[Scan | Trans] the FNC Magazine No.1 Interview: Jung Yonghwa


A place I want to visit the most for holiday is Fiji, Guam. Sometime ago my family went for holiday and they kept showing off about how beautiful it is. But I wondered why they had gone without me? (laugh) Because I have never been able to visit Guam, I am so envious. If I have a chance, I want to go with my whole family. I rarely spend time with my family so I would like a family holiday.


During my childhood, my elder brother took English and Korean courses while I took drawing, clarinet and piano. Even though I learned a little English, my focus was on art and sports and I even went for vocal training. Perhaps, my mom did not see “academic interest” in me so she picked those kinds of courses for me to study.


When I was a trainee, the hardest time for me was the moment I had to stay independently and separate from my family. There was a time I thought about giving up. Every time that thought cam up, my parents would come from Busan to Seoul to reassure me. They asked me to think carefully before making that decision to leave.  When I would play around with my friends, my parents always asked me not forget to prepare my future well, those times were over in my twenties. If I had only done whatever I wanted to without thinking properly about my future, maybe I would be a loser right now.

Lee Jonghyun interviewing Jung Yonghwa

For me, those shoes are?

Those shoes are my property, my treasures. 

If there are people want to gift shoes as a present, our hyung, Jung Yonghwa would be pretty happy as he has another nickname “Yongyongie”.

Is there any thing who makes you happy recently?

It should be working along Minhyuk

Is there any moment you want to reflect on the past the most?

The moment I feel so happy.

What do you do if you were to spend a single day on your own?

That day, I would create a playlist and lay down while I listen to it.

What thing have you not been able to do yet in 2012?

I have not gone snow boarding.

What do you want to do on  January 1st 2013?

I want to go home, to Busan.

What do you do before you close your eyes (sleep)?

Lite up an aromatic candle.

When do you want to speak Satoori (dialect)?

I used to speak Satoori.

What do you think about the new dorm?

It is no joke.

Have you ever been involved in criminal activities?

No, I have never.

When do you think you look the coolest most in photos?

It is when I am on the stage and singing.

When do you think Lee Jonghyun looks the coolest?

I have to think first to find the answer, kkk.

Please describe Jung Yonghwa in five words.

Dae, Dan, Han, Nyeo, Seok (a gentleman)

This moment, what have you done that would make you want to say sorry?

I used all Jungshin’s moisture creams.

How do you feel when your self-composed song has been chosen as a title track?

Well, here it is!!!

Among those songs you have composed, which one do you love the most?

I love all of them.

Which song did you want Jonghyun to listen to?

“I am Sorry”

What if you become FNC Magazine’s Editor in chief?

That is impossible.

(Kang Minhyuk suddenly interrupted,)

Minhyuk and Jungshin are both drowning, who do you choose to save first?

I save my self.

(To Yonghwa, the members are …)

Jonghyun is a guitarist.

Minhyuk is a poor guy.

Jungshin is my slave.

CNBLUE is my family.


 “I want to keep playing music even I get older”

CNBLUE is a groove pop rock band. Of course we are not stuck with this kind of music style but in 2013, I hope we can proof our color more than in previous years. Despite I, myself who likes many genres so I am keen on creating different colors (many genres of songs), we need a clear style though (one dominant style so that when people listen to the song they immediately recognize it was CNBLUE’s song even though the song probably has different style). I think to find our true color is CNBLUE’s main vision in playing music. For the long-term plan, I want to be vocalist who able to sing a song for a long time. Also, I want to keep performing on the stage along with the other CNBLUE’s members. I keep thinking positive, it gives me a big help in my musical industry. With the power of positive thinking, I will show the best CNBLUE image.


