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OK so here goes… I loved and I HATED this episode for many reasons so I think I’ll list them off instead of writing out a full-blown rant!


Reason Why I loved Episode 129:

  1. Lee Jonghyun smiled almost the ENTIRE episode
  2. Jonghyun’s participation level was so much more than the last episode 126
  3. Jung Yonghwa played smart and kicked ass
  4. Yonghwa’s distance jump was BANANAS!
  5. Both guys were super awesome and they looked sooo very cute too!
  6. Both Yonghwa & Jonghyun were really good sports and team players! They often looked out for the younger Idol which I thought was super sweet! **there’s a Yong+L moment right before ‘HideNSeek’ that was SUPER CUTE!!

Reasons Why I hated Episode 129:

  1. Jong Kook was an utter and undeniable ASSHOLE in this episode
  2. The show producers let Kook be super aggressive to the Idols & didn’t do anything to modify him
  3. Babo Lee Joon… ugh I love him but he’s super fucking annoying in this episode, you’ll see why
  4. They cut out Jonghyun’s dive
  5. Kook totally overpowered Yonghwa during hide n’ Seek to the point that he looked visibly exhausted & annoyed by it afterwards
  6. Kwanghee

You know, one thing I do have to say is I understand that there’s a fine line between healthy competition and outright bullying and I have to say that this episode contains the latter on the part of Jong Kook & HaHa! They targeted the capable Idols so they could win and get a few laughs… ha .ha .ha but it wasn’t funny, in fact I was pretty pissed about it as I watched and I already knew ahead of time to expect to get upset because I read a few comments from other BOICE about it. I chalked up their comments to them just being overly sensitive because they care about their Oppa too much and figure, they’re guys, what’s a little rough play?

What I saw was more than rough play. It was just unbelievable they aired Yonghwa getting attacked and rammed into the side of the ‘ice hockey’ rink side or jumped on and grabbed by HaHa, forced to the floor and held onto so tight that he couldn’t stand up! I saw poor Lee Joon tackled and had the wind knocked out of him by some hard hits and Minho, L, & Jonghyun were manhandled as well but I feel Yonghwa got the brunt of it.

Again, there’s a difference between healthy competition and getting attacked. I think Jong Kook felt embarrassed and was a sore loser after being shown up by Yonghwa on Episode 126 where Yonghwa got his tag and posted that picture on twitter. He even mentioned it on the show. I think that really burned him up so badly that he had it out for Yonghwa the moment he knew he’d be on the show. Shame on you Jong Kook. So sorry you’re washed up and sing like a BITCH, that all you have really going for you is a fail singing career, a fail acting career, and all you have to hang onto is Running Man which must be your bread and butter considering your old as shit and you sing like a BITCH. Yeah I said that twice cuz really, your fucking song sucks.

Just to clarify, my rant isn’t just because I feel Yonghwa was wronged however it was incited by that fact. I just feel like a lot of fans were feeling Yonghwa and the other Idols were treated unfairly and I totally agree. If you don’t agree with anything I’ve said, that’s your right to do so but don’t attack me for my opinions or my right to freedom of speech.  *ex-hails*


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Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

19 thoughts on “[Vid] 130120 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun @ SBS Running Man E129 [Eng Sub]

  1. i gotta say…there was severe cheating in hockey game…i mean the idol team was really mangled..i was like OH WAIT…RM team are we reallyt this competitive? i mean…you guys know that the boys won’t really fight to their capabilities because it’s YOUR FREAKING SHOW! but honestly…if the idol team will unleash their 100% power…i don’t think those ahjusshis even stand a chance! i mean yonghwa, minho and jonghyun are pretty strong guys…i’m glad i found this blog coz i’m annoyed as hell with jong kook…sheesh he’s just freaking butt ugly..i can’t even.
    thank you for this rant post..it gave me avenue to rant too!!!

  2. just watched it and i have to say that you guys are overreacting a bit. it wasn’t that bad. i actually enjoyed it. i haven’t enjoyed an rm episode since a long time. i was glad they brought back the hide and seek game. i just didn’t like how they chose sulli as part of the idol team. i would’ve preferred suzy. c’mon you gotta at least blame sulli for what happened to yonghwa during the h+s segment. they should’ve started to hide again with less than a minute to the exchange.

