[Tutorial] Become An Official BOICE Fanclub Member: For International Fans

Dear Fellow BOICE (or soon to be BOICE),

Hey everyone! FNC Entertainment recently updated their bank account information and the way new members register to join the BOICE Fanclub via their site so I have put together this tutorial with the help of information from CNBStorm and French BOICE Davina at Parasite Scene! I am hoping my tutorial comes in handy to those who have wanted to join the official fanclub but have no clue how to do it!! Please share and spread the word so that other International BOICE can enjoy the membership and become an Official BOICE.

CNB Walking In London by ColorMeCNBLUE

Membership Benefits:

  • A membership card will be issued.
  • Access to Official BOICE exclusive contents section at http://www.fncent.com 
  • Priority of attending CNBLUE concerts/performances (Usually, this will only apply to those in Korea)
  • 10% discounts when purchasing goods online from the official FNC STORE
  • A chance to join concerts and music programs for those who are in Korea only.

Additional Information:

  • The membership will last for a year from the date your card is issued.
  • Two months before the expiration date, you will be given the option to extend the membership.
  • Annual fee is subject to change in the future.
  • Upon renewal, a new membership card will be issued.
  • Registering at http://www.fncent.com means joining the Korean fanclub**.


This membership is for KBOICE so once you are admitted into the fanclub, you will only be able to access whatever Korean BOICE can qualify for. This does not include the Japan BOICE membership/ benefits which is unique to Japan and those who reside in that country.

**Also PLEASE READ THIS TUTORIAL CAREFULLY BEFORE SUBMITTING QUESTIONS!! Everything you need to know is offered here so PLEASE READ FIRST!! I WILL ignore obvious questions that can be answered by just reading this page so please just read it thoroughly**

Step 1:

Go to fncent.com. (Note that you must use Internet Explorer browser to register and have a scan your or image of your ID card for authentication.) *Important* You need to Register on this website first!!! Without this step, you cannot proceed so please register to create an account on fncent.com first!

Step 2:

Step 2

Step 3:

BTW: Notice at the top of the page it says ‘SING’ instead of ‘Sign” LOL

Step 3

Step 4:

It’s important to enter all the information correctly and provide a proper ID picture/ scan in order to go onto the next step! If you fail to provide an ID image, they will deny you and you will have to re-register again so in order to avoid this, just follow all the steps! As they explain in the information part on the bottom of the page, they will accept several different kinds as long as it has your face on it. not sure why they do this but I’m guessing its to keep track of members and also to prevent fraud.

Step 4

Step 5:

After the last step, you will have to wait up to 72 hours (3 days) or longer for FNC to contact you via email to confirm your membership status. Note that once you receive the confirmation email, you can now go back to the site and LOGIN with the exact information you registered with. Your new screen should now look like this:

Step 5

However there is still one more pretty important step, making your fanclub selection and submitting the membership fee payment transfer. Make sure that you choose CNBLUE from the drop down menu when you have already submitted your membership fee via transfer through your bank. More details on that in the next step!

Step 6:

Now you are ready to perform your fee transfer. Please find out the specific information you need to do this through your particular bank in your country. They will advise you on how you can proceed in finalizing your transfer and let you know how much the fee will be. Please do not ask me because I do not know the specifics about your individual bank specifications, etc. since I can only give you general information.

Bank/ Fee Info:

  • 20,000 won membership fee for Foreigners/ Koreans living overseas + 10,000 won for Shipping for a total of: 30,000 won (Please use a currency converter to find out how much it will be in your country’s currency)
  • Pay 30,000 won to the account below. (Info Source: FNC Fanclub FAQ)

Bank name: Citibank
Account holder name: FNC엔터테인먼트 (FNC Entertainment)
Account number: 134-00776-244-01
Bank Address: #39 DA-DONG, JUNG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA 100-180 C.P.O BOX 3949

To make the bank transfer, you can either go your bank or use internet banking if South Korea is one of the designated countries listed for overseas transfer at your bank. You will be charged a fee from your bank for transferring the money in addition to the membership fee so please be aware of this. Also, please Remember to make a scan or a screencap of your payment as this is very important. Without this information, you may not proceed to the next step in the membership process because this is your proof of payment!!

Step 7:

Finally, once you have submitted your proof of payment, you can click on “Fanclub Information” you will see a similar screen to the one below.

