[Scan | Trans] the FNC Magazine No.1 Interview: Lee Jungshin


At the end of the day, when I am about to sleep I have to apply a special treatment for my lips. My lip are very dry usually so right before sleep I always apply moisturizer to keep the moisture in my lips. I use non scented lip balm since I need it for treatment. Because of that I have no problem when I have to talk or perform on the stage.


If I take a close look among all the parts of my body, the one part that stands out the most are my eyes. I have very keen eyes! Of course the other parts are outstanding too (laugh). People used to tell me that I have gentle eyes but once I get angry, my eyes could be so scary. Fortunately, I am not the type of person who gets angry easily so I think the chance to see my scary eyes is slim.


At school I had a lot of friends; I used to be close with many of my old teachers. I used to be a very serious person when it came to completing all of my assignment. I never made a scene or fussed about things. I hardly remember If I ever fought with my schoolmates either but I was a really obedient kid so how is it possible that the teachers did not like me?

Kang Minhyuk Interviewing Lee Jungshin

The good points of Lee Jungshin?

I am a positive person.

What if you happen to meet your ideal type on the street?

I’d just pass her by, even though I would be regretting it later.

What if your crush likes Minhyuk instead?

I will just say, “I see”.

From a woman’s point of view, what is Lee Jungshin’s charm?

My charm is that I’m humble.

Give a name for these two cats.

“Ciblue” and “Nyam Nyami”

If you had the gifted of giving ability and power to the cat, what kind of ability would you want to give it?

I want to give them the power to sweep away my fatigue.

Name one thing Lee Jungshin has that is better than the cat.

I am bigger.

And name one thing Lee Jungshin is worse at than the cat.

I don’t have any fur as the cat.

If you weren’t an entertainer, what else might you be doing right now?

I do not know.

What/who do you think you were in a past life?

I was a frog prince.

If you had a sister, who would you want to introduce her to?

I wouldn’t introduce her to anybody.

If you happen to have 1.000.000 won, what would you want to do for the first time?

I will save all the cash.

You happen to have a huge debt, who do you think will loan you cash?

It seems nobody will.

What are you thinking right now?

I want to eat samgyeopsal (pork belly), I want to eat meat and I want to have a cat as my pet.

If you ate samgyeopsal with Minhyuk and there’s only one piece of meat left, what would you do?

I will let Minhyuk to have it because he seems pretty miserable.

What would you do if you have a day, ah no, a week off for holiday?

I will go to Jejudo, rent a car and drive alone, playing around and eating meat.

Name three things right now that make you feel enthusiastic.

I will named five: acting, cars, fashion, watches, and concerts.

Name your childhood dreams you most want to make reality now.

  1. Compose a good song.
  2. Completing “My Daughter Seoyoung” well.
  3. To Buy a car.

You already have a car, which place would you want to visit the most?

I will go to Incheon because from there I can go anywhere. 

What impression has Kang SeungJae left on Lee Jungshin?

He gave me experience.

(To Lee Jungshin, CNBLUE are …)

Yonghwa is Yong’s dove.

Jonghyun is a poor elder brother.

Minhyuk is a sparrow.

CNBLUE is a pal.


‘Honestly, when every one said to me “everything will be okay”, that is a big burden to me.’

Since I am the last CNBLUE’s members who step up into acting field, I felt a lot of burden. Honestly, when everyone said “everything will be okay”, that is a big burden to me. At first, I thought acting is not my thing because surely, it must not be as easy as they say it is. Some news came up with headline “Reaching the peak rating” and made people start to gossip about the show which made me deadly stressful.  My first goal on my first drama was “I have to do the best so that I will not screw up the whole set” and  I I become ambitious and telling myself, “I have to be able to act naturally” as my second goal. I know even now that I am lacking in many ways but I made an effort to work on it and better little by little. In the beginning as an Idol, I was not doing solo activities yet so I felt dreadful. The other members were able to understand my feelings better than anybody else can so because of that I feel very thankful. All of them keep supporting me. I am really happy to have a chance to act together with many senior actors and actresses as well especially Lee Boyoung Noona because she is my ideal type. Honestly even in my wildest dreams, I never dreamed I would get to act together with her in a drama like this!


‘I want to seek for the kind of music that makes many people want to listen and curious about it.’

I am recently challenged by the acting field for the first time with the drama “My Daughter Seoyoung” and the changes I have gone through as an actor, Lee Jungshin is also helping my musical activities a lot. Since this is my first time as an actor, I told my self frequently that I am in an extremely low place (meaning, his acting knowledge is still as a novice). It is a kind of mind control. This mental attitude helps me to do better both as a singer and a bassist. Is not my most challenging task and goal to be more and more suited for CNBLUE as a bassist? As for CNBLUE, while we are finding our own color, we want to search for the kind of music that makes people want to listen and be curious about it. I want to challenge myself everyday and for a long time in the future as CNBLUE’s bassist.


Lee Jungshin is so cheeky and charismatic, even through his interview, his personality stands out! “A Frog Prince” That title matches him so well in that of course he has a princely charm and demeanor but also possesses the playful approachability of a simple little frog plus I think he looks like a froggy Prince too hehe!! I love Jungshin so much, he’s got so many lovable qualities! I love all the members each for their own reasons but I have to say I never thought that I would love them all so strongly and so equally! Of course I have my bias, we all do, but for me CNBLUE are a unit that cannot be split up so if you talk about one, you have to talk about the others!

I’m so glad for these interviews from the FNC Magazine and so grateful for the translations as they let us get just that much closer to our boys in such a special way. I do feel closer to them all and I really hope that they stay happy and healthy and make lots of awesome music for many years to come. As their BOICE, this is my wish for them.^^


Source: the FNC Magazine
Scanned: Parishin
Korean – Bahasa Trans: Raisha @cnblue4ina
Bahasa – English Trans & Edited:Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

English Edited & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

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  1. omg finally I can visit ur site, kkk
    ermmm I just want to tell you that you miss one name in the credit list, the part of singer, was trans directly from korean into engl by my turkish boice friend so please credit he too since in bahasa trans that part was missing, thanks 🙂

    • Aww you’re welcome but I can’t take all the credit ofc cuz I didnt trans it hahaha!! I did fix up the English alot though but yeah, so grateful to Tara Lee and Parishin!!

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