[Scan] 121226 CNBLUE ‘Robot’ ~Warner Direct~ Holiday Postcards

WAAA how fucking gorgeous are out CNBLUE? I mean seriously, they are so fucking perfectly gorgeous and so manly at all times! JEEEZZZZ yes I have to spazz even though these pics are not new, I still fucking LOVE THEM!! Thank you to Nuromianchaochi whom we can always depend on along with Parishin, to give us awesome scans of our guys all the time! THANK YOU!!! I hope you all had a pleasant Xmas and got all the awesome CNBLUE gifts on your wishlists! I am still waiting for my ‘Robot’ LE to arrive which I’m so glad I had enough sense to pre-order because it SOLD OUT within a day of being for sale! I’m also hoping to put the Arena Tour DVD on pre-order so I make sure to get one!


Source:Β  @nuromianchaochi
Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

16 thoughts on “[Scan] 121226 CNBLUE ‘Robot’ ~Warner Direct~ Holiday Postcards

  1. Hello Mari! I was wondering if it was possible to buy from warner japan? I know that it’s possible from HMV so it’s still kind of possible to get Lawson editions but I was wondering about the warner ones, do you think it’s posible to buy them or not??? 😦 I saw the cover for Cnblue Come on tour warner edition and it was so beautiful and it made me wonder

    • I think for Warner and Laweson, they are only sold/ shipped within Japan so unless you have a friend that can order it for you and have it sent to you, you’re out of luck!

      By now, I dont even know if this edition is even available anymore unless you search ebay or amazon but again, make sure it is being sold/shipped where you are.

      From what I know, HMV only has the standard edition of Robot left. I don’t think you’ll find the LE’s anywhere but ebay at this point. Good luck!

      • I checked on warner and there was no more Robot singles sadly 😦 I was asking because once in a store here I saw some Boyfriend singles that were Lawson LE and I got two u-kiss albums from HMV that had the Lawson LE goodies or something like that, some clear files thingy (but it was my friend who owns a cd store here the one who ordered from there) so I think I can still order from HMV but dunno about Warner. I’ll check ebay for Robot and see if my friend can order from Warner then πŸ™‚ since she can order from HMV then I guess ordering from warner is possible, expensive but possible (using a proxy at least but wow it’s going to cost a lot)

        Thank you! I will look high and low for that Robot LE πŸ™‚

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  3. oh i guess you have all cnblue album,you’ve liked them since 2011?
    okee i see,yes the concept was so awesome i like it so much,
    mari,can you tell me an info if your robot album dan dvd doc have come? thank you so much mari !

  4. one more question mari,robot album which version you buy?
    and does robot have a photobook? they are so cool on robot album,aren’t they?

    • Yes, the jacket albums covers are all very interesting! I really love the concept! I’m not sure if there is a photo book however I’m sure it has just a mini booklet with some photos of the members & lyrics! I’ll know more once my copy of LE arrives^^

      • waw,you cool you have all cnblue album? πŸ˜€
        i want to buy it too,but i still want to know does the dvd have an engs sub or no and what the dvd is about? have it shown or no ? thank you so much mari!

        • Hi!! No I don’t have all their albums but I have everything released since 2011! I’m working on my collection hehe!

          As far as robot, I got the limited edition version with the DVD! On it, is the release live mini concert CNBLUE had in September 2012 for ‘Code Name Blue’ album so it’s very special! If you have any other questions, let me know^^ take care

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