[Scan | Trans] the FNC Magazine No.1 Interview: Lee Jonghyun


The most drastic change for CNBLUE lately has been the move from Yeungdeungpo to Gangnam. In the previous dorm, although we had a living room, we mostly spent time in our own rooms. Now, in our new dorm we have big large living room space and I am pretty happy (laugh). Hopefully, we will have many good fortunate moments because of our good moods set by the new dorm.


If I had the opportunity to be a reporter, I would want to ask such a question: “What is your main reason for being involved in the music industry?” my real reason is because I want to be somebody who lives by doing what he desires most passionately, this is part of my destiny. (He means doing music is his destiny.)


I am not a couch potato and am used to doing activities all day along. I can do martial arts and used to do stretching as basic exercise everyday. The problem is, even If wanted to train everyday, my CEO and others advise me not to do so much training because they’re afraid that I will injure myself. So, recently I just do weight training (to control his weight). Actually this is a secret but I have “king abs” (means six packs, in Chinese character king=王). Other people probably do not notice it but I have a good body to show off (laugh).

Jung Yonghwa interviewing Lee Jonghyun

Tracksuit for Jonghyun is?

My buddy.

What is the thing you have to throw away right now?

My tracksuit.

Who is CNBLUE’s “fashion terrorist”?

Who is he? Not me!

What kind of super power would you want to have?

I want to fly; I want to be a bird.

What is the most serious thing you have done recently?

Concert preparation! It’s been a long time since we have performed here (in Korea) so I have to prepare for it seriously.

If you would happen to meet your ideal type, what song would you want to listen to with her?

John Legend – P.D.A

When you find the love of your life, What song you will be playing when you propose to her?

“Ne sarangaa~ saranga~~~” (My Love – A Gentleman’s Dignity OST by Lee Jonghyun) *narcissistic Jonghyun*

What do you want to do on January 1st 2013?

I want to send New Year’s messages to the people I love.

What do you want to do right now?

I want to go back home.

What’s the first thing you want to do once you are home?

I want to take a shower.

What’s the very first thing you do once you open your eyes? (Wake up from sleep)

Take a shower.

What is the most irritating stuff for you?

Morning shower.

When is your happiest time?

It is when I am sleeping.

What did you dream of last night?

I did not dream.

When are you the most talkative?

It is when its meal time.

When do you think Jung Yonghwa looks the coolest?

What is cool? We see each other everyday, it is just creepy.

What left the biggest impression on you back when you were in Singapore?

A hotel pool and when eat Chilli Crab. *it must be at Clarke Quay*

What if you become FNC’s CEO?

I am not the one who is suited to become a CEO.

What do you want to say to yourself?

Live passionately.

Tell me how to live passionately?

Enjoy the life itself, love everything in our surroundings.

What is your favorite phrase?


Lastly, any messages you want to say to Collin?

“Hi, how are you? Next time if there is another chance, we have got to meet up again.”

(For Jonghyun, CNBLUE are …)

Yonghwa is a reliable elder brother.

Minhyuk is a reliable younger brother.

Jungshin is a cone headed younger brother.

CNBLUE is us.


“I want to be a great guitarist even though I am getting older. I keep trying to let myself flow as the world does.” (He means that he hopes to be a person who is able to adapt and still be professional.)

I have done music and acting recently, even though my time is very limited. Doing both improved my skills and has given me a lot of possibilities for the future. In music for instance, I started out knowing nothing about it but what I do makes me feel challenged and I’m glad to have this opportunity. I feel that I need to keep on exploring my basic skills because both music and acting are actually quite fun. Still I think that my real roots are in music. The guitarist that leaves a deep impression on me is Eric Clapton and just like him, I want to be a great elder guitarist. I try to keep going as the time changes and more importantly, to be a good-looking man as well, haha.


“If I looking back my life time until now, it feels like I win a lottery, good fortunes come one after another.”

In the past, I used to think “acting is not my field”. Nowadays if I thinking back again, music and acting are two big things that have entered my life like the lottery thus far. I only just wanted to focus on doing music and when I first made the leap to the acting field as part of a drama cast, I felt strange and completely lost.

Since we debuted, we four experienced difficulties performing in front of the audience. As the time goes by it became easier and through acting it becomes even easier. Actually, through acting we have been able to promote our band to the audience so people who did not know CNBLUE have begun to acknowledge us and have started to listen to our music, that is a good point.

Right now, all four of us are doing both music and acting, it makes us look good (because we have more self-confidence). Up until this day, I do not know what people think yet, but I hope they will say, “Very good”.

I really want to learn about acting from the experienced senior actors and crew. As a Busan native, I loved the movie “Friend”, that movie was starred by Jang Donggun senior and is another reason I felt it was an honor to act together with him (Jonghyun referred to ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ as he starred with Jang Donggun). The impression during drama filming was fun; I would like to say “pretty good” right from the start-up to the end of the drama.

OK, so there was Mr. Lee Jonghyun’s interview…wow is he a comedian or what? He’s so humble and so lovable it kills me yet he’s so damn funny like when he said he wants to be an elder guitarist meaning he wants to be successful and make music until he’s an old man but then he adds he wants to stay handsome!! HAHAHA, he knows he’s hot and so freaking good looking right! Ugh I’m so happy that he’s so confident and greasy hahaha. Like how he says he’s got ‘king abs’ LOL… but didnt he admit not too long ago that his six pack turned into a 1pack? LOL… waaaa you gotta love Bruning Lee Jonghyun, cuz I know I do <33


Source: the FNC Magazine
Scanned: Parishin
Korean – Bahasa Trans: Raisha @cnblue4ina
Bahasa – English Trans & Edited: Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

English Edited & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


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  2. Mr. Dimples! ;p I’m really glad he’s enjoying their new spacious dorm. I heard he likes to walk around shirtless to show off his “king abs” lol I guess only the CNB members get to enjoy that view…Lol ;p

    • FUCKING TELL ME ABOUT IT!! OMG i really wish I could stalk them hahah but yeah that aint gonna happen! We can only use our imagination to figure out what he would look like UNNNF!

  3. its kinda I monitoring your post, kkk but seriously I never get tired to read those interview. And jonghyun’s was the craziest,
    I think I miss mistake in part of what cnblue is to jonghyun, since he said cnblue is me, myself.
    anyway I just curious, how did you find my site? Judging from your site, you arent my blog nor twitter followers.

    • hey again^^ I dont think you’re monitoring hahha…ur funny! I actually found your site one day when I was searching for the CNBLUE K-wave Mag scans a few months ago and then recently, I saw a tumblr post of your fnc interview trans of Jonghyun and then I saw your site and you had all four interviews there so of course I had to share them^^

      • another person who think I’m funny 🙂
        oh thanks to the search engine then kkk anyway since you’re mentioned that mag, I just realize that I’m not updating another photo of K-wave mag, thanks for reminding me, hehe
        yes you’re!! we’re all boice should share anything about them, just who got it first, 🙂

        • Thank you once again for your translations and yes we should all share with each other! That’s the reason why I started my site almost a year ago! I’m going to follow your blog do I can keep up with you updates^^. Take care Tara :)))

          • you’re very welcome hehe
            so it not long after you I make mine, kkk
            thanks for following mine and I just done to follow your too 🙂
            You too, *lol it feels like calling my self*

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