[Vid] 130107 CNBLUE’s Emotional Teaser Clips & HD Screen Caps

CNBLUE 4th Mini Album [Emotional Teaser] All Members

HD Screen Caps


OMG OMG OMG!! How the fuck did they come up with this concept and why is it so fucking adhlfjdkhfjdkjhkla???! I FUCKING LOVE THESE TEASERS! These guys are such good actors and they fucking prove it in these 30 second clips! WOW, just wow! Let me put my eyes back in my head and pick up my jaw off the floor…Noona is all over the place LOL!!

Our CNBLUE boys are not boys anymore, I shall cease to refer to them as such because they are GROWN ASS MEN AND HAVE BEEN FOR A LONG TIME NOW! But they really show their manliness in these short clips.

I have to say that Minhyuk‘s and Jonghyun‘s reactions are the most memorable because of obvious reasons! Minhyukkie‘s sad face shows such a vulnerable expression that is so hard to watch as that single tear cascades down his face! OMG I would hate to see him cry in front of me! I would take back everything that made him cry in the first place and never fuck up again!  And Jonghyun, OMG he has the best reaction of all I think because it seems like the most genuine with all the different emotions that he went through! Wow when his smile slowly fades away leaving his face altogether and then he stares into the camera with that cold and distant look on his face is the fucking creepiest yet most AWESOME look! WOW!

Jungshin‘s reaction is the most detached one out of the four because he just stares into your soul with that look of his. He’s clearly upset but his indifference makes it so cool! And Yonghwa seems like he doesn’t know weather he wants to laugh or cry or be mad, he’s just confused and then when he stares right into the camera at the end with that totally sad and pathetic look on his face and then we see his hand held out…OMG I JUST WANT TO GRAB IT & NEVER LET GO!!

Jeez these guys really know how to tug at every heartstring and play us fans like they play their instruments, with total skill and swagger! Have I ever mentions HOW MUCH I FUCKING LOVE CNBLUE?? Oh i have? OK. I just really can’t wait to see the full MV! On Jan. 10th & 11th, two more teasers, this time for the MV itself will be posted so we have to look forward to yet more eye candy and emotional SEXINESS!


Source:  CNBLUE Official Youtube

Screen Caps Zipped & Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

19 thoughts on “[Vid] 130107 CNBLUE’s Emotional Teaser Clips & HD Screen Caps

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  3. I’m happy that it’s gonna be a ballad as I think CNBlue does wonderful ballads, especially with Yong Hwa’s slightly husky voice. This kind of voice will definitely tug at the heartstrings. I think they have done enough Rock in the last few outings be it in Korea or Japan and it would be good to expand or vary their materials a little.

    • I dont think we know for sure that its a ballad song! Some people have been jumping to conclusions I think! LOL

      Either way, IMO, whatever they put out is entirely up to them, I’m just hear to enjoy it!.

  4. Umm I don’t like slow songs hehe from the teasers seem like it will be so..haha i don’t know..the piano sound is beautiful of course, but I hope it won’t be ballad song :p

  5. No matter how many times I replay the teasers, my heart gets broken over and over again. Oh my gawwwddd 😥 they’ve done such a great job all of them but realllyy it’s killing me!

  6. I rather face tears (MH), scorn (JS) and a scary psycho (JH) than all that confusion and vulnerability (YH). Broke up ones with a guy like that and still feel incredibly guilty.

    • Yeah they really worked hard to show their emotions like that! If you think about it! It was all done without words and yet we can tell their clear emotions! Once again, Well fucking Done, CNBLUE!!

  7. I want to strangle whoever photoshopped out that eye mole. ? I think I already threatened to strangle coordi noona a few days ago…. These people are turning me into a monster!!!!! Help!!!

    • I KNOWWWW! I honestly didn’t see that It was missing until I watched it again & I forgot to make that point in the post!! Why the fuck would they remove it?? I’m so mad at that!!

  8. Haha, I was curious to know what you would think of them 🙂

    My favourite are Jonghyun’s and Junghsin’s. I don’t want to re watch Minhyuk’s version, I can’t stand his cutie face with such a sad expression :((((
    Jungshin feels the most ‘manly’ one in my opinion. Like, he looks like a player, but also very mature and he’s so classy! All of his facial expression are perfect.
    And Jonghyun…. I knew the last part of the teaser would be ‘sad’, cause the pictures we saw earlier clearly showed that the overall content would be sad too, his smile was out of place. I don’t know -yet- the ‘story’ behind the video but like you said his emotions seems very genuine. And I feel it fits him, his character, being like ‘LOL’ first, and then slowly becomes cold and harsh (his famous killer look comes in handy :p)
    One thing bugs me tho, WHO’S DAT BONDIE GURL???!!!! Grrrr.

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