Pending Application

Please be aware that once you submit payment, you must wait for FNC to contact you via email to confirm that they have received the funds. It may take several weeks for them to process your membership and send your BOICE welcome package along with your new BOICE Membership Card so please be patient and wait for it. I may take up to three months for your card to arrive so if you think you will need to have membership status to make a future purchase, you need to plan accordingly!

Step 8:

Once FNC have processed your account, you will now be able to LOGIN into http://www.fncent.com and you will note that your membership status will now read BOICE instead of the previous status of General Member, yes there are different member levels! After a few weeks of waiting patiently, you will receive a package like this in the mail including your new BOICE membership  account card, BOICE informational booklet & updated for 2012 Official card with our CNBLUE boys on it! I’m not sure if the new package for 2013 has been changed but this was what was sent to my friend @aqualy in September of 2012.

BOICE membership card cr. @aqualy

I really hope I have provided more detailed information to make your membership process run smoothly. Also keep in mind, patience is the key when dealing with this process, especially with FNC Entertainment as they do take longer to respond to non Korean email inquiries due to sheer volume. Also remember, I cannot help any more than the information I have provided in this tutorial so please do not expect me to correspond with FNC on your behalf. If you have any questions about this tutorial ONLY, I will be more than happy to help with your questions!

BTW, I worked really hard on this tutorial to help fans to become fanclub members so please Do Not Copy, Hotlink, or RePost Images or any Info in this post without Express Permission from me!!

Thank you and Good Luck my Beautiful Fellow BOICE,


**Please Note: This tutorial consists of information compiled by CNBStorm & ColorMeCNBLUE and will be updated often with any new details/ changes FNC makes to their policies. Thank you**

Source Credits:  CNBStorm, Davina, ColorMeCNBLUE


26 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Become An Official BOICE Fanclub Member: For International Fans

  1. hi,

    i would like to submit the payment for official boice

    wonder if the above bank details is the correct one?


  2. Hi, I wanted to join the fanclub and hopefully acquire a membership card because the Hongkong concert (May 17-18). It seems that the FNC website looks different now. I’m having a hard time applying for the BOICE membership since I cannot read Korean. Pls help. 😦

    • Hi, I’m sorry but I haven’t updated the tutorial because FNC has changed the way fans can apply for membership. I will update the tutorial when I figure it out. Thank you and good luck!

  3. Hi, great tutorial. I’m from Singapore. Wanted to join their fan club in order to purchase their concert tix in Seoul for 19-20apr but guessed I’m too late..

    Any idea where ca I get help to purchase their concert tix??
    Thanks in advace.

  4. Im trying to register and it asks me for a scanned picture of my ID card and to type in my ID number. Do you know if I can use my high school ID card and number? Or im I thinking of a wrong ID card?

    • The identification most likely needs to be an official ID card. If your HS ID is all you have then I would just take a really clear picture of it or scan it and send it to them. If they do not accept it, then send them an email letting them know this is all you have and they should give you more info. Good Luck^^

  5. Is it this applicable if we go to Korea for holiday?
    : Priority of attending CNBLUE concerts/performances (Usually, this will only apply to those in Korea)
    A chance to join concerts and music programs for those who are in Korea only.

  6. thanks for this information ^^
    can i ask u? after finish for login i just waiting 3day for confirm email from fnc ??? and then i got step 5 ? right?? can u tell me for detail? after finish step 4?
    admin where u come from? can u speak indonesian language??
    gomawo ^^

    • Please follow the steps and read the info carefully! Once you register on the site, FNC will reply to you. Then you can follow the rest of the steps!

      This is Mari & I’m the only admin here and No I am not Indonesian and I’m in the USA. Pls only submit questions one time, thanks!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, Mari! I was always wondering how to become a real boice and what benefits are there. I also want to share my happy news!! I just got the Re: blue CD from my boyfriend as a surprise birthday gift today!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! It’s SO GOOD to have the real product in front of me!!!!!!! 😀 Ok, I think i need to calm down haha.

  8. Hi..million thanks for your info..really appreciated..
    1) what should i do 1st?fill in the form at the website or bank in the money?or either one is ok?
    2) upload id means upload our pic or identification card rite?

    Thanks 🙂

    • OK first of all, follow the tutorial!!! You need to register on FNCENT.com first!

      Yes, when you register, you have to submit a picture of your ID card whether its a scan or pic of the card, that’s what you submit!

    • You’re welcome! You should follow the steps on the tutorial. If you havent already signed up/ registered on fncent.com, you should do that first.

      FNC will email you to let you know they got your registration. From there, you can submit payment, etc but its all in the tut =))

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