[News] 130125 CNBLUE Experience a Whirlwind Start to 2013


CNBLUE enjoy immense success with the band’s 4th Mini Album, ‘RE: BLUE and kick off 2013 with a bang.

One of Korea’s most popular music artists, CNBLUE are starting 2013 off with a bang and are already achieving successes they’ve dreamed about since debut. CNBLUE have been riding a tidal wave of success, one after another, with the release of their 4th Mini Album, ‘RE: BLUE on January 14th 2013, after almost a year of hiatus. CNBLUE also celebrated their 3rd year as a band on that very day, making the date even more significant for the members. Since then, their title track, ‘I’m Sorry’ which was self penned and composed by the band’s leader Jung Yonghwa, has met with an impressive ‘All Kill’ chart status just hours within the song’s release.

Jung Yonghwa expressed concern and nervousness right before the release date of the album due to the fact that he was responsible for all but one song, which was composed by fellow band mate Lee Jonghyun, and would be directly liable if it failed in any way. Fans felt the pressure along with him and encouraged the leader to remember his success over seas in Japan. Since the release of ‘In My Head’ in 2011, CNBLUE managed to reach the top of the Oricon music charts with each of their subsequent title tracks. The well received ‘Where you are’ sold over 60,000 copies in its first week, hitting number 1 on the Oricon Singles Chart for the week of February 13th 2012, just a year ago. A foreign band had not capped the singles chart in Japan for 41 years.

CNB bg

Considering their previous successes over the past year, its only natural that Yonghwa would want to mirror the band’s achievements at home as well. After taking a 10 month hiatus from Korean activities, it was important that CNBLUE have a strong comeback to get their footing in Korea once again. ‘I’m Sorry’ was released and instantly catapulted to number 1 on all the major music rating charts earning the ‘All Kill’ title. Soon it was announced that CNBLUE were perform ALL LIVE comeback stages which had never been done by the band before. CNBLUE spared no expense and funded all the fees necessary to make sure that they would be able to appear with live instruments on as many music shows as they could, even if it meant prerecording their performances and having to do retakes well into the night, just to make sure their stages would be perfect for their fans and the rest of the public.

During prerecorded sessions, CNBLUE wowed fans with their live instrument stages. Most fans already know how powerful CNBLUE are on stage during their concerts but now everyone who had a television or steaming live connection would know that CNBLUE exude unstoppable charisma once they hit the stage. The band performed ‘I’m Sorry’ accompanied by other tracks from their ‘RE: BLUE album, ‘More than you’, ‘Where you are’, and ‘Coffee Shop’ respectively to the delight of their fans who lovingly gushed over their performances afterwards on all the social media sites.

CNBLUE - I'm Sorry Live Stage @SBS Inkigoyo 130127 gogox2(1) 628

Surprisingly all this just within a week after release, and the list of achievements continues to grow: On January 24th FNC announced that they will release a Limited Edition version of ‘RE: BLUE with a new cover that was personally redesigned by each of the members complete with illustrations created by the boys themselves. Also announced on January 24th, for the first time ever, CNBLUE‘s EP ‘RE: BLUE‘ had reached to number 1 on the prestigious Billboard ‘World Albums’ Chart and hit number 22 on the Heatseekers Albums chart which represents, “the top-selling albums by new or developing acts, defined as those who have never appeared on the top 100″.

Billboard charts

CNBLUE are set to kick off yet another series of live stages for their music show circuit this week and have already recorded a must see performance set to air on KBS’s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ January 25th. ‘RE: BLUE Limited Edition will hit the stores January 31st, 2013.

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Source: cnblue.co.kr
Photo Credits: FNC, Billboard.com
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue


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