[Vid | Pic] 130201 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry, No.1 Encore @ KBS Music Bank



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CNBLUE - Waiting Room @KBS Music Bank 130201

CNBLUE - I'm Sorry, No.1 Encore  @KBS Music Bank 130201 gogox2

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Yet another glorious win at a music show for our LOVING CNBLUE! This being their first for Music Bank and it was against super girl group SNSD *cough* which I will keep my mouth shut about cuz you know I always have something smart to say about everything LOL!! Awww man this win seems sooo sweet considering who they were up against so CNBLUE really made me proud!

During the backstage clips, the guys said that they would do pushups if they actually won so when they actually did, They were all preparing to get on the floor but at the last minute Yonghwa, being the advantageous later that he is, decided that he would make the maknaes get on all fours instead! LOL Poor babies! Shame on you, you sexy hyungs for taking advantage of your dongseangs’ that way hehehe


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10 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 130201 CNBLUE – I’m Sorry, No.1 Encore @ KBS Music Bank

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  3. Loved the performance, hated all the Yongseo crap that followed after it though. It seriously ruined my mood for the whole day. But I guess that’s never gonna die down anytime soon. Especially when they keep putting her with Yong Hwa everytime they go on those damn music shows. A part of me wishes that he goes public and have it be some other person that’s not even famous. That’ll stick it to all them gogumas out there. BTW, it’ll be me, just saying lol No but seriously, even if he goes public, no matter who he ends up dating, people will always want to know every detail about their relationship. Which I can understand why the majority of the Korean celebrities never go public until they actually get married. I just want people to focus on CN Blue’s awesome music. I mean isn’t that what Yong Hwa wants? I think some might think that I’m saying this out of jealousy, but no. If he dates Seohyun or Park Shin Hye, I’d be heartbroken, but at the same time I’d be happy if he was happy. I just don’t think he’s dating either one of them. He’s so awkward with Seohyun, and with PSH he has an awesome friendship. In all honesty, I love Park Shin Hye. I think she’s incredibly cute and extremely sexy when she dances. I think she’s prettier and sexier than Seohyun could ever be. There’s just something about Seohyun that she always seems to have a blank expression. You can’t tell what kind of emotion she’s trying to portray. And its not just me, some of my students who have watched WGM with me have said the same thing. I just don’t get why she gets portrayed like a goddess just because she’s part of SNSD. But don’t get me started on SNSD and their horrible song…just..ugh… lol But yea, Yongseo fans irritate me more than dooley fans. I guess because its rare that I see a dooley posting on a CN blue video saying that its written for PSH. While on the other hand, almost every single CN Blue video there’s a Yongseo fan chanting about Seohyun blah blah blah >:| Ugh… *breathes* Ok, sorry about my rant. Excuse me while I go watch some CN Blue videos lol πŸ˜‰

    • In my opinion, I dont care who he dates as long as he’s happy about it! I really hope its not either one of those girls but if it is, whatever.

      I just cant stand Yongseo, Dooley, whatever the fuck pairing.. its all the same to me, DELUSIONAL! I really hate talking about it, hearing about it, reading about it! I’m sure he’s sick of it too and all the fucking BS questions he gets on the shows OMG QUIT IT ALREADY! Ugh I really wish he’d say he’s dating any fucking body so they would just STFU about this all and focus on CNBLUE’s music, just like you said, its what they ALL want!

      All the shit is just annoying to me…

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