[Vid | Pic] 130125 CNBLUE – LaLaLa, I’m Sorry, BTS Cuts @ KBS Music Bank Plus Screen Caps

CNBLUE - Waiting Room Interview @KBS Music Bank 130125

CNBLUE & SNSD - Waiting Room Interview @KBS Music Bank  130125

CNBLUE - LaLaLa feat. Yuna Of AOA, I'm Sorry @KBS Music Bank 130125.gogox2

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HD Screen Caps by Mari ɞ


Sorry for posting this so damn late, I really wanted to get this posted yesterday but I was super busy with some other stuff and I was being super non-productive too. I hate when I have days like that where I know I have certain to focus on and I just cant focus.

What can I say, this was yet another flawless performance from CNBLUE, seriously, these guys can’t do anything wrong. There was so much camera porn, I almost didn’t stay alive for the entire performance, I swear LOL! By camera porn, I mean, Yonghwa‘s sexual advances to me through the camera, He was looking right at me, into my soul and I tell you, he hypnotized me! I suddenly had the urge to rip my clothes off and go running through my gate community! LOL Lucky, I came to my senses by the end of their set hehehe…. otherwise, I think I would’ve scared a bunch of unsuspecting bystanders who’d be blinded by this crazy naked lady running around screaming “Yong Yong!!”

Lucky for you, I capped this entire perf and believe me, it wasn’t easy keeping my pants on while I did it! Dammmit that Yonghwa with his secret magical powers. Someone should really complain to someone about that shit man! The only complaint I have is WHY DIDN’T THEY PERFORM LALALA LIVE TOO!!! I would’ve loved to hear that damn bass line live!! Oh well, maybe they will have another chance in the future.^^


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Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


13 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 130125 CNBLUE – LaLaLa, I’m Sorry, BTS Cuts @ KBS Music Bank Plus Screen Caps

  1. Hahaha, you’re so funny x)
    This live was both great and bitter to me. Great? LALALA mothafucka! Bitter? NOT.LIVE.INSTRUMENTS. Kudos to JH for being so hyper and all to make us ”forget” about that liiiittle detail. It would have been perfect but hey- we can’t always get what we want.
    And while you run naked on the stage after Yong, don’t mind me I’ll just be naked and humping HIdiugiutjhJonghyun in the back!

  2. The live performance of Lalala is amazing ❤ ! This song is very beautiful, and really more beautiful in live. Love, love, love !!! I almost cried… kk.

  3. I’m not gonna lie, whenever they showed the full body shot during “I’m Sorry” my eyes immediately went to his legs. Boys got some curves lol I’ve always loved how Yong Hwa’s got a nice shape. Even when he was really skinny during their First Step album and during Heartstrings, he still had a booty! Of course they kept covering it up with trench coats in most of their performances, but when he did the Heartstrings photoshoot and they put some tight ass jeans on him, Damn….boys got some serious junk in the trunk. Lol I remember watching the video and they show his profile, WOW…. so round and perfect! No wonder Min Hyuk is jealous of it. Lol

    I really love LaLaLa! I’ve been trying to memorize all the songs from this album and so far I have LaLaLa down, minus the rap part, I just can’t rap Lol 🙂 So when I heard they were singing this song I had to stay up, even though I’m dead tired from last weekends live streams @_@ But boy was it worth it! Especially when Yong Hwa says “you look so happy”… damn right I’m happy! You keep looking at me like that…dammit boy why are you so sexy! And then the rap at the end, ahh I’ve missed his rapping! It brings me back when he used to rap in “Im a Loner”. Wow, they’ve sure come a long way. I remember seeing CN Blue’s debut performance and poor Yong Hwa sweating so much. He was probably really nervous, but at the same time he seemed so confident. I just hated how some people misinterpreted that confidence for arrogance. Which is ridiculous because Yong Hwa’s such a humble guy. Even though he’s accomplished so many goals at such a young age, he still acts like your boy next door, who just happens to be extremely sexy btw. I don’t know, I guess they thought that rookies should be shy little lambs. But Yong Hwa’s always been so outgoing and his stage presence is like no one else I’ve seen. There’s just something about him that leaves you mesmerized. Which is why I never get tired of seeing their performances on shows and concerts. I literally have them on loop at my work. I have two computer screens, so while I’m working on one, the other one plays CN Blue vids lol Even my co-workers know their songs. I sometimes catch them humming, “dara diri dara do…” LOL xD

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