[Pic] 130109 CNBLUE Reveal Cool ‘RE: BLUE’ Album Cover

RE BLUE Album cover


CNBLUE revealed the cover of their album ‘RE: BLUE today FINALLY and they look HAWT!!! So apparently they took the awesome shot while on their trip to London, England last September for their ‘CNBLUE LIVE IN LONDON’ concert. Waaaaa isn’t this picture just awesome? Shit I really am looking forward to seeing what other hot shots they took. One kind BOICE shared the location of the shoot, called Kingston Road in London England.


Those sneaky CNBLUE guys pulled a fast one on us and apparently had a secret photoshoot and filmed an MV during their time in London. Remember this picture? By the way, do not take out or share this picture below since it was a secret that this MV was filmed!! Most likely, the MV that they filmed is for the title song on ‘RE: BLUEand so my guess is that ‘I AM SORRY’Β  will be a second single of the mini album. You know, its like how they released ‘ Still in Love’ a week before ‘EAR FUN’ came out and they performed it along with ‘Hey You’ for the comeback stages during last year’s promotions.

secret MV filming

PLEASE SUPPORT CNBLUE AND BUY THIS ALBUM!! This album is really really important and its important that it does well both in sales and on the charts because it is THE FIRST SELF PENNED album to be released in Korea ever!Β  Well it’s mostly self penned because some of the tracks are either co-written or co-composed by other than the band members. Either way, Yonghwa is responsible for the title track which is something that CNBLUE and BOICE alike have been praying to happen!

If this album is not a success, CNBLUE and Yonghwa especially, will probably not get another chance to create and release their own music in Korea again! Now the time is here for CNBLUE to show EVERYONE, not just in Japan, that yes they are popular and can play their own instruments but that they are also talented in the creation of their music as well! It’s their chance to show everyone other than BOICE, that they can stand on their own! I am praying this album does well! We should all participate by do what we can to support them, right?! With that said, here are some reliable online sources where you can purchase CNBLUE goods.

These online stores are currently taking pre-oders for ‘RE: BLUE as follows:


Source: FNC, leesmusic.co.kr, @_highfly

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

14 thoughts on “[Pic] 130109 CNBLUE Reveal Cool ‘RE: BLUE’ Album Cover

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  3. *.* Sooo Sexyyyy, thanks for this pic!!! I can’t wait to be the 14!!!!! I wonder if they are going to make an edition cd+dvd of this new album?.. Because I very want preorder this version at once, but if they make other versions soon, that is going to be infuriating T_T In any case, I am sure that this new opus is amazing!!!! CNBLUE are so great !!!

    • Either way, each edition will be different so it will make sense to get both this one & an LE version which I wanna bet will be released soon! I can’t wait for the goods to be released too… I want the MV finally hehe

  4. This album has to be a success one way or the other just to prove a point to FNC. I’m just wondering if there will be a limited or special edition later on just like Ear Fun. The boys look way so cool.

    • I am willing to put money on it hahaha!! Think about it, they were in LONDON For the first time ever, filmed an MV there! Of course they took really cool pictures & are gonna makes us pay to see them!! I will gladly do it to!!

      I bet the LE will come out by March! That’s my guess hehe

  5. I’m so excited, can’t wait for the MV teasers and the album itself, finger crossed but I know this album will be super successful, please be!!! Now time to make my pre-order πŸ™‚

  6. I pray with you! I have the feeling this album will have a mature sound, maybe cause their image is more mature as well. I’d be utterly surprised *and gutted* if the album is not a success. If such a thing happens I’ll robb a bank and order 999.999.999 copies, ha! But seriously tho, it WILL be a success and they’ll be able to compose mooooore songs~
    Aaah, they look hot indded X_X Jonghyun’s hair look a bit too short tho… but yay, long haired Jungshin spotted !!! *missing the long hair* I neeed to see more footage of the photoshoot and the ‘secret’ MV :3

    • Yeah I really want to support them too so hopefully I’ll be able to afford a few copies of the album, and maybe use the extra copies as prizes for giveaway or something!

      Don’t be afraid cuz I have a feeling it will be good! They always put just a tiny bit more afford for their Korean stuff do this album I’m betting will be even more successful than ear fun!


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