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OK so I have to say that at first…the first image I saw was of the guys all seated at the signing table and then my eyes fell onto Yonghwathe very newly Blonde…Yonghwa! I still am really confused about my feelings because quite frankly, after being all hyped up about the 2nd ‘BLUE‘ teaser (cuz that shit was majorly HAWT) and then seeing him newly BLONDE I have to admit, I was totally caught off guard with that and even got annoyed with it all.

So you way, “Jeeez, what’s the big deal? It’s just hair…” or “Why do you even care, its not like you’re opinion even matters!” and both statements are very true. Why would a simple die job on a guy you totally DESIRE/ADMIRE/DAYDREAM ABOUT/WANNA BEAR HIS BABIES/JUST WANT TO SEE HAPPY EVEN IF ITS NOT WITH YOU changes his hair color from one spectrum to another, sometime feelings get involved. I dont understand or really can’t explain the emotion. Its just so sudden and I really just wanted him to stay with his darker hair for the comeback.

But on the other hand, he could shave his head and fucking wear trash bags and he would still make me hot for him LMAO!! I guess I was just shocked about it and like I said, it was so sudden a change. One thing for certain, Jung Yonghwa is a person who is truly exciting and daring and is not afraid of change and I really admire that. Perhaps its because I’m a Gemini that I do not like surprises and am not very spontaneous at all hahaha

OMG all this just for Yonghwa‘s hair change!? I didn’t even mention Minhyukkie going lighter too and the fact that Jungshin had YONGHWA‘S old hairstyle/color and then Jonghyun was the NEW black ><* but OMG they all look so damned good! I’m still freaking out a bit on the inside about Yonggie‘s hair cuz I’m just a sullen fangirl at heart but I will get over it and yes, he’s still so fucking drop dead gorgeous and I feel like an asshole for even thinking for a second that I would be mad at him LOL!!

So tell me guys, I need to know what you guys think about their new Hair colors? Love it? Hate it? Let me know ya’ll^^


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Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

34 thoughts on “[Pic] 130111 Newly Transformed CNBLUE Official Cafe @ BANG BANG Fansign

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  4. Last night whe I was about to sleep and saw Yonghwa in blonde in fansign pics, my heart was like ttthhhummmmp! Then it stopped and I felt like I was going to pass out…omg! What why when nooo! And I spent the following hour sulking…
    I mean Yong looks good regardless, it’s just blonde makes him look so cute and much yonger…no more ruggedly handsome and hawwwt like he used to be with his dark hair…

    • Aww I felt bad last night too when I first saw him but don’t worry! It’s still sexy Yonghwa!! He’s still there!! Just bleached out lol!! I love him no matter what despite the hair color! We just have to accept what happens cuz we can’t do anything about it!

      BTW, this reminds me of last year when YONG was really tan cuz he was going to the tanning salon & fans hates how tanned he was and complained and then he stopped tanning! I was so pissed at the fans cuz I FUCKING LOVE HOW THE TAN LOOKED! The tan plus his muscles made him look so sexy!!

      Which brings me to the topic of when YONG was working out & fans complained that they didn’t like how big he was getting! Which makes me think… The fans bitch a lot don’t they!? Hahaha idk

      Time will pass, hair color will change, clothing will too but our boys, I want them to stay the same sweet & humble guys they are!! Sorry for my rant^^

  5. It’s not that I dislike their stage looks. I think they looked really good in April. But after that horror of a jacket Yong wore for the drama awards last month I lost all trust in their stylist. Still suffering from PTSD.

    • LOL!! I didn’t think that jacket was that bad lol! I know which one you’re referring to heheh… Well sometimes they (stylists) hit or miss when it comes to styling but as far as the hair, I think YONG has a big say in what they do for him.

  6. at first glance I said Oh my… what happen???? YONG!??? πŸ˜› and my friend even disagree with this new blonde hair… hahaha but yeah… it doesn’t matter! it’s just his hair… we didn’t love him or admire him because of his hair only… we admire him being YONG itself!! Am I ryt?

    It might be a surprised to all of us…. but… OHlah!! what a great comeback guys… πŸ˜‰ for sure we’ll gonna love them more more and more….

      • Yesh! Well, just too excited for January 14… ‘coz I know there will be a lot of stage performances and will gonna see them again on-screen… CNBLUEEEE this guys really makes meeeee alekhfiwhahndjkvsakrtghakt πŸ˜›

  7. Black or blond, it doesn’t matter. I love the Surprise element I’m getting. Thats what we call entertainment. Look at the hype & discussion just on Yong’s hair.

