[Pic] 130318 Jung Yonghwa Daum Interview: “Standing on the Boundary…”


In 2010, the year when dancing idols were the norm, a boy band appeared that sang and played instruments. With looks and live instrument skills, as well as the free spirits not seen in the existing male idol groups, CNBLUE captivated the whole music scene.

The four members have their own different charms but he is the one that received the most limelight. He’s the leader and the vocalist, who shouts “Make some noise!” on stage like a veteran. If the singer and the guitar player on stage can be likened to a pair of leather boots with untied shoelaces , the real him in person is like a pair of casual and comfortable sneakers.

The rebellious and tough look we saw on music programs is so gone. In a grey tee and jeans, he appeared in front of us with just the air of youthful freshness. The fashion item that he likes most and is willing to spend regardless of price is sneakers. “I’m someone who just shops for all kinds of sneakers. I usually go to the select shops to try them on and then buy them. It’s the same with clothes. I never buy such things online.”

Recently, we noticed a newly added ear stud with The Rolling Stones logo in addition to the large, shiny cubic earrings we always saw. “As for accessories, I only care to wear earrings. I used to like rings and bracelets, but now I find it a nuisance wearing too many accessories. Wearing rings to play the guitar isn’t comfortable at all, so I gave up. Watches are collectibles, so I wear one once in a while.”


Like guys of his age, he’s interested in fashion trend. But he says there are not many occasions requiring him to dress up, that’s why he always wears simple tees and jeans. It’s the reason why he actually anticipates the award shows when he can wear suits as much as he wants. He says with a smile, “I think I look most handsome in a suit.”

Jung Yong Hwa really has the tall and slim built so suitable for formal suits. “I don’t go for special physical training. I do exercise from time to time just to keep shape. I love eating, so I don’t diet or watch what I eat like other idols.”

Being able to keep a relatively slim built without dieting and having clean skin, he didn’t have any cosmetic surgeries in this era of abuse. His big eyes with the double eye lid creases that come and go are somehow more charming than some westerners’ prominent eyes. “I like my eyes. I especially like that mole under my eye, just because it’s unique. Only I have it. I don’t like my high cheek bones. Whenever I am laughing, the camera can’t help but capture my too obvious cheek bones.”

For someone who needs to wear makeup often for TV appearances, it’s easy to get pimples. But we are seeing his smooth and tanned skin only. “I do go for facial treatments but I am not peculiar about my skin at home. I am the kind that doesn’t bother to use hand cream unless someone cares to look after those things. “


Compared to people of the same age, the 25-year-old started early in the society and has experienced so much more. It’s the age when one gets angry feeling angry, or hangs out with friends whenever feeling like it. All stars show their happy faces on TV when doing the various programs; he must smile sometimes without obvious reasons. He says there are other happy moments that he actually feels like laughing out loud.

“Concerts are the happiest time. When I sing, feeling the unison with the fans, hearing all the applause on my way down the stage . . . Everything of the concerts satisfies me and makes me happy.”

CNBLUE is preparing for their upcoming world tour. They have made a name not only in Korea but also the rest of the world. “My ultimate dream is to reach number one on the Billboard Chart, just like Psy sunbaenim who lets the whole world know and recognize Korea’s music.” When he says the above without any hesitation, his eyes were full of confidence, more than any other answers during the whole interview. But he quickly changes to a naughty tone, saying, “Let’s meet in the May concerts.” Pureness and professional passion in the same guy.

The Jung Yong Hwa who talks to us sincerely, his speech mixed with dialect here and there, is completely different from the tough and wild image he shows on stage. There is no pretense. Carrying the same aim he set for himself when he started as a rookie, he’s been walking his own road quietly. Let’s anticipate together: there will be such a day when CNBLUE’s music is played in New York Times Square, making people of the whole world crazy.


BTS Images of Yonghwa during the Interview

20130311_152246 20130311_152256 20130311_152300

So glad to see Jung Yonghwa featured in an interview and it seems like they have tried to put our Yonghwa in a more mature light which is something that I know we all can appreciate. I love it when the media see Yonghwa for what he is, a mature, talented and responsible young man and not just some good looking guy. As soon as someone translates this, I will update this post with it because the google translation was crazy LOL!! Dammm I really wish they would improve on google and Bing Translators because us non Korean speaking/ reading people depend on these services to know what the hell is going on in the KPOP world when no one is around to translate shit. *sighs*

At least in the meantime we can appreciate and drool over these pictures that were posted with the interview provided by MK Fashion. They seem very simple without any fuss or extra production. Like point and shoot Yonghwa, which is my favorite because he seems more real and approachable.  UNNNNFFFFF our Yong sure does photograph well and I love how these images weren’t Photoshopped all to hell like most other publications/news sites do. You can actually see his skin texture and all the tiny flaws that make you love him so <333 For me, its the eye mole on his left bottom lid! OMFG I WOULD KILL TO SEE THAT SHIT CLOSE UP!!! *keeps dreaming* LOL


Source: media.daum.net via @yhyhcn, MK Fashion
Trans: justjyh
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

21 thoughts on “[Pic] 130318 Jung Yonghwa Daum Interview: “Standing on the Boundary…”

  1. Mi wuero!! (^-^) Even though he’s not as blonde anymore, he’s still mi wuero Lol I really love this interview. I really felt like this interviewer gets it. If you know what I mean. Just by speaking with Yong Hwa they can tell how genuine he is, he’s not putting up an act to please fans. This guy really is in love with music and shows it through his hard work and passion he expresses on stage. “Pureness and professional passion” is a perfect description for Yong Hwa. This guy seriously ruins me for other men Lol I mean how can I find a boyfriend when I’m all like, psh! you’re not Yong Hwa! Get away xD

    • “how can I find a boyfriend when I’m all like, psh! you’re not Yong Hwa! Get away” LOL OMG this is exactly how I feel!

      Yeah, this was a really good interview and I am always so happy to see Yonghwa express his love for music in words since we always get to see it when he’s on stage! I love his passion, I love him so much it hurts lol

  2. But does he look tired here ? I love how he looked when he sang a duet with Juniel last year. Very fresh looking and well rested. I hope he takes good care of himself for the coming World Tour.

    • Yes he looks a bit tired but this shoot was most likely taken after a king workday recently so I guess we have to take that into consideration.

      Let’s hope he’s been resting well these last few weeks^^

  3. This is a rough trans for which is not possible without Parishin’s original trans (thank you Parishin). *Edited comment because I added it’s contents to the post.

  4. Finally!!! Sensible photo editing and minimal styling! You know how I hate when they mess with his hair and face. There is nothing to improve there…

  5. I’m kinda impressed on the NON crazy photo editing >,> The team was probaly like ‘omgee leave him like that he’s perfect as he is!’ xD (if only all of the magazine team would think like that x_x )
    Let’s patiently wait for a translation~

    • IKR!? Well yes, let’s just be thankful because we all seem to know how to appreciate his face without all the “perfecting” that magazines do lol!!

      Yes, keep your eyes peeled for the trans^^

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