[Pic] 121129 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun @ Mystery Singapore Photoshoot

‘You can run but you can’t hide from the Secret Service BOICE of the world”

We’ve all been wondering since yesterday where the hell Yonghwa and Jonghyun went to and now we find out it was Singapore! So the duo master guitarist were spotted by someone we can affectionately refer to as “Mom’s Fren” since the person who shared these images was remotely related to the person who took them! Thank you ‘Mom’s Fren’, we BOICE love you for having the right mind to take these gorgeous candid shots of our JONGHWA at what seems to be a photoshoot of sorts.

DAMN they seem like the came to the set already dressed since when we saw that at the airport, they were wearing these long stylish coats and as if they could look any better than their airport shots, Jonghyun & Yonghwa are all dolled up with their hair all did up heheh! Later, the two were spotted in a Japanese restaurant where some lucky BOICE confronted Mr. Congeniality Yonghwa and he gave the girl two hugs, count em TWO hugs and a handshake!! Tsk tsk….this guy really is a ‘people pleaser’ but I dont expect anything less from Mr. Jung these days. He really seems to be taking his celebrity in stride and I like that he’s not afraid to be approachable! I can’t say the same for Jonghyun though LOL.. We hardly hear of fan accounts where Mr. Lee gave hugs & handshakes but its OK, we love him anyway!


Source: @____YChoiY____

Special credit to: ‘Mom’s Fren’

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

13 thoughts on “[Pic] 121129 Jung Yonghwa & Lee Jonghyun @ Mystery Singapore Photoshoot

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  2. I can’t believe they were actually in my Singapore! I would have been awesome to be able to see them up close and talk to Yong Hwa. I hope they had some time to enjoy my country yesterday and come back for a full fledge concert soon.

    • Let’s hope they do one day soon! There and Malaysia as well since there are so many fans there who are dying to see the boys and hopefully they can make another stop here in the US so I can finally get to see them!

      • Looks like I’ve been naughty this year (always having naughty thoughts about the boys…LOL) that’s why Santa didn’t grant me the chance to see them in person even when they are here in my country. Let’s all hope that they drop by our respective backyards sometime soon.

        • Well shit if you’ve been ‘Naughty’ then I should be sent to jail for my Byuntae thoughts hehehe *evil grin* I dont care tho, its my God given right to think dirty thoughts if I want to! *holds head up high*

          Pervy Noonas of the world, no matter the fandom, unite!!

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  4. I hate it when they mess with Yohghwa’s hair and face. He’s beautiful without all that crap. Don’t like photo shoots 😦
    And…..can we ask him for more than a hug?! πŸ™‚

    • HAHA what do you think he’s going to agree too? A quick groping or possibly a quickie in the back seat of his car LOL!! Damn if that’s the case, I’m on the next flight to KOREA!!

      And IDK, for me its fun both ways! We all know how utterly GORGEOUS he is from day to day but when there’s a fashion shoot, its nice to see Yonghwa dolled up with makeup & outrageous hair cuz its far from what we see all the time! I think the guys like it too cuz it gives them time to be different too! IDk, that’s just how I see it! But I know what you mean, he’s hot without all the extra shit hahah

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    • LOL!! Yeah or two!! Apparently those are for free, you just have to ask… *makes mental note for whenever the fuck Mari will get a chance to meet Yonghwa* >,> I’m not gonna hold my breath tho lol

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