[Scan] 121221 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun Sexy Spread @ Marie Claire January 2013

Download 12p Gorgeous Scans by Parishin




This is my first time viewing these in HQ and I am FLOORED!! I know that Yonghwa is hot, I know that for a fact but I really can’t understand why I am so surprised of his fucking gorgeousness every time! Mianhae….MIANHAE!!Β  For being so shocked and enamored and going FUCKING CRAZY for this man!! I really love him so much…yes I do!! It’s just that this man never ceases to amaze me of his beauty and I LOVE IT! I love that he makes me wonder and he’s so mysterious! We all knew that Yonghwa and Jonghyun went to Singapore recently and that they were shooting something but HIGH HELL I DIDNT HAVE A CLUE THEY WOULD LOOK LIKE THISSSS!! *drops dead*

OK I’m back…and Jonghyun….*drops dead again*

I can’t seriously! maybe I can articulate my feeeeeeeells at a later time cuz right now….this Pervy Noona is SOOO HORNY!! >,<“”


Source:Β  Parishin

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE


14 thoughts on “[Scan] 121221 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun Sexy Spread @ Marie Claire January 2013

  1. Yeah…They are so handsome! Very manly!
    I was a little bit disappointed with the pictures of the greetings, they are sad… But fortunately, magazines take beautiful pictures of them :p

      • The pictures for the calendar are good but all a year it’s a little bit depressing… lol They are very serious…But I like the month of february ;D Jungshin’s haircut is not pretty..

        • Hahaha you don’t like JS’s hair either!! I though I was the only one^^ these pics are a bit serious… Why so serous guys? LOL sorry I had to say that …

          They may be serious but let’s face it, they are on fire cuz they’re so hot!! Last years seasons greetings they were all wet and super animated in most if the shots, this year they decided to go with a more mature look! Either way, CNBLUE ARE HOT!! Hehe

  2. I keep staring at the photo where JH wears that white sweater, the one where he’s standing his back to the camera… and I just… you know almost cry! (I have a thing for back shots) They are just so beautiful, both of them. I was kinda losing hope first ’cause I only saw YH’s and the couple shots, but I should’ve trusted Parishin!!

    This photoshoot just adds to the feeling I’ve had so strong for weeks now, that this is the turning point in their lives and careers. They are no longer a young korean kpop band. They are a korean rock band. No more pretty young boys, they are men who stand on their own feet!!!!!!!!! I feel such a huge sense of pride I can’t even put into words!!! This doesn’t mean that they don’t still have a lot to learn and of course as musicians they are still growing, but something has changed!

    Maybe the Arena Tour really kinda molded them together! Being apart from each other and then working together so intense, they grew so much in a short time!!!!

    heheheh… I’m dumping my feels here again!!! ^^

    Now a little shallow ending, a little less photoshop would’ve made the photos even more perfect!!! Kkkkkk…


    • Fuck yes, I agree with you 100% on everything you said! I’m so proud of their growth & am so glad that everyone notices they’re growth as well! They are MEN and Carry themselves as such and do it better than I’ve ever seen before and I love them for that!

      And yes, less PS is always better since its not needed on gorgeous faces like JONGHWA’s hehe

  3. why it’s only YH and JH? wer are the others? hahahaha njoyed reading your blog… “drops dead” lol! well, you’re not alone… If I will be ask what’s the spelling of HOT! I will surely spell it as Y.O.N.G.!!! πŸ˜€
    anyways, both are HOT.. πŸ˜‰ *wink*

    • Hahah I seriously didn’t know how to react to that photoshoot to be honest! I’m not sure why they were the only two members that were featured but maybe they just wanted to focus in the hyungs? Who knows and honestly I don’t care cuz in so glad they did! These pics are FIRE!! Haha

  4. WOW.. OMG.. Jong Hyun and Yong Hwa are so handsome .. these pictures are sooooo coooool!! I love them!!! thanks for this beautiful photo πŸ™‚

  5. Oh dear god I sooo agree with you, I wouldn’t expect them to look SO gorgeous, even with having seen the leaked pictures from before.

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