[Vid] 130223 CNBLUE – Man Like Me, I’m Sorry @ MBC Music Core

CNBLUE - Man Like Me, I'm Sorry @MBC Music Core 130223 gogox2

OMGAWD I’m so glad they sang this song again, its like they were making up for the fact that they waited for their Goodbye stages to perform ‘Man Like me’ which is ONE of my favorite songs on ‘RE: BLUE though its really hard to choose because this album has to be one of my favorite CNBLUE albums on a whole. There are just so many great songs on this one, I can’t resit to want to listen to it everyday.

Oh man, I really wanted to cry when I watched the live stream of this show because I knew that there was only one performance left after this show left for CNBLUE‘s magnificent comeback! They look a bit subdued during their set to me, I dont know what it was but Yonghwa seemed to be holding back or something. All I know is I was watching them and trying to soak in every look and movement and sound. Yonghwa‘s voice during a Live performance is brilliant. Watching these music shows, you get to see what other talented and not so talented artists there are and watching CNBLUE perform after all the others, really makes me feel how different CNBLUE are in comparison to what’s out there. CNBLUE is so unique, their music is so likable and maybe I’m a lot biased but I really dont care. To me CNBLUE are the fucking best!


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Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

10 thoughts on “[Vid] 130223 CNBLUE – Man Like Me, I’m Sorry @ MBC Music Core

  1. I was SO happy to hear Naran Namja ‘live’ but just as I was enjoying it so hard, I barely had time to notice it was the short version kind, and I was gutted for the rest of the performance of I’m sorry xD (the same goes for coffee shop – my favorite -it suffered from a cut as well on another perf)
    You should totally do a review for RE:Blue, I think too that it’s one of the best album the band has done (plus it was not other people composing for them!). My fav is definitely Coffee Shop, I can’t decide between Naran Namja-I’m Sorry-Lalala but they’re pure awesomeness, and as for Na Geudae Boda I CAN’T bear the beginning of the song (I skip it), but past the first minute the song is smooth and nice to listen to.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I will work on my review, hopefully I’ll have it done by this weekend!

      Yes, I agree that they short version was too short hahaha but I guess it’s better than nothing! I miss them already, don’t you?

        • I only wish he would’ve kept the bright blonde till the end & didn’t wear that ugly tan jacket in the last perf cuz that blonde hair brought out the sex demon in him LOL!

          Ughhhhh now all we have are the many performances to keep up company *sobs*

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  4. Yes I was happy that they sang Man Like Me again even though it’s just a small part. I love this song the minute I heard it even though several reviews have consistently rated it one of the weaker songs in the whole album (which I totally can’t understand). I especially love the chorus part.

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