[Vid] 130118 CNBLUE – More Than You, I’m Sorry Comeback Stage @ KBS Music Bank



CNBLUE - Backstage @KBS Music Bank 130118.gogox2











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CNBLUE - More Than You, I'm Sorry @KBS Music Bank 130118.gogox2

CNBLUE - Ending @KBS Music Bank 130118

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I’m so sorry for not posting this earlier, I had a super busy day and was unable to do all I had to do to prepare this post! So sorry! I promise to be quicker in the future cuz I know you are all super excited for CNBLUE COMEBACK!!!

OMGAWD ALL THE COMEBACK FEEEELLLLLSSSS! I am sooo torn about being excited to watch CNBLUE because they looked sooo tired during the backstage and the first performance which was live. Poor guys were up really late the night before recording their Music Core performance airing tomorrow.

I collected a bunch of images and gifs for you guys to enjoy all the SEX that is CNBLUE on a live stage! Let me just say, I WOULD RAPE YONGHWA IF HE STARED AT ME THE WAY HE STARED INTO THE CAMERA DURING ‘I’M SORRY’!!! fuuuuck he’s sooo hot!


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password: COLORMECNBLUE.MB0118
Source: @gogox2, DCNBLUEPosted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

12 thoughts on “[Vid] 130118 CNBLUE – More Than You, I’m Sorry Comeback Stage @ KBS Music Bank

  1. Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the great information
    you’ve gotten right here on this post. I can be coming again to
    your blog for extra soon.

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  4. Where do I even start, I’ve been listening to Re:Blue every single day and I can’t stop! lol I’m so in love with this album! I’m so happy they let them perform live this time. And can I just say how HOT Yong Hwa looks with that blonde hair! He looks adorable in pics but then you see him on stage and wow…you sexy man, you… 😉

    I also couldn’t help but feel weird at the thought of him standing next to Seohyun and him being so awkward, like he didn’t even want to look at her until he had no choice because she asked him a question. I know all the Yongseo shippers were probably all jumping with glee, but I just couldn’t enjoy that interview. I have nothing against the girl, it just seems that people keep pushing Seohyun on Yong Hwa in interviews, press conferences, and on variety shows. And by Yong Hwa’s response during the Ear Fun promotions, he seemed to want to make it clear that he wants people to focus on his music and CN Blue in general. He said WGM finished more than a year ago so he wants fans to focus on his new projects. I mean, take a hint people. He even flat out said it on Star King last year when they asked about Seohyun because he was flirting with some girl on the show, he said that they were divored lol I mean maybe he did have feelings for her when they were doing the show, because even though WGM is scripted, you can’t control your feelings towards someone. Just look at the actors who fall for each other when they make a film together. They’re just acting out a script but sometimes real feelings emerge. The same thing can happen with WGM couples. So no one really knows how he felt except for him. But from what I can tell about Yong Hwa, he’s very sincere and if, and I mean IF he ever had feelings towards her, he seems to not want to talk about her anymore. But he’s also a gentlemen and he’s not going to flat out ignore her if he see’s her on these music shows. I mean I love watching his WGM videos, not because I like him being paired up with Seohyun, its just that I love watching the way he behaves and reacts to a girl, you know how he would be with a real wife. It’s the same with watching him in a drama, just by seeing him be lovey dove is oh so adorable. =3

    Ok, wow I’ve written a lot. See this is what happens when I don’t comment in a while, everything comes pouring out lol xD

    • LOL yeah I totally get what you mean and I agree with everything you said! I really loved to watch WGM but yongseo fans ruin it for me! Like you, I love to watch it cuz if him and just watching how he is on that show but not because of her, frankly she annoys that shit out of me! I call her Jigsaw cuz she reminds me of the SAW movie character lol!

      Yeah, idk what to make of it all! He’s clearly over the show but somehow these asshole fans still comment about Seohyun even on the I’m sorry vid, I saw comments about her! It’s like enough already! He obviously has to be nice to her on the show the other night but yo, HE DIDN’T WANT TO LOOK AT HER AND I NOTICED THAT! Just like you said, he avoided eye contact until he had to which I thought was super funny hahaah! But somehow these asshole fans thought he was being awkward cuz he didn’t know how to act around her! BULLSHIT! He just doesn’t FUCKING like her, knows fans imagine they are still a couple, and didn’t want to add fuel to an already dim fire!!!

      Let’s hope some shipper reads this and comments so I can give them a piece of mg mind heheheh

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    • I NEVER SPOIL IT BY WATCHING IT ON YT!! I hate YT cuz it totally makes things that are HD suck hahah! I’m really a snob when it comes to video quality!

      I’m glad you died cuz I did several times LOL

  7. Yonghwa, during the entire I’m Sorry performance, was 200% sweet eyecandy *I want to steal his outfit for myself as well lol*
    ” I WOULD RAPE YONGHWA IF HE STARED AT ME THE WAY HE STARED INTO THE CAMERA DURING ‘I’M SORRY’!!!” I can’t wait the day they record a live where you’re in the audience. Cuz we’ll see a random crazy person get on stage and glomp on YH x)

    • LMAO!! I think that will be the day they bar foreigners from visiting the music shows!! Puhahahahaah!! Waaa I would just love a chance to hug him cuz I’d squeeze him so tight! God I love that boy!

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