[Pic | Trans] 121215 Hot CNBLUE Post ‘BLUE NIGHT’ ~Day 1~




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[TRANS]@CN_FANCLUB: That was a HOT night! CNBLUE’s BLUE NIGHT 1st part was successfully completed! Look forward to tomorrow’s show! Thehet~

This post is chock full of CNBLUE goodness for you guys! Even though there aren’t as many pictures as I wanted to have to share, I have to deal with what was shared which was not much! This is my first time trying to collect info and media from a Korean concert…apparently its worse than a Japan concert in that they aren’t allowed to have cameras in the venues (which is true for most concerts worldwide) but we all know fangirls break rules and do it anyway. However there really not much to go by yet so maybe we’ll get lucky soon. Today is the second day for the ‘BLUE NIGHT’ concerts.

BTW, that first image is the banner that can be seen on the rice wreath for CNBluestorm that was made by yours truly….MARI!!! hehehe I’m so glad that my BOICE friends liked my work and I was so proud to be a part of the project with CNBluestorm, my sister site!


OMG do you see the post concert image the buys tweeted through the Official Fanclub?? FUCKING HAWT!! They so freaking good for this pic being post concert its insane how CNBLUE are so fucking sexy FUUUUUUUCKKKKK!! Yes thats right I said it…they are sooo fucking fuckable it hurts! SHIT! I mean LOOK AT YONGHWA!! I love his haircut even though any hair is good hair on him but I really like it when it’s a bit longer! AND OMG look at JUNGSHIN‘s ARMS!!! WOW! @_@ All these guys are just pure sex appea all the way!! hehehe


Trans: cnbjonghyun @tumblr

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

17 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 121215 Hot CNBLUE Post ‘BLUE NIGHT’ ~Day 1~

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  3. hi marie i just want to ask if you went to the concert yesterday?i am more on cnblue not the dooley,but im really confuse to some dooley blogs that they saw shinhye or and the other girl are they telling the truth or its only there imaginations.sorry for asking this and thanks anyway…

    • No I didn’t attend the concerts! I live in the US^^

      As far as shipping/ shippers I don’t follow it. I dont ship anyone so I really don’t pay attention to what those things. I don’t know who attended the concert other than the bands’ parents yesterday!

      I know on the first day some SM ppl where there but I’m not sure who.

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  5. they are even more good looking and manlier now,the concert was owsem and eyery thing until i read all kpop articals about the boys especialy the comments …
    they said that JH is a violant bully(>.<)what the…?they where laughing about it and JS alredy forgot about it .and they said JS looks like a gay and they also said YONG is a PLAY BOY becoz he said kim yoona is his idol girl not seohuyn and that he do not suit her coze he is short (180???!!!are they kidding me) and tooo thin and not hot and THAT HE IS NOT SMART (0-o) // does they even know who cnblue are in real ,,does they even know that a fight between boys is some thing normal and they alredy forgot about it and does they know the talented musician, composer, song writer and the smart talker yonghwa .. i doubt it make me sad that some shipers cares about the couple thing more than the YONGie and CNBLUE, so if there is no yongseo or yongshin, is that means that there is no yonghwa? .. ofcorse not …they have the right to shipe but not to disrespect yong when they feel that ther ship is not real ..some of the shipers are relly true BOIECs and do care for CNBLUE more .but some are ….ummm…not . i hope all BOIECs agree with me …for the good of uri talented boys who deserve to BE LOVED fof their person not just bcoz some one els , they are better 1000,000,000…. than diamond…LOL that was cheesy for me / since when i become like that(^-^*)CNBLUE effect

    • You know what I have to say about it? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE SAY!

      Here’s the thing Sam, we as true BOICE understand that shipping CNBLUE with other stars is all fake & live in the imagination of the fans! There is no real yongseo! There is no real Dooly couple! There is no real Yonghwa & Kim Yuna , he merely states he liked her! How can he be a playboy when he’s not dating ANYONE!?

      What you have to understand is not to believe what you read! People will always have an opinion on everything and you have to understand you can’t believe everything they say! This is why I don’t like reading peoples opinions, especially gogumas and other shippers! They are delusional!!

      • yeh… that what i belive in and from now on i will not give a fuck to those people … not as if i belived them before, but it kinda annoying, BUT thanks for the advice ,BREAKE TIME IS OVER.am also very happy cause today 2 friends of mine become a cnblue fans after a so much spazing over the concert , photos and fancomes(in order to feel better)… heh i think they fell into CNBOYS so hard ,,, they kept on asking me about YH and CNBLUE contenuesly as if i was THEIR manigar.. lol i olredy gave them some of MY CNB DVD’S . i have to hide the rest or i will loss them all (>-<!!!)they will use their BUBY eyes,,, i know it ~“

        • Wow that’s good for you! And it’s so awesome that your friends are now CNB fans too!! Tell them to visit my site if they want to learn more about the blue boys hehe!! Take care Luv

    • LOL ahhh you made a good point! What if Bully Vampire JH was beating everyone one up! No wonder why the makaes and even hyung Yong have been working out more hahaha!! They are afraid of getting beat up LOL

      • I seriously doubt that JH would do anything to Yonghwa. YH has his own brand of intimidating stare. Poor JS and MH… Do they have a stare? They are the tallest and the most bullied. The irony!

  6. Damn yeah, a thousand thanks to those disobediant fangirls :p
    Lol you’ve noticed dem arms too xD It’s a muscle competition 🙂
    I could not help but notice ehm…. Yonghwa’s butt on the pics x)
    AND I definitely cannot resist Jonghyun on the last picture, he will be the end of me!

    & this quote “they are sooo fucking fuckable it hurts!” —> the truth.

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