[Vid] 130119 CNBLUE & FNC Family Cuts @ The 27th Golden Disk Awards

[130119 JYH] Payphone @JTBC 27th GDA  Awards

[130119 CNB] Hey You, Talk, Intuition @JTBC 27th GDA Awards

[130119 JUN & LJH] Illa Illa @JTBC 27th GDA  Awards

[130119 CNB] Bonsang Award @JTBC 27th GDA  Awards

[130119 CNB] Malaysia's Favourite @JTBC 27th GDA Awards

[130119 FNC FAM Han Sung Ho] Producer of the Year @JTBC 27th GDA  Awards

Sorry for posting this a day late but shit, I’ve been super tired the last few days all because of staying up super late just to watch CNBLUE live on TV >,> hahaha! Of course it was the best chore ever cuz they looked super AMAZING! So here are the cuts from the first day of the Golden Disk Awards on Tuesday January, 15th 2013.

Our boys were amazing as usual on that day. Jung Yonghwa’s opening performance of Maroon 5 cover of, ‘Payphone’ which was just PERFECT! If only they would’ve overlooked the few choice curse words that Adam Levine originally had in the lyrics lol! About the “…fucking love song” LOL! OMG if he would’ve sang that shit, I WOULD’VE DIED of laughter hahah! But otherwise, he sang it beautifully, I actually think he sang it better than the original hehe! There was no Yonglish in this song which some find annoying and other think it’s really cute. I happen to love when Yonghwa sings in English. I just really wish he would learn it for real and not just perfect his pronunciation just for a cover you know? I’m sure he and the rest of CNBLUE will eventually try to learn a third language, it better be English!! haha

Their group performance was another story. I think Yonghwa just wasn’t feeling the stage. Not sure what transpired between the time that he was on the side of the stage wearing his “MC hat’ and shaking DAT ASSS while Kara and all the other acts did their performances. OMG the fancams I saw of his dancing and just interact with the audience were precious! I really do love that guy. But during their performance, Yonghwa looked super bored and in some occasions he looked angry. I don’t know what to think about it haha but all I do know is he was gorgeous either way.

Lee Jonghyun performed a duet stage of ‘Illa Illa’ with Juniel. He was so good, as usual, his fine self and he sang so well but sorry Juniel fans, she did not know how to harmonize with him and made the ENTIRE performance really uncomfortable to watch. I just don’t understand how this guy can sing her song BETTER THAN HER! >,>

The entire night, to me, was just a FNC Takeover! LOL They just had the night on lock IMO^^


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12 thoughts on “[Vid] 130119 CNBLUE & FNC Family Cuts @ The 27th Golden Disk Awards

  1. Payphone got totally played out for me but I love it now! A pity he didn’t sing the whole song, or sing “So Sick” since he does a great cover of that as well! Thanks for this!

    • In glad he didn’t sing ‘So Sick’ cuz of his radio cover so we finally got Yong to perform another cover song after such a long time! I don’t think I can get tired of herring HIM sing it HAHAHAH but you’re right, I wish he had gotten to sing the entire song! 😦

  2. Yonghwa’s pay phone version is SO perfect!!!! I can’t stop listening to it!!! I want it to be my ringtone >.< I listened to the original version but I really didn't like it! Ah….Yonghwa is just so perfect!!! JungShin & Yonghwa are so cute lately!! JungShin has said " I love you" to Yonghwa twice during the CB interview and during the award speech!! So cute πŸ˜€

    • I KNOWWW!! OMG JS is so loving towards his hyung and I love to see it! His affection is so very endearing and you can tell Yonghwa loves it too! And yes, when I found out Yong was gonna sing that song I had to look it up cuz I haven’t really been listening to American music much these days lol but yeah, I think Yong sang it better than Adam. Sorry Adam LOL

  3. I’ve been trying to download the band’s performance clip but it keeps saying their server isn’t responding. So I tried downloading ‘Payphone’ and ‘Illa ills’ and they worked. But whenever I try to download the band’s performance, the same thing happens =( I’ll keep trying *crosses fingers*

    Oh and Yong Hwa singing Payphone is pure heaven. Every time he sings an English song I like to fantasize he actually knows how to speak it. Can you imagine him having a conversation where we can understand everything he’s saying. And not like that LA interview where he talked like he was rapping or something Lol I just wish someone could teach him how to pronounce Coke. Cause he kept talking about sausage and then mispronouncing Coke like that, uh uh boy, no…just no. Lol And then he did it again during the Love on Friday special where he tries to say Cook lol Then when he actually needs to say the word Cocktail, he says Cacktail xD Oh baby, Noona’s gonna have to go over there and teach you correct English! I’ll even make it easy for him. Look Yong Hwa, this *shows coke can* is COKE, and Cock is..lets go to your room and I’ll show you… πŸ˜‰

    • OK well I logged out of FF and tried the link and the dl page loads so I’m able to connect. Pls try it again!

      And yeah, I really dont understand how they want to be International stars and dont really buckle down and just learn friggin English already! IDK

  4. Yongwha’s english is excellent, its only his ‘heart/hurt’ that bugs me!
    Jonghyun definitely improved, I hope he will at least keep this level x) I don’t hate it at all, I find it cute and it makes me laugh, like the way he says ‘dream’ = lim. (or li even xD)

  5. I hope they improve their use of english as well >,> But I may rest in peace when Yonghwa will say ‘heart’ (hart) and not HURT! Cuz it hurts my ears x_x And as much as I love Jonghyun he could really improve his pronunciation! Sometimes I just don’t understand, he speaks/sings in a weird voice, bleh >,<
    I think he loves Illa Illa way too much and enjoys every occasion he has to steal it away. Sorry Jun it was stolen from you since he sang it for the very 1st time gurrrl! Their duet was quite embarassing I must say :/

    • Hahah it was!!! Omg I thought I was being too harsh about it! But yeah it was not good! I’m not sure what you mean that JH sings/speaks in a weird voice hahah but definitely his English hurts to listen to! And seriously I don’t mind yonglish since at least he really tries to pronounce like 95% of everything he sings in English, JH doesn’t even try IMO.

      I must say tho, he seemed to practice ALOT for they Where you are perf in Music Core the other day! All of JH’s parts were perfect which were better than the recorded version lol! I was very proud!!

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