7 thoughts on “[Pic] 121130 Fantaken Lee Jonghyun & Jung Yonghwa Leaving Changi Airport

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  2. Looks like the early bird gets the worms,or in this case, the Busan Princes..LOL. Damn my lazy bones for not wanting to get up at 5am just so to get to the airport by 6am to catch the boys. Considering I’m always at the airport taking a morning flight to somewhere for work, why can’t I have bumped into them during those times? Handsome as always.

    • wow I’d be kicking myself too If I were you considering you usually go to the airport!! GAAHH *hugs* well there’s always next time I guess! Not sure if they usually go to Singapore but my guess is they dont really go there so often U.U Sorry sweetie!

      • Thank you Mari! They definitely do not come by often and that is why I think some fans went a little overboard with their comments yesterday on why no one informed the SG fans. They don’t mean to be hurtful, just dizzy with the discovery of 2 exceedingly handsome and charming guys gracing our tiny shores. LOL. Well this old noona definitely felt her heart palpitation even just reading FA on twitter!

        • LOL aww well I can understand them being upset but honestly If I knew they were in SG, you know I would’ve posted that news & CNBstorm would’ve too! I only found out this morning that they were there!

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