[Vid] 130215 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry, Ending Cut @ KBS Music Bank

CNBLUE - I'm Sorry @KBS Music Bank gogox2

CNBLUE - Ending Cut @KBS Music Bank 130215  gogox2

I love this performance but most of all, I loved those four idiots that were fucking around and dancing like trolls in the back of all the other artists! That just goes to show that winning awards doesn’t mean shit to these lovable dorks LOL!! Just watch, laugh and repeat because if you blink, you will miss the glory of the adorable CNBLUE antics LMAO!!!Β  I am very grateful for the ones they have won but the truth is, awards are not what CNBLUE nor BOICE really care about. We care about the music, more specifically, CNBLUE‘s music.

OMG there’s just a few more performances like this one and there’s the end to CNBLUE‘s RE: BLUE Comeback of 2013!! *sobs uncontrollably*

What I can say, these guys have had the best comeback they have ever had and I like to think it’s because of our support to them! We have stood behind CNBLUE and put aside all the negative bullshit like unreasonable lawsuits and wrongful accusations. We BOICE have continued our unwavering support to them and not paid any attention to the haters and the jealous fandoms who think they can make up silly stories about album buybacks in order to make themselves feel better for losing awards. We BOICE have stood right by CNBLUE‘s side thought all of this that has occurred in just 6weeks but we did it and I think that we have a lot to be thankful for but also to be proud of, because we know how to stick together and not let silly situations bring us down. CNBLUE should be proud of us as we are proud of them because we are all a family.

I haven’t spoken about these issues because I really felt that they would work themselves out and why bring up topics that are either untrue or just frivolous bullshit that dont matter that would do nothing but worry fans even more? I’m glad I didn’t because I hate to give importance to shit that isn’t true and just hurtful to CNBLUE. I dont like gossip and I hate to dwell or discuss rumors as you probably already know if you give a shit enough to read my posts =))Β  Are you with me my BOICE? What do you think about all the BS? Let me know^^


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Source: gogox2
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

19 thoughts on “[Vid] 130215 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry, Ending Cut @ KBS Music Bank

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  3. i’m not even going to focus on the negative! its all just bs and we are better than that to dwell on such things.

    but on the brighter side.. these boys are too much! i was watching that ending cut.. they just know how to put a smile on my face πŸ˜€

  4. Cnblue’s “I am sorry” performances are getting so much more professional and relaxed! I love these performances so much!! On the other hand about the negative articles. I don’t know why cnblue is always so unlucky that they have to deal with all these negative comments every time they get more famous. 1st time was when they debuted about hand syncing and copying other people’s music. Now, it’s copyright violation about something that happened in 2010.

    I feel really bad for them. They are working so hard, yet they are always facing some obstacles. I hope this issue doesn’t affect cnblue too much, especially yonghwa the leader. But no matter what, BOICE around the world will support them cause we understand πŸ˜€

    I do appreciate your choice of not blogging about the situation πŸ˜€

    • Thank you! I really didnt want to dicuss this very much since I didnt want to alarm BOICE but I’m going to write an article now because I feel that there are some issues that need to be brought to light!

      Thank you for your support for CNBLUE! We all need to be strong and stay by their side during hard times. We are their support <33 Thank you

  5. My heart broke when I read all those hurtful comments towards our boys, but I know good things await for them around the corner. I just want them to be happy and ignore all the hatred because I for one will always love them. And I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. πŸ™‚

    • Yup, I’m one of those people! I could care less about poeple who have nasty comments about them because they dont know them how we true fans know them!

      As far as I’m concerned, as long as CNBLUE are making music or acting or in the entertainment field period, I will be there! I pray that they have a long and fruitful career!

  6. it gives me headache and heartaches from reading all the comments regarding to their latest issue. even if you explain to them, antis have a closed minds so your time will just be wasted. so their goodbye stage will soon come. what i instead hope now is the release of their new song, knowing how yonghwa works i think he will put his feelings thru song. it will be great!

    • Yes definitely! I can see a new song dealing with his current emotions! All this media crap has to be affecting him & the other guys right now. I feel bad for them!

      I really hate how fans, yes BOICE included take every article written as “omg this is gonna ruin CNBLUE”! Everyone needs to relax, I can’t stress that enough and that is why, if you notice, I haven’t been tweeting as much. It just seems that no matter what, people will believe and react how they want to without really thinking about the reality.

      The reality is cnblue are men & will handle things like such and will get over all the negativity as they have in the past! We as their fandom, just need to be there for them and let them know we are here! They will survive it all!

  7. totally with you on that! i read up on those *negative issues* just to be aware, but after that, brushed it off just like that. not worth anyone’s time discussing because they are plain stupid. i’m just happy to be listening to their music everyday, and hunting for new uploads so i can watch their awesomeness and droon (drool n swoon) lol

      • sure thing, i love it! i subscribed to email alerts for your site as well as cnbluestorm’s recently. i just became a fan latter part of last year, actually. and i found lots of goodies on your site that helped me catch up on the previous years since their debut. (i just remembered today that i actually have a wp account, lol, so i followed)

        • Awesome! Thank you for visiting hehe and I’m glad to welcome you to the fandom. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for here but if you dont, you can request it on the Requests page! If I have it, I’ll share it <33 Take care

          • thank you! i love being a part of a fandom that loves the artists no matter what. i’ll keep that request page in mind. thanks again, and you take care, too

  8. I’m totally with you on the BS thing. What’s the point of talking about it when we don’t have the full facts and are not privy to the information and situation way back then? I believe in the boys after having witness how hard they have worked since their debut and I’m sure things will work out one way or the other.

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