[Vid | Pic] 130119 CNBLUE – WYA, I’m Sorry, MC Cut @ MBC Music Core Plus Screen Caps

CNBLUE - MC Cut @MBS Music Core 130119.gogox2

CNBLUE - Where you are, I'm Sorry Comeback Stage @MBS Music Core 130119.gogox2

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HD Screen Caps by Mari ɞ


Here’s CNBLUE‘s second comeback performance for ‘RE: BLUE‘. They perfromed ‘Where you are’ English version and ‘I’m Sorry’ ALL LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!! By live, I mean LIVE with all LIVE instruments and vocals!! THEY ROCKED THE STAGE FOR REAL! I have never been prouder of our guys man. I was surprised to see that they all were hosting the show because I thought it was going to be just Lee Jonghyun having his debut MC job but when they first cut to the MC’s and they were all holding the signature Music Core mic tags, I knew for sure! They looked well rested and very animated and that’s how I LOVE to see my boys! I was so glad because the Music Bank appearance was not the same since they looked super tired. I guess they got a bit of rest and looked totally AMAZING! I noticed that they all have similar hair cuts and styles for the MC part which was the live portion of their appearance. They all were very handsome and charismatic as always.

I cannot begin to put into words how hot this performance is! You HAVE TO WATCH AND REWATCH TO REALLY GET ALL THE HOT BURNED INTO YOUR RETINAS! I really raped the shit out of my play button today re-watching it til the point that VLC kept freezing as if telling me I’d had enough, damn smart ass technology LOL  ‘Where you are’ sounded AMAZING as usual but ‘I’m Sorry’ is EARFUCKINGGASM x10000! I can tell why Yonghwa was so tired after this performance recording, because he put so much into the vocals for both songs that its amazing he still has a voice!!

This perf is a definite DL and MUST HAVE, you will need to have the shower on standby for this one!! BTW, I made HD caps from this one cuz you need to see the captured SEX on those images!! Speaking of cold showers…..


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**

password: COLORMECNBLUE.MC0119
Source: @gogox2
Capped & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

23 thoughts on “[Vid | Pic] 130119 CNBLUE – WYA, I’m Sorry, MC Cut @ MBC Music Core Plus Screen Caps

  1. I stayed up to watch the live stream and boy was it worth it! =D I love every single thing about this performance. It was amazing. All the boys looked so hot, the camera angles, the styling of the edited shots, wow. It almost looked like a music video! I loved it so much I didn’t even mind Yong Hwa’s “ooh ooh” lol Oh babe, that’s so 90’s baby! But he’s so freakin sexy I don’t even care 😀 Thanks for the video girl! Now I get to watch it in HD!

    • Hahaha yeah the OOOHA OOHA drive me crazy and not in a good way but it was so unexpected & I just didn’t want him to do it again lol

      Either way, how could I be bothered by that when he’s standing there, staring into your soul via tv camera and belting out all this sex appeal at you!! I was stunned and just wanted to do nothing else but stare at him and all his glory! God I love this man!

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  3. I’ve got to say Yonghwa is a pure eyefuck during this video. I wish I could divide my sight and be able to drool on JH and YH at the same time xD I’m liking this blond guy more and more 😡
    Funny how we all dreamt of the guys, but mine was related with the show with the guy who throw stick at cans xD(butJHwasmybfinitsoIdontcaaare)
    Thanks for sharing the vids, I really appreciate the HD 😉

    • LOL you are soooo funny! The Eyefuck and the “liking this blonde guy more & more” are the parts I can definitely relate too hahahah!! Waaaa this dude is definitely causing more sexual frustration in us and it’s really starting to get on my nerves!! OMGAAAAAD OTTOKKE!!!??

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  5. THIS WAS FLAWLESS!!! I REPLAYED AND DIED SO MANY TIMES!! I even had a dreamed with this performance, in my dream i was there and Yonghwa’s voice, i could hear it so clearly /sobs/….when i woke up i was sad because it was just a dream T___T

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