  3. I’m like you I liked some parts and dislikes others but not for the same things :p
    First I didn’t like all of the casting . Sully is cute but she was so useless, in guardian she stopped nothing, she didn’t jump in the swimmingpool (=low score) and she stayed the last in the last game but it was luck and not talent… Kwanghee doesn’t suit this kind of games..The both just screamed all the show….
    The part of “hockey” doesn’t chock me because I know this king of sport is violent lol But it’s true that the idols didn’t dare to be as rude as the running men…
    The swimmingpool part was a little bit disappointing because we d’ont see all the jumps and the score was weird…
    And I don’t like the principe of the Hide and Seek because you can’t defend yourself and often they can’t really hide…So the elimination of Jonghyun and L were a pity because they would be able to eliminate people.

    • Well, I didn’t mind Sully so much, she did what she could. You said urself, they cut a lot of the scenes from the Pool part so we dont know that she didn’t jump, they just didn’t show it. I think she was really capable while playing hidenseek, she helped the others capture the other team so I think she did well.

      I just didn’t like this episode for many reasons, I hope that the next time CNBLUE visits, its under better conditions!

  4. am i too sensitive but i feel yonghwa is sick during this episode. im not really sure because the video that i watch is in low quality and i can barely see their faces. to be honest the hockey part is my favorite one, the others are bleh~ i laugh during haha attacking yonghwa. for me it shows how close they are. but somewhere i read that
    either joon or yonghwa was hit in the face and fells on the ground. i was shocked and said “which part? which part?” then i replayed it i think its sukjin hitting him on the last part of the game. THEN I WAS PISSED! what makes me worried more is that goldenjyh posted the pictures of yonghwa during the break sitting on the floor and his face looks really really tired. i also notice he coughs a lot during this show. after his dive. when he pulls off from the water yonghwa coughs again and sway. im thinking “are you sure youre okay?” after working that hard in hockey game then next is diving in water, i mean personally in our household if you are tired my mother always told as not too touch
    water immediately, its not really good in the body. also after hide and seek, yonghwa’s reactions is not really good, last olympic he is sitting next to jaesuk and was joking around but this time, he covers himself with jacket and only smiles.

    however, if i look it on the bright side maybe the RM members knew he is sick that why haha targeting him so he can rest from the game. haha is close to him even inviting him to his wedding and tweeting about cnblue comeback. i remember during their hongkong episode. i read that gary was sick so personally i think when the cast tease him having a silver hair and rip his tag. i believe they are doing him a favor him not letting him run and play and just rest there.

    another comment is i actually dont get it why are they labeling jonghyun as “useless” idol. idol for laughter. i mean personally he did good in episode 127. i think jonghyun is defense and yonghwa is offense. when gwangsoo targeted jihyo the fastest reaction of protecting her is yonghwa(to think he is on the far side) and jonghyun. am i missingsomething here? or i am too bias not to see their fault?

    • Idk I’m really tired of talking about this show cuz everytime someone comments, I get mad all over again and its not at all your fault but damn I really get mad! I dont think you are too sensitive at all! I think you have every right to feel mad for how they all were treated!

      Lets just hope that if they do appear on this show again, they are met with a lighter event that isn’t clouded by so much competition!

  5. Girl, you said everything I’ve been feeling since I saw this episode. And I was so excited to watch this when I saw those preview clips of them playing hockey. I think Yong Hwa looks so hot when he plays sports and the fact that he’s good in almost everything, well I was expecting a great match. But the poor guy kept getting pushed around by Jong Kook, I know its hockey, but its supposed to be a friendly competition. How the hell was that friendly?! Then HaHa kept jumping on YongHwa so he couldn’t play, boy that pissed me off. I know Yong Hwa was laughing at it, but I’m pretty sure he wanted to play the game. Then what really got me upset was when they hit Yong Hwa in the face with the broom! And no one even bothered to go to him and see if he was okay. It’s almost as if no one even noticed. It was right before that tall dude, I forget his name, made a goal. That old dude with glasses passed him the puck, but he didn’t bother to notice that Yong Hwa was right beside him and he smacked him right in the face. >=( You can clearly see it in the different angles that he gets hit and he falls to the floor holding his face. And I saw the YT version so the quality wasn’t that great, but I’m pretty sure that was Yong Hwa. While everyone is celebrating the goal for the RM team, whenever they show the wide angle you still see Yong Hwa on the floor, in pain. I’m like WTF people! Can’t you see he’s on the floor! I mean getting smashed to the wall hurts, can you imagine getting hit hard in the face with a broom. Poor baby =( Was the staff asleep or what, they didn’t do a damn thing. Then when Yong Hwa was trapped by that asshole Jong Kook, poor Yong Hwa you could see how hard he was trying to hold on. He looked so exhausted. Whoever made those comments about how Jong Kook takes it easy on Idols is a freaking idiot. How is that going easy on them? I seriously hate that Jong Kook guy. To be honest with you I never really liked him since the beginning when I first started watching Yong Hwa’s RM episodes. He always seemed cocky, thinking he can push anyone around because he has muscles. And he’s not even attractive, he just looks nasty. Ugh! Just because Yong Hwa beat you at your own game in the last episode, doesn’t mean you have to act like a prick.

