[Pic | Vid] 130131 Lee Jonghyun – My Love & Award Win @ KBS 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards

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LJH - Award Speech @KBS 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards 130131

LJH - My Love @KBS 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards 130131

Awww our gorgeous Lee Jonghyun really looks so mature and manly all the time but seriously, when he’s on his own, he shines so bright! I love to see him attend events on his own now since he’s so used to it hahah! You can totally see the difference acting and being part of ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ has affected Jonghyun. Acting and having something to do outside of CNBLUE has really made Lee Jonghyun seem so much more outgoing because he has to stand on his own and that makes me all the more proud of him.

I actually downloaded the almost 8gig file just to make the HD cuts of Jonghyun‘s performance and win speech. Yeah I know it’s on YouTube in 720p and blah blah but like I’ve said before, I am an HD snob and since its my flaw, it makes me want to go out of the way just for a few minutes of gorgeous video just because I can! =P


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Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

6 thoughts on “[Pic | Vid] 130131 Lee Jonghyun – My Love & Award Win @ KBS 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards

  1. Thanks for the HD clips girl! πŸ™‚
    I totally agree how Jong Hyun has changed. He always seemed so aloof but now he seems more comfortable and more well adjusted to his fame. I remember how people would call him the cold Busan guy, but I think it was probably because he didn’t know how to deal with the constant attention. I always related to him, even though my bias is Yong Hwa, but I’m actually a lot more similar to Jong Hyun’s personality. Sometimes you just want to be left alone, not because your angry, but because sometimes you just find just need to take a breather and along for awhile. And since he’s a famous musician who’s constantly surrounded by fans, I think it was hard on him having to pretend and smile all the time. Even the fun, outgoing Yong Hwa has said that there were days when he didn’t feel like smiling, but he would do it for the fans. I’m not saying that Jong Hyun didn’t care about his fans, its just that given his introverted personality, its a lot more difficult for him. So seeing him come out of his shell and walk up there without his brothers…. :*) Noona’s so proud!

    • IA! I still think of him as a bit cold to fans hence how he was in Chile but I never thought of his aloof behavior was mean or because he doenst like his fans. Its just who he is and how he deals with the attention. I rather like it, that he hasn’t changed that aspect of himself for the fans or media.

      But as far as his work side, that’s where I feel he’s grown! He’s such a man lol

  2. HD powa! Can’t say being a HD snob is bad :p
    He totally looks more mature, more confident and he expresses his feelings much more (he neveeeeeeeer stops smiling, it’s like a new Jonghyun!).Gotta love him πŸ™‚
    I LOVE how SHinee’s JH pushed Onew away as he was about to greet JH, that was soooo funny xD (but poor Onew :p)

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