaze me with their fan service! YH wearing that cute rilakuma beanie/hat. too adorbs! i’m glad they had a sold out show! i still cant wait to hear about the news for their usa tour!

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