  8. I’d rather have the good ol’ CNBLUE with the same spectrum of brownish heads, now there’s too many colors to look at xD
    I still don’t like Jonghyun’s and Junghsin’s change, the black color looks so damn fake u_u
    I don’t think the aim was to go back to their debut style, cause JH was not so dark, MH and JH had longer hair and a different color. And YH was kinda light brown/ginger.
    But I do like the blonde on YH XD I do understand how you feel tho, hair is I M P O R T A N T on how a person looks, on their image, and how you feel about them. YH’s best look is with his natural dark hair (not some fake black like JH has) and there’s no denying it. I feel too that it won’t last that long πŸ˜‰ (and I hope they will all change!!!!!)

    • Yup but I do disagree on one point…JH did have very dark if not black hair when they debut if you look back to their images/videos. It probably looks sort of harsher now because his skin is paler now a days and plus we’ve gotten used to the lighter colors he sported mostly after Ear Fun Promos…

      • Oh it was dark but definitely not the same as this one right now(yeah, I really cant stand it), and hahaha, I like that you point that out…! His ghostly white skin doesn’t help much with it >,>
        I’m totally used to his previous brown color too :/

        • HAHA he’s definitely a different creature these days and yeah, I do like his with the brown but black is OK too. I think its not just black, its like blueish or jet black so that could be the difference and yeah his ghostly air is enhanced for sure LOL…lets see what happens next week! I need to see them some more that’s for sure!

          • Yeah you’re right, maybe we need to see more of them with their new looks to really ‘appreciate’ it, in a different situation.
            But anyway we will forget all that when the MV is out, hahahahaa!

          • FUCK YEAH!! hahah Forgive and all forgotten cuz they are too hot to give a shit about their damn hair color hahah!! Let me thankful they dont look like BAP okay!! (not saying BAP dont look good cuz they do but I can’t imagine CNBLUE all platinum blonde)

          • Lol all of them in platinum blonde would be…funny…for a second…
            However!! Here is some…stuff I did some time ago (before falling for JH). Sometimes something in my brain breaks and I do crazy stuff.

  9. I pretty much the hair color, it’s not my fav but I think YH looks really cute!! But i’m pretty sure that it wont long that much, He’ll back to black very soon!!! Thank you Mari for all your hard work updating this amazing blog! Love!

  10. With his blond hair and the way he’s sitting in the second picture, he looks like a little boy, so cute and adorable but still handsome as always.

      • More than his hair I’m concerned with the amount of coffee he’s consuming. But coffee is his one true love so I have to accept this relationship.

        • LOL i dont think we have to worry about that! I mean, it just happens that we see him drinking coffee but we dont know how much he consumes. I dont think that should be something to worry about. Though I really hope he takes care of his health since We got Married cuz he had some digestive issues then =((

  11. I’m not mad at him at all but i’m hating FNC and the stylist so much that i still can’t even…i seriously i cried a bit and punched and threw a few things around, specially considering that he himself said he doesn’t like to dye his hair at all, he loves his black hair.
    I went to same roller coaster you did…i was so high from the teaser and then BAM! FNC slap me in the face. He doesn’t look bad at all tho…he looks too cute, handsome, puppy eyes, younger and very prince like but i want badass black yong back soon. Still i love Yonghwa in any color and form but i waited so much for black yong…i feel like i’ve been robbed. I hope this has the same fate as hongki grey hair, it only lasted a week a think. T___T
    About the other boys hair, i don’t like Jonghyun and Jungshin’s change…Minhyuk looks good tho. /ends rant/ πŸ˜₯

    • OMG YES, that’s what It was for me…I felt robbed! Thank you cuz yes, I felt the same. I mean come on, look at him, he’s gorgeous no matter what but as you said, I too was looking forward to just having him with his dark, sweaty hair at comeback!! UNFFF he really drive me crazy no matter what tho!

      But he’ll be back to black soon, dont worry! I think also, since when ‘Loner’ was released his hair was similar in color, just a but darker so maybe he was ok with the change for that reason too!

    • I have a feeling that at this point FNC can’t really tell Yong what to do. He is too valuable to loose. I don’t think they’ll touch his hair without his absolute consent. Yong is a troll and probably just wanted to mess with his fans a bit! lol It probably wont last long. His attention span, as is his appearance in that one pic, is of a 5year old. lol He’ll get back to his black bad-ass dragon self soon enough.

      • Very good point! I really dont believe after all this time and him PROVING what an asset he is to FNC, that they can “TELL ” him what to do anymore! Aside from certain clothing IE, like performance clothing, I’m sure he has ALOT of say as to what he wants to wear or look like. He’s not a trainee anymore lol

          • Uniforms? Like they did at the Gayo for 121229? Cuz that was majorly HOT!

            You dont like their stage looks? Do you remember the AWEFUL suits they wore when they debuted??? THEY WERE HORRIBLE give or take one or two but the colors were odd like Plum and down right Barney purple??!! GROSS!! hahahah but they looked amazing in them just they are CNBLUE and they can Rock any look no matter what and still be as fuckable as ever^^ LOL

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