[Vid] 130211 CNBLUE – WYA, Get Away, Robot, TIO @ Music For All, All For Music Festival






[130211 CNB] WYA, GA, Robot, TIO @MFA,AFO [121224)

OMGOMGOMGOMG!! Please allow me to take this moment to SPAZZZZ!! First of all I had NO IDEA that this show was even going to air and when I saw that people were tweeting the YouTube videos, I had to search around for the source and here it is! I am so thankful for those viligent BOICE who were obviously more so than I was apparently cuz like I said, I had no clue this was going to even air LOL!

OKOKOK onto the spazzzz… YOOOO! Watching CNBLUE on a LIVE stage makes me fucking happy! I mean dont get me wrong, watching them perform or do anything else is a treat but when you can actually sit and watch them perform, they shine brighter than the fucking SUN! OMG, Yonghwa gets so into his music and it shows most when he takes that stage with his brothers! Just watching his little moments or how he sings into the mic, or how he licks his lips does crazy things to my body, I wouldnt ever be able to put into words. I can only imagine how fucking awesome it is to see him live, right in your face. I think if and when I do, I’ll cry like a baby at how gorgeous he is LOL!

Jungshin has improved so much since their first concerts, I mean they all have but he really has opened up to being on stage next to Yonghwa. Jonghyun‘s “Jonggasms” are so powerful and OMG oh so sexy! Dammmmit that guy, I have to look away from the screen when he’s on it cuz I dont want him to break my bias list… I really dont! He’s just so sexy *bites lips* TBH, Minhyuk has it the worst when they perform because whether they perform with live instruments or not, he has to work so hard. Drumming well and looking that hot while doing it is really no easy task.

I just really admire all the hard work and effort these guys put into every stage they get on. And to think that this music festival was held on Christmas Eve and was CNBLUE‘s 3RD LIVE event in FOUR days! Just goes to show how hard working they at their craft.


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**

Source: torrent site via @iMysteryx, Official BOICE Japan Fanclub
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


7 thoughts on “[Vid] 130211 CNBLUE – WYA, Get Away, Robot, TIO @ Music For All, All For Music Festival

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  2. I was finally able to download this, the internet at work was being a pain all week. But I was finally able to watch this, and on Valentine’s Day of all days. lol And boy was this the best Valentine’s. Oh…My…Yong… How? How can a band be so perfect?! From adorkable cuties on variety programs to sexy rock gods! And Yong, oh baby, when you walked towards Jung Shin and gave everyone that side view of your glorious ass, wearing those tight jeans…*dies* X_X Damn you boy…damn you… Lol And that intro to Get Away was amazing!!! I love how they rock out! From Jong Hyuns fingering of that guitar, Min Hyuks banging on the drums, Jung Shin’s slapping the bass, and Yong Hwa’s screams. It really is like sex on stage LOL By the four most hottest guys ever! Ok ok, I’m getting carried away…see this is what CN Blue does to me. Its their fault for making me into such a perve. :p

    Thanks for the vid Mari! Another gem to add to my CN Blue collection ❀

  3. i cant wait till they have another concert in the states! i didnt get to see them when they were in los angeles for that kpop concert since tickets were ridiculously expensive and i saw that they only performed only a few songs. i just got into cnblue right after they had a concert with ft island. humph! but they deserve to headline their own concert here! and when that happens… i’ll be there! πŸ˜€

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