[Vid] 130202 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry @ MBC Music Core Plus Screen Caps

CNBLUE - I'm Sorry @MBC Music Core 130202 gogox2

HD Screen Caps by Mari ɞ

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Here’s yet another flawless performance for CNBLUE though I was a bit confused because everyone said it was a live stage but even thought its  a prerecorded performance, it doesn’t seem like the guys are plugged in or even have the pedals in front of them. You can tell when Jonghyun is playing live and when hes not and to me, he looked like he wasn’t plus the music sounded like how it does when it’s not live. But who am I to argue, people said it was live, I dont think so… what do you guys think?

BTW, WTF Yonghwa!? His damn looks to the camera and his FACIAL EXPRESSIONS NEED TO STAWWWWP! I swear, he seems to get sexier more and more with each perf, sorry guys but yeah, when Yonghwa is on screen, he’s all I see! Gaaah I really love the blonde hair, I’m gonna be pretty sad when it eventually goes bye bye =(((


Source;  gogox2
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

11 thoughts on “[Vid] 130202 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry @ MBC Music Core Plus Screen Caps

  1. I’m a bit confused about the ”pre recording” and ”live” terms… but you can tell if the cables and instruments aren’t plugged and like you said, just looking at Jonghyun is enough.
    I truely feel Yonghwa is making love to the camera with just the power of his eyes. It’s like…sexkinesis or something? Arf, maybe turning his fans into ashes gives him some power or something (he may be an evil wizard, the other night I dreamt Taemin was one so, maybe I dreamt of the wrong guy!).
    Heheheheheheheh I so kneeew that the blond hair would bewitch you all! *the high prophetess of blond hair has spoken* I still remember when you were like ‘meh’ and I was alreading picturing in my head the moment you’d be all like “omg omg blond Yonghwaaa!” 😛 I’m glad he’s keeping it, let’s just hope it will last long enough x)

    • I’m glad you take so much satisfaction in knowing you were right & I was wrong LOL!! Thanks for not rubbing it on tho >,> NOT!

      Yes that blonde haired sexy beast has bewitched me COMPLETELY!

      OK as far as the prerecording and the LIVE, I have no idea what they are doing! The main reasoning for prerecording the perfs was so that they could have the the time for their instruments to be set up, etc. but for them to prerecord a perf for them to not play live instruments, I dont understand that!

      Your guess is as good as mine TBH

      • Exactly the pre recording would have only one difference with a ‘live live’ (gotta find a term xD), as for the possible mistakes/errors/problems that could happen….so that if somehting actually happens they can correct it but— I mean they just have to bloody watch CNBlue’s concerts, they are made for true live so let them play goddamit >,>

  2. Yay! Thanks for the vid! I saw the live stream, but it kept lagging 😦 You have no idea how grateful I am that you always share with us these awesome HD clips. I seriously wouldn’t know where to get my HD CN Blue fix if it weren’t for your site lol And can I just say that I also love Yong Hwa’s blond hair. It fits him so perfectly because we all know that Yong Hwa has always been the Golden Boy, and now he literally is! lol I swear if I were his girlfriend and if he had asked me if I liked his blonde hair… I’d be like, excuse me boys, can you guys put the tv on really loud, me and Yong are gonna have a lengthy discussion about hair coloring *locks the door* 😉

    • LMAO!! Waa that’s pretty much what I would do LOL! And you’re welcome! I felt teh same way when I was looking around the net searching for videos and couldn’t find any or the sites wouldn’t update like they should, or the links would be dead and no one would re-upload them!

      That’s the reason why I started my site, because new fans need to have videos and there really aren’t that many places to get them these days. Plus so many ppl rely on youtube to upload their vids to which I hate! So yeah, I feel your pain and I’m glad I could help you! I’m super happy that you come to my site for your needs. Makes me feel like what I’m doing is really appreciated ^^

      BTW, I am going to start sharing torrent links soon to cut out the need for file hosts so get ready for it^^

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