    Sorry about my rant, but just needed to get it out. Yong Hwa is quite admirable for not wanting to punch this guy.

    • OMG yes! I would’ve PAID to see Yonghwa punch that dick in the face for real! I dont mind your rant, everyone seems to have a band opinion on that episode and just like you, I was really looking forward to seeing them have fun, not get knocked around!

      Our boys are gentlemen and I’m glad that they didn’t fight back because I’m almost sure that they would get bad articles written about them. I have a feeling ifts going to be a long time before they return to Running Man again.

  6. I to-ta-lly AGREE!! I don’t mind the idol team losing, but if it’s in total fair play of course, and it wasn’t. RM team cheated and cheated and cheated. Lee Joon was annoying but not as much as useless Kwanghee. His mere presence was a hindrance to the Idol team….
    I want to rip Haha and Kook’s heads off. Even in episode 127 I felt they were not that fairplay but– it was not that bad. Indeed what you said about the Idol’s team victory in that episode made them feel unashamed to cross the line. There is no pleasure in winning without playing by the damn rules. Among all this shit, I loved that Jonghyun used a judo trick to get out of RM’s team grip during the mayhem in the hockey game. I don’t remember who it was but the man was all over him and JH eaaassily made him slide off of him…. and he was smiling. And still during that game they elaborated a strategy at one point (after JH scored they got scared– why? Just play harder goddamit) and that’s when they jumped on all the good members of the idol team. Oh and in the hide and seek game, pffffffff I’m not even going to start on this. Just about the end, when Sulli was the only one left. I mean COME ON, he made her let him win. Very nice and gentleman, thumbs up right there. It’s so sad when the ”winners” feel more like sore losers than the actual ‘losers’. But hey, it’s their show, and I think the opposite team always start with a handicap just because of it. I feel real bad about it cause we are ranting about it and we may be seen as butthurt but really, it was not a fair game, and shit we don’t care if they would have lost cause the other team would have been really good, or the idol team really bad. There is a damn good reason. At least there’s JH smile during the whole thing to keep me hooked on it >,>
    Damn. TL;DR comment, sorry for that DDD:

    • No worries, I’m sure my rant was annoying to read! And maybe I was a bit butthurt but I never care about the winning or losing aspect of this show! It just the fun of seeing how everyone & everything plays out in the end! Just the fact that all the cheating was going on made me really pissed cuz they feel winning Is more important than having a good time! I’m sure these idols enjoyed themselves at the end of the day but after kook finally let go of Yonghwa at the end of hide n seek, he look like he had a good time? The look on his face was enough to piss me off!

      But it’s just a game right? PSH

      • Yeah that’s exactly what shows like these are: having fun. They make it a competition and there was to be winner/loser but that’s not the main interest…. well it is for some of the RM team. But everyooone else just want to see them do activities, its just sad actually. Now I wish they do dodgeball again and Jh hits either Kook or Haha where it hurts xD (the poor victim of this time didnt deserve it, sadly, XD)

  7. Absolutely! The only comfort in it were Jonghyun’s smile and Yonghwa’s jump…other than that I really hate what happened in that episode. It literally makes my heart ache!! Still, it shows everyone how great our boys’ manner and spirit are! .V.

  8. You have no idea how much i hate this episode!! you’re right, Yonghwa got the worst of it, i was so mad while watching this…my poor boy, it broke my heart that he kept smiling and playing hard.
    I was flipping tables during the hockey game and even more when i noticed that SukJin accidentally hit Yonghwa on the head with his broom….i saw Yonghwa cover his eyes and then i fell on the floor and it took him a while before he could get up!! that was super dangerous!! what if that thing stuck his eye or something…worst thing was that RM team scored after that happened and SukJin totally forgot about Yonghwa being on the floor because of him and he came back to see him after he celebrated the score >--<

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