[Pic | Trans] 130129 CNBLUE Take Selca With Fans @ Show Champion

130129 @ Music Chamion Recording 130130 CNB msg

[TRANS] @CNBLUE_4: Hello. Guitarist Jonghyun here! Today’s live recording at Show Champion went well too because of BOICE. Thank you!!^^

[FA Trans] Jan.29 Show Champ pre-recording at AX hall [cr. @saturnkr]

It was from 9pm to 11pm. It’s for two weeks. The latter one in the twitter photo will be aired tomorrow. The other one is next week.
At first they appeared, fans shouted, Yonghwa said in arrogant face, “Do you see celebrity first?”
The sound quality was the best. CNBLUE first concert was here, it’s our memorable place. Yonghwa asked fans who came to the first concert. Many fans raised hands.
Yonghwa said, “Wow. Were there this many people?”

A fan asked, “Are you not coming to Busan?”
Jonghyun said in Busan dialect. “I really want to go. But I can’t”
Yonghwa said too, “I want to eat Milmyeon and Pork soup.”
Jungshin, “Busan? I even can’t go to Ilsan.”
Jonghyun, “You go there every week for Music core.” (MBC studio is in Ilsan)
Jungshin, “I mean I can’t go home.”
Jonghyun said, “Tomorrow, my mother and Yonghwa hyung’s mother will come to our dorm. But my mother didn’t inform me, I heard it from Yonghwa hyung.”
Jungshin said, “They are not coming to see sons, but to get signed CDs.”
Jonghyun said, “Jungshin‘s mother come to our dorm so often, I feel like his mother is my mother.”
Jungshin said, “That’s why our dorm fridge is always full.”

Minhyuk asked fans if they had dinner, fans answered no. Then Minhyuk said, “Our fans eat dew only? (from Korean traditional fairy tale) Real Dew? (Cham Isul. popular Soju brand)
Then Jungshin said, “Or Cheo Um Cheo Reom?” (another popular soju brand.)
They made fun of fans a lot. If anyone called them Oppa, all of them said, “Are you sure? / I don’t think so. / I seem not to be your Oppa….”

Yonghwa seems to check Melon chart every hour. He asked fans how is the Melon ranking now.
Fans answered it’s 4th. Then he said, “It went up than a few hours ago.”
And he said, “Ranking is not important at all” But he pretended checking the Melon chart by the smart phone.
So fans asked him if they were streaming too and explained them how to stream by the smart phone.
But it seemed Yonghwa didn’t know how to do correctly. He said, “If I had more phones, I could stream more.”
But it’s not true, you need Melon ID, not phone, and you must pay for streaming monthly.
After hearing how to stream, Jungshin said it’s marvelous.
(I hope they start streaming from tonight. For more IDs!)

When fans cover their face by the CNBLUE towel, Jungshin said, “Don’t cover your face, your face is pretty enough.”
Yonghwa said to him, “Your face is not. Push your hat more to cover.”
Jungshin said, “I need bigger hat.”

Jonghyun said, “These days, I can’t exercise.”
Fans said, “Why? You have 王 on your tummy.”
Jonghyun said, “Who said so?”
Fans said, “You, in the magazine The FNC.”
Yonghwa said, “I have 三 on my tummy.”

After break time, Jonghyun said, “Where’s my pick? Someone took my pick!”
Jungshin said in boring voice, “It must be on the floor.”

Yonghwa asked Jungshin that how old he is, Jungshin answer he’s 23.
Jonghyun said, “You are still young.”
Minhyuk said, “You are just one year older.”

There was fire cracker explosion 3 times. Yonghwa was surprised each time.
He said, “I have bad memory in fire cracker.”

Jonghyun was so excited today, he said, “I feel good today because I slept 5 hours last night.”
(Then how short he sleeps other days?)

CNBLUE took time after their Music Show Champion recording to take a photo with the very lucky BOICE fans in the audience! This is a special treat that usually CNBLUE does with fans after a big event like a fan meeting or arena concert. The AX Hall concert hall was the venue used for the band’s very first concert at home so the visit must’ve been very special to them.

They seem to have had a really good time with the fans according to the FA which makes me so jealous since I would never get to have the chance to see them in such a personal setting. Not only that, but I would understand what they would be saying which is nobody’s fault but mine for not trying to learn Korean yet. I’m glad that CNBLUE has such loving fans that show them they are loved. I really am glad that they know their fans love them.


Source:  @CNBLUE_4
Trans: Fizzy @cnbluestorm
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

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