[Pic | Trans] 121225 CNBLUE Concludes Four Events in Three Days


Meesage 1

[TRANS] @fncmusicjapan: We have been given opportunity to appear in 「MUSIC FOR ALL,ALL FOR ONE」!  Thanks for your tremendous support, please continue supporting us!

trans: @cnbstorm


message 2

[TRANS]  [CNBLUE] Thank you for your support, appeared on “sparkling WINTER live” Odaiba United States presents glitter WINTER LAND “in the event”, still thank you!

trans: bing

WOW these guys are truly the most hard working guys in the Music Industry for real! I really admire CNBLUE‘s work ethic because no matter what day it is, even on Christmas when most people are off of work, these guys will be there to entertain the world because they are just that way! I love that about our guys, they work so hard and still look so happy and eager to please! They performed twice in one day at their ‘Robot’ Release live concert, then at 「MUSIC FOR ALL,ALL FOR ONE」 on the 24th, and then on Christmas day at KIRAKIRA WINTER LAND! Too bad non of these performances will be broadcast but fortunately, the ‘Robot’ live event was recorded so perhaps it will be featured on their next Japanese release….*crosses fingers*

Something struck me as so funny when I really looked at these pics URI CNBLUE hotties took for @fncmusicjapan to tweet…notice anything BOICE?? JONGHWA shared one pair of pants! LOL Wonder who wore them better cuz I love BOTH OF THEIR LEGS!! LOL Yeah what else can you spot? JONGHYUN‘s doofy face in both shots hahahha!! I love him so much but his faces are quite arkward haha, I love it! He’s the best! Yonghwa too, his awkward smiles pull at my heartstrings fur sure! God I can’t ever put into words how much I really love these guys, really! They are my heart <333


Source:  @fncmusicjapan (2)

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13 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 121225 CNBLUE Concludes Four Events in Three Days

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  4. Not that I stared at the lower part of their bodies or anything but (of course not!)— lately YongHwa has been ‘fitting’ his pants more than JongHyun~ :p (still nice as—legs to *accidentally* to look at anyways!)

    • LMAO!!! Fuck that, I know I STARE IN THAT AREA all the time and I’m not shy about saying it! LOL Yong’s ass is just too UUNNNFFF! I can’t even…not to mention his boy parts are usually pretty BULGY but I wont go any further!! God why do I suddenly need to shower…

      • *joins the naugty club*

        Oh boy oh boy…… xDDD YongHwa the Bulgy Boy. Yeah, from now on imma call him like that! It ”fits” him entirely….
        I completely agree his butt is riigngnigng, and I’m a butt girl so…can’t help but like that haha (I’m JongHyun bias and unfortunately his bottom buns aren’t as good as the Bulgy Boy’s but damn, if I could lay my hands on them…! *grabs grabs*)
        Dang it why are they so smexy ? Why? They’re just musicians and posting pictures of themselve in between performances and we’re here, with our dirty fangirl thoughts….. agh!

        • HHAHAA I love our dirty fangirl minds though!! Its fun to think of them that way even though we will probably never even get to do these things, our minds are always churning up new ideas/ fantasies hahhaha!!

          yes, Yong is definitely blessed with being BULGY LOL!! I love JH too but yeah, Yong’s got the buns hahah IDK why they are so damn smexy! Maybe to drive us even crazier, if that can actually happen hehe

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