[News] CNBLUE’s 5th Japanese Single ‘Blind Love’ MV Teaser Reveals Their Softer Side

Limited Edition A Jacket Cover

Rock band CNBLUE show their soft side in a teaser for their new release ‘Blind Love‘.

CNBLUE has recently revealed a 30 second teaser video for their newest Japanese single MV, ‘Blind Love’ on Warner Music Japan’s official YouTube account, leaving fans hungrily waiting for more. After releases such as ‘In My Head’, ‘Where you are’, and ‘Robot’ which were dark and gritty, the newest single and accompanying music video allow CNBLUE to successfully show their softer more romantic side.

‘Blind Love’ will be the band’s 5th single album by Warner Japan and will be officially released April 24th 2013 available in three versions: 2 limited A & B CD+DVD editions including the ‘Blind Love’ music video and making BTS film and exclusive footage of the band’s ‘MUSIC FOR ALL,ALL FOR ONE’ performance, a total of seven songs, filmed December 24th, 2012 for version A. Type B’s DVD includes the ‘Robot’ release live performance at ‘TFT Hal’ and finally, the standard album edition. The full music video version is said to be released April 5th 2013.

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Source: cnblue.jp, warnermusicjapan
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

**Updated with Spazz**

OK so I dont normally spazz out on the news articles that I write because I want the article to come across as professional as possible but GDAAAAAMN, I can’t contain the FEEEEEELLS I have for this teaser, song and impending PV that will be coming out later today!!! GAHH I always get excited with new MV/PVs but this one is so sweet looking judging from Yonghwa’s longing gazes into the camera and the other guys are seemingly lonely and keep making those “goo goo eyes” at the camera! I really am looking forward to the full PV cuz I need more CNBLUE in my life!!

OK so its not a “LOVE Girl” type video that’s all colorful and happy and energetic but I dont think this is that type of song either. Its in black and white and seems a bit dark because its all about a lonely guy (ok I’m guilty of not really knowing what the song’s about just yet cuz the lyrics haven’t been fully translated yet) but the gist of the feeling that you get is that they are longing, once again, for their love! There’s even a scene where one of the guys is holding hands with a girl…YES A REAL LIVE GIRL IS IN THE PV TOO!! *composes herself*

*Deep breath* ‘Blind Love’ PV is going to start circulating soon and I will update you guys on when it’s released so stay tuned^^ 

5 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE’s 5th Japanese Single ‘Blind Love’ MV Teaser Reveals Their Softer Side

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  2. You really did go back to update! phahahaha! But yeah…the hand holding… Yong still needs to work on his onscreen kisses but his hand holding is definitely A+++++++++ *replaying all the HS hand-holding scenes in my head*

    • Yeah I had to spazz! Like I realize that I really dont spazz much on the articles I personally write but damn, I had to for that one hahaha!! I was going to do that and then you reminded me!! SO thank you for that <33

      Aww HS was so precious for all the sweet BF Lee Shin moments! I really need to rewatch that drama just for him!

    • Quirky? LOL what part? heheh thank you! I would really hate to have my articles sound like AKP or any other news sites’ writing! I find them really boring and without personality >,>

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