“I remember it was 2010, January 14th

During ‘You’re Beautiful’ and ‘Heartstrings’ drama filming I do felt a good atmosphere because both of the drama casts were almost the same age with me. ‘You’re Beautiful’ was quite fun. Hongki and Geunseuk hyung are pretty funny; we are three looked good on set. Even nowadays that drama is still popular overseas. Since it was my first drama, I had no high expectations. It leaves me a deep impression, when I watched the drama for the first time its premiere. My friends called and said, ‘it’s strange to see you using standard language (not Satoori – Busan dialect)’(laughs)

Everyday is becoming pretty interesting because people are starting to refer to me as “Milk Boy” or “Towel Boy”. My second drama, ‘Heartstrings’ boasted verseas popularity. Many had asked, ‘didn’t you feel disappointed since in Korea the rating is quite low” but I am satisfied enough. When the drama ended and during the filming, every cast member kept thinking positive and pushed each other, it was an unforgettable drama. I heard that drama was nicknamed ‘#1 Korean drama in Taiwan’. In 2012, I wanted some free time for myself, some fans asked me, ‘why you didn’t do something?’ but I needed sometime out after three years of working nonstop. I never composed songs and was able relax and now I was able to enjoy the time a lot. During those times I composed about 20 songs. Since I composed for Juniel, AOA and for CNBLUE, I am sure I can show a better image. It was exactly what I felt that day, 2010, January 10th.

*the FNC Magazine’s Editor Notes*

Jung Yonghwa posed for the camera naturally. That day he had just come back from Chile and having very long flight, it was about 30 hours, he was jet-lagged and had not slept yet. Maybe, because it was his first single shoot after quite a long time, rather than showing his tired face, he looked more nervous and excited at the same time. We will show you another Jung Yonghwa’s charm. Although he was a bit nervous with 5:5 hair style, unconventional fashion he met the staff for the first time but his clumsiness disappeared in no time. Every time we meet he would always greet us, “I’m Jung Yonghwa (he always introduced himself so politely). Judging from what we heard later on, he showed off a photo-shoot outtake to the other members and he then he had nice sleep later that day.

During the shoot, on set we kept on mumbling to ourselves, ‘wow, he’s really good-looking!’

WOW, I love reading CNBLUE interviews but this one was super special. I’m really thankful that it was translated and I tried to clean up the translated English as best as I could without changing the original feel of what the translator was able to capture. I feel like I know Yonghwa just a little bit more, don’t you guys? But of course  I’m always curious to learn all I can about him and the other CNBLUE guys. They are truly super special in my heart! I started with Yonghwa’s interview but there are three more that I will post his week =))


Source: the FNC Magazine
Scanned: Parishin
Korean – Bahasa Trans: Raisha @cnblue4ina
Bahasa – English Trans & Edited: Tara Lee @blue plum blossoms decoded

English Edited & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

31 thoughts on “[Scan | Trans] the FNC Magazine No.1 Interview: Jung Yonghwa

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  2. Thanks for posting this! I love reading his interviews. It confirms the fact of why I love him so much. Its not just the good looks, its everything about him. The fact that he’s wearing an adorable cap with glasses and posing with his ‘treasures’, its just the cherry on top. 😉

    • Trust me, I totally understand! He’s the total fuckin package and I’m so upset I will never get to enjoy him how I want to gurl LOL! I love his personality and he totally pulled that look off, he’s our special guy!

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  5. nice site but sorry I cant keep up with dark background you set, it hurt my eyes. thanks to edit my trans it’s looks better. sorry for my mess english and I guess it cause of I’m in hurry and too excited. yeah there are three more very long draft but trust me it super worth reading.

    • HI Tara, thanks for visiting my site and thanks for the trans! To view my site better, some ppl said they just adjust the brightness of their screen but sorry…I’m s used to it and I guess alot of my followers are used to it too hehe!!

      No worries about your English, I appereciate you taking the time to translate it all so thanks to you^^ I will edit and post the other interviews and credit you the same! Thanks again for coming and lets keep in touch!

      Chincha? You’re name is Mari too? My full name is Marilyn but I like Mari for short! Nice to meet you!!

      • kkk I use cell-phone instead since it converted into b/w automatically.
        hehe I do it since i’m dying with cnblue, I love to collect everything about them so when I found the trans I was like ‘wow’ . I thank to you too to make the interview better 🙂
        yeah actually it was my micknamed, since I’m no longer in chinese surrounding, people give me another name so they choose Mariposa who has the same meaning with my chinese name Youdie, then it short it to become Mari 😉 and… I share the same Lee in chinese character with Jonghyun that’s why I love to present the name Tara Lee kkk it feels like I’m bringing Jonghyun everywhere, hahahah

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