[Scan] 121218 ‘Amazing Guys’ CNBLUE @ Ceci January 2013 Issue

21p Scanned by Parishin


I did not know that these scans would be available already but here they are and in full HQ and my oh my are these scans the best! Not only are the scans impeccable but the photoshoot is soooo good!! In fact one on my readers mentioned how this spread reminds her of ‘Grease’ the movie and sure enough, I agree! I really do enjoy this spread the more I look at our gorgeous CNBLUE boys in their best dressed stylish selves. But I can’t help but notice how adorable these dorks!

There is an interview among the scans that I really hope gets translated soon and I know that there are parts of it that are already out there but I would like to post ALL the interview at one time. I really dont see the point of just translating only one part of the interview for just one member even if it is for a fansite just for him…I will not name any names but I figure if you’re going to take the time to translate part of an interview for one member, why dont you just trans the entire thing because after all, CNBLUE is not just one member! CNBLUE has four members and one member does not a band make….just saying.

Anyway, sorry for my side rant. Let’s enjoy these simply irresistible guys in all their Greasy Glory hehehe…


Source:  Parishin

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

10 thoughts on “[Scan] 121218 ‘Amazing Guys’ CNBLUE @ Ceci January 2013 Issue

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  3. Phew….
    *tries to overcome the handsomeness*

    My fav pics is with the cards! I mean… Jonghyun. JONGHYUN. Nuff said.*dies again*
    And Minhyuk~ so cute goddammnit x) That devil-but-still-cute smil of his xD

  4. Heheheh rant away! I don’t see the Grease connection, but maybe I’m just distracted by those four dashing young men that make my heart flip-flop!!! …what that is… even I don’t know… BUT I wanted to rant with you too, pretty please!!! I LOVE THIS SHOOT!!! I can say with 99% certainty that it’s my FAVORITE of all!!! They are just so… expressive!!! Is that the word I was looking for!?!?! I love how all the photos are so different and kinda mischievous in a very subtle way! kkkkkkk… those little devils ripping our hearts into shreds and stealin all our money! I’ve been kinda down lately just ’cause I felt like I’m all alone in my fandom. I know some Boices or people that like CNB, but none who would actually SPAZZ with me!! I hate half-hearted fans!! I’m sorry to say this, ’cause I should be glad with anyone who likes CNBLUE, but to me “I push the like button in FB but never comment”- type of people/fans are the worst!!! But even worse are the Bias-Crazed ones!!!!!!!!!!! You know how a lot of Boice write in their twitter profile things like “If you like Yongseo don’t follow me!” …well I’ve been thinking of adding to my twitter “If you don’t love all CNBLUE members equally DON’T FOLLOW ME!!! better yet, just quit the fandom!!” …not that I have a lot of Boice followers… I’m such a newbie in twitter! Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh ~ I ranted!!! Rant with me Mari!!!

    • Hahah yes I know what you mean! I really couldve had a Yonghwa biased site if I wanted to but what’s the fun in that when I really love all of them too!!

      I think it it’s ok to love one member a bit more as your bias but with CNBLUE I love each one for their own reasons! How can you not?? I just don’t get the fans who say they love one and only give attention to just one!? I LOVE CNBLUE AS A WHOLE! Without one, they are not the same^^ but FUUUUCCKK YONGHWA IS SOOOO HOT IN THESE SHOTS! Hahaha

      Minhyuk too! I love the cookie shots! He’s so cheeky!!! I LOVE IT!! Heehe… Is that rant good enough? LOL

  5. I looooove this photoshoot ! Omg… I don’t find the words… ! My favorite picture is the one with the bottles :p (beer ? lol)
    Amazing gentlemen ❤

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