[Pic | Trans] 130308 Lee Jungshin Tweets A Peek At His “Messy” Bedroom

JS Twitter 130308 JS msg 130308

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: Everyone it’s me Jungshin~ The weather is really great.. I wanna hang out but.. ㅋ while practicing for our Japanese song I suddenly remember Yonghwa Hyung uploaded his new studio..well..that’s right! I’m just living without spirit.. Should clean up but wonder where should I start from.. ㅋ Whatever it is here’s the first look of my room! Yonghwa hyung’s was a studio room, mine is.. just a random room..! Have a nice day~

Wow, finally there’s a tweet from CNBLUE and once again, its from Lee Jungshin. How does he think his room is so random? I dont really see anything that’s so bad or messy but I guess to him it is. I really wish they would take a few pics or better yet, a video of their new dorm apartment because they keep eluding that its really a lot nicer than their old ones. Hope we get a good look around soon!!

I didn’t post it yet but the other day Jungshin tweeted a pic of himself and his co-workers around a table about to eat. Not sure why the maknae is the only one tweeting these days but I’m sort of bothered by this. Not because I dislike Jungshin because I dont, I love him but the fact that he’s the only one tweeting is what bothers me. At first I figured, they aren’t tweeting because of the pending lawsuit but because JS seems to not have an issue tweeting, this makes me feel weird.

So whats the reason why Yonghwa, Jonghyun nor Minhyuk haven’t tweeted? It seems they tweeted soooo much during the first weeks of promotions and when ‘RE: BLUE was released. Was it just to drum up interest for their album sales? I really hope not. I feel a bit abandoned by them for not tweeting. I mean, them tweeting is the only contact they have directly with their fans. Especially those of us International fans who can’t just walk around and catch glimpses of them out and about in Japan or Korea so yeah, I dont know what the hell is going on but I really miss them =(((


Source:  @CNBLUE_4
Trans: Fizzy @cnbluestorm

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


9 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 130308 Lee Jungshin Tweets A Peek At His “Messy” Bedroom

    • Yeah, he’s definitely more organized than he leads us on to being lol. I dont think anyone in that house is as neat as Minhyuk but for sure, JS seems to be pretty neat too. He’s so very cute isn’t he?

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  2. If that’s your idea of messy Jungshin I think you’re doing just fine lol he is adorable I just want to give him cookies and pet him

  3. His room looks so much more neat than mine..LOL. I think the guys are just busy with their preparation of their up coming world tour and knowing them, whoever from the group tweets represents all of them. Actually I’m more worried that they don’t have enough time to prepare for the world tour and to get some rest. Considering they just ended their super busy promotion schedules recently, and are preparing for their Japanese single as well as the world tour, hope they take care of their own health as well. I can imagine YH must be stressing himself now over all these things.

    • Yes you’re right! I sound like a Whiney baby don’t I? It’s just I really miss their messages and special tweets to us! Yes, I really hope they are resting and getting all they need prepared for this year!!

  4. The thought of being used and abandoned did cross my mind. I’m transferring all my love to Jungshin from now on. Even if his room looks like CVS cosmetics and medicine counter. lol He makes me feel like such a failure. My place looks like a crack house compared to his room. Junshin!!!! Come and organize my house!!!! Please!!!!

    • Yeah I don’t know what to think at this point about them not messaging us but I’m gonna try not to take it personal!

      His shelves do look like a cosmetic counter huh!? Hahaha look at his rings and stuff, it’s like organized chaos lol

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