[News] CNBLUE Announce Release of ‘RE: BLUE’ Limited Edition


CNBLUE have just announced a ‘RE: BLUE limited edition will be hitting stores by the end of January.

Top Korean band CNBLUE have enjoyed great success with the release of their 4th Mini Album, ‘RE: BLUE‘ said to signify the rebirth of CNBLUE. On January 24th, ten days after the initial release of their album, news reports started to circulate mentioning the release of a special Limited Edition version CNBLUE‘s album to be released by January 31st, 2013.

FNC Entertainment finally announced more details stating hat this special release will be self re-designed copies of ‘RE: BLUE, created by each of the members themselves consisting of four different member versions including illustrations by the CNBLUE members, as well as a special postcards. FNC added, “As the album contains each member’s individual colors, we anticipate the reaction from fans will be passionate. As the members not only composed all the tracks of this album but took part in the album’s production, we believe the album’s value will be all the more meaningful.”

Only limited amounts of the album will become available by January 31st, 2013

Source: cnblue.co.kr
written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue

4 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE Announce Release of ‘RE: BLUE’ Limited Edition

  1. why do they do that?! 4 different LE versions?! in the states.. one version is enough!

    i see what you are trying to do here cnblue.. luring me in with your hotness.. i see you…..

    • LOL!! I know, I really would love all four versions just to have them but really, all you need is one! I guess they do the 4 ver. thing to not only make more money but for fans to have their fave member but what if you love all of them, you’ll be a broke bitch!! hahah

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