[Pic] 130221 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun @ rouge & lounge Launch Party

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The first thing I read today when I finally got on twitter was… ‘BLACK DRAGON IS BAAAAAACK” to which I almost cried, well not literally but just the thought of losing our gorgeous and crazy sexy Blonde Golden boy Yonghwa, even though when he first colored his hair I wanted to cry then too just becasue I had not been used to seeing him that way. And now the mere thought of losing “that guy’ made me mad hahaha but then when I viewed the images I really had to say that now I know that people must be color blind and in a bad way because the hair color he’s sporting in these pictures is NOT BLACK!! If you look really closely, you can see the light inflections in it and when in the proper lighting, its clearly NOT BLACK! Lee Jonghyun also attended this event for the rouge & lounge accessory brand laugh party, and he CLEARLY HAS BLACK HAIR. In comparison, Yonghwa does not so for all the people who were happily rejoicing that “Black Yong” was back, you wrong suckaaaaas!! hahaha

I love Yonghwa with black hair just as much as the next pervy Noona but yeah, his hair seems to be dark brown for now. I cant’ say I hate it but I really dont like when he wears his hair that way. its just not his style IMO. Not that he should always have fringe because I like to see him have some variations to his hair, I really dont link this particular style. And can I ask why the hell the Coordi-noona felt the need to spear so much BB cream on his gloriously already perfect face?? I mean, I know he looks a bit tired but the man needs a few good FULL nights of sleep, not extra shit on his face and btw, she used the wrong shade LOL! Anyway, sorry this turned out to be more of a bitch-fest than a celebration of JONGHWA manliness!

BTW, those Black & White images that GOLDENJYH took of Yonghwa….@_@ OMG his profile made my jaw (and my panties0 drop!! WOW that man is perfect just the way he is! I love him<33Β  THEY BOTH LOOK GREAT DON’T THEY?? I know they do <33


Source:Β Various News Sites via Twitter, GOLDENJYH
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


11 thoughts on “[Pic] 130221 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun @ rouge & lounge Launch Party

  1. I was hoping he would of kept the blonde hair for the world tour, not like I would be able to see him, but still I would of loved to see all the fan pics of him rocking out onstage with his blonde hair. I know he performed on the music shows, but I’ve yet to see him perform on a stage where he gets all sweaty. πŸ˜‰ I wanted to see how his blonde hair would of looked. We all know that man looks good just by standing on a stage, but when he’s all sweaty and the hair gets in his face, yumm… Lol And just imagine how he would of looked with his golden hair….Oh Blonde Yong Hwa, I wasn’t ready for this unexpected goodbye just yet! T-T

    • Ditto babe hahah…I wanted to see him all blonde and sweaty too! Oh well, maybe he wont go all dark just yet and will keep the light brown for awhile! Who knows what he’s got up his sleeve =))

  2. Nooooooooooooooo!! I feared that day! Not that I hate the chocolate flavour on him but– but—! The soft blonde was so nice! So nice -_-
    I’m not a fan of the hairstyle he had for this event as well, blah. Evil Yonghwa, killing fangirl by changing haircolor and shit. “So I heard you like me with blond hair? You got used to it even? It would be a shame if… I suddendly…. got rid of it! *kekekeke* “

  3. Hahahahaha i’m in the color blind group XD. I actually had mixed feeling when i heard he changed his haircolor….irony bcs i cried for real when i saw blonde yong the first 3 days after the change…but after i saw him in that comeback stage i was all “asdfsΓ±dkasldkas” for blonde Yonghwa hahaha. Anyway, i’m still happy my more dark haired ultra manly Yonghwa is back….tho i’m gonna miss the cute/sexy blonde :/
    PS: Btw, i agree with you in all the coordi bashing XD

  4. When I first read twitter posts saying black is back, I felt a little lost cos I was really getting to like his blond hair even though I loved his black hair, so I know exactly how you feel. Same on the hair style, it’s kinda wierd if you ask me. But his face is still so handsome and manly and no bad hair day or colour can take that away. Even though I’m sad that they are going to do their goodbye stage this week, I’m hoping that that means that they can all get some decent rest. Those eye bags and dark circles are getting serious!

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