[Pic | Trans] 130207 Jung Yonghwa Shares Image of his Bedroom Music Studio

YH twitter 130207 YH MSG 130207

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: Finally revealing my new studio! ㅋㅋㅋ The one in my room was small, so I feel so good to have a nice room like this.ㅠ ㅋㅋ See you on radio 

I’m so happy to see Yonghwa‘s new setup in this new HUGE bedroom! We can only see one corner of his room but the equipment setup is so cool! Do you see the slide out tray for his full size keyboard underneath the desktop? Yonghwa thought of everything when he chose his furniture to say the least. Here are some other views of his bedroom.



I love the collection of Simpsons figurines & he even has a little town of Springfield building!! CUUUUTE! OMG this guy! I dont know how someone can be so manly and yet so cute like a little boy? I dont want to use the word Childish because he is nothing of the sort. I read a comment that I decided not to approve where someone said ‘How can he be so childish? Isn’t he like 24? Seems like he couldn’t have written all those matures songs, since he’s such a little kid” WTF? What a dumb and ignorant thing to say. Just because Yonghwa seems to have a childish and fun sense of humor automatically means he’s not capable of writing mature songs? This comment made me so fucking mad but I had to fight the urge of cursing this person out because that would mean posting their comment.

I quite enjoy Yonghwa‘s humor and personality! I wouldn’t change ONE thing about him. Let him have some damn fun for a change considering how fucking hard he and the rest  CNBLUE actually work! Their lives are so full of work, work, work so when he’s being playful and silly, It makes me feel happy to see that he still has it in him to be that way instead of hardened or jaded by the music industry like so many other artist become.

I just have to say this:


Source: @CNBLUE_4
Trans: fizzy @ cnbluestorm
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

6 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 130207 Jung Yonghwa Shares Image of his Bedroom Music Studio

  1. I was reading a news article that said that the studio from the 1st picture is a room in the new FNC building for him to compose his music. The new FNC building has 9 rooms for FNC members to compose music, so this might be one of them just for Yong Hwa. Maybe Jong Hyun has one too. If this is true, I think FNC is a pretty good company and takes very good care of their people & respects their talent 😀

    I don’t think Yong Hwa is childish at all!! I like it and I think he also does it to cheer people up around him – mood maker 😀

    • I agree, I believe he’s very serious when it comes to work and even though he doenst even feel like it, he put on a smile for everyone and his fans, He definitely takes care of his brothers and keeps them smiling too!

      Well I’m not sure if what was pictured was the FNC building or not cuz his tweet said his bedroom and I think all the pictures look like they share the same walls so im not sure. That’s awesome that they have their own space in the new building! They better considering CNBLUE & FTI make FNC their money lol

  2. I’m so glad he has a bigger room. Last night I was watching that documentary clip where it shows his tiny room from his previous dorm. I laughed when I noticed he color-coordinates his closet because I do the exact same thing! Lol I guess I do have something in common with him 😀

    And to that person calling him childish. I love Yong Hwa’s playfulness. Being mature doesn’t mean you have to have a serious and dead personality. That’s the most stupidest comment, calling him childish. I’m 31 and I love to play around, doesn’t mean I’m childish, I just love to live life. As my mom would say… No seas amargada!

    Lol People best not mess with Yong, he’s perfect the way he is! 🙂

    • I agree, I’m just a bit older than you and I can be the silliest person ever so yeah, imagine how pissed I was to read that dumbass comment about him.

      Anyway, thank you for your response! We can all be silly together, shall we? heheh

  3. I love his pose on the first picture xD “Hey there! Welcome into Yonghwa land!”
    And to what that person said, wtf seriously? Even if his life/job didnt need him to be mature and serious, it would stil lbe totally fine for him to act ”childish”. We can all act like complete child at times. It’d be sad if there was no childish part in him at all. It’s complete immaturity all the time that is comdemnable. I think this person just wanted to hate on him, cuz they did not use their brain!

    *rushes over YH’s desk and plays with the figurines*

    • Yeah I agree, lets let haters bask in CNBLUE’s glory lol! BTW, when you said you would rush over to Yong’s desk, I thought you were gonna say “play with his ****” LOL!! Whoa pervy Noona thoughts take me OVER!! hahah

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