[Vid | Lyrics] 121128 CNBLUE – Robot HD PV Plus Audio MP3

Disclaimer: The lyrics are transcribed by listening, should there be any inaccuracies, they are not intentional.
The lyrics will be revised in accordance with the official one.


Music by: Jung Yonghwa, Kosuke Oba
Lyrics by: Jung Yonghwa

You said, you must Listen to me again.
You said, my bad But you must change yourself.
You now might be satisfied, I’ll never be okay.
You must tell me, Only yes sir!

(Hoshii nowa tada hitotsu no nanika)
I want just one thing

(Useta kyou ni modoranai) Bye bye
I won’t come back to today that is vanished

(Hoshii nowa ima aratana nanika)
I want something new now

Just you have to wait for me Not in a closet forever.

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
1”Yes” か 2”No”の日々を
(Yes ka No no hibi wo)
Days of 1”Yes” or 2”No”

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
消えかけた 見えない自分抱えて
(kiekaketa mienai jibun kakaete) Ohh
Holding myself who is invisible and about to disappear

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
そう 明日も
(sou asu mo)
Yes, tomorrow too

No, no, I will know myself. No, no, I must lose it all.
No, no, I will know myself. No, no, I am not on my own.

You said, you must Invent yourself again.
You said, alright. You owing(?) me to do this much.
It is no matter, how hard you try again.
You must tell me, Only yes sir!

(hoshii nowa tada hitotsu no nanika)
I want only one thing
(Hurui kinou wa sutetayo) Bye bye
I threw away the old yesterday

(Hoshii nowa ima aratana nanika)
I want something new now

Just you have to wait for me Not in a closet forever.

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
I will take it everyday.
I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.

望まれた 偽りと鏡の顔
(Nozomareta itsuwari to kagami no kao) Ohh
The desired face is false and of/in the mirror

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
Then you just one

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
1”Yes” か 2”No”の日々を
(Yes ka No no hibi wo)
Days of 1”Yes” or 2”No”

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
消えかけた 見えない自分抱えて
(kiekaketa mienai jibun kakaete) Baby
holding myself who is invisible and about to disappear

I’m a Robot. I’m a Robot.
そう 明日も
(Sou asu mo)
Yes tomorrow too

No, no, I will know myself. No, no, I must lose it all.
No, no, I will know myself. No, no, I am on my own.

Trans: @happytmg and @coffeeholic18

CNBLUE  – Robot  

Release Date: November 28th 2012

Format: MP3

Language: Japanese / English

Bit Rate: 320 kbps

File Size: 8 MB

Track List:

1. Robot

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OK so now that I’ve has some time to listen to the song and watch the video a couple hundred times, I can now say that this song is unique to say the least. There are very tentative lyrics  available but I really don’t want to post them until I get a better set but I can pretty much tell from what I can understand,  Jung Yonghwa is declaring that he’s just the opposite of a Robot! He’s stating the obvious fact that for a long time, he’s felt like he should be without say as to what experiences, probably both work wise and in his personal life and now from what I gather is that he’s not going to fall for it anymore. Hence the declaration of “I’m a robot”.  Again, I could be wrong but that’s my preliminary thought on the basic gist I get from the English lyrics. I can’t wait to see the complete official lyrics.

On another note, Lee Jonghyun is a fucking BEAST on the guitar!! Holy shit is it just me or did this dude really get better at his craft, as if that was even possible! Once again Yonghwa knows what he wants in his composition and he does an amazing job gaging what Jonghyun can do with that fucking sexy instrument he so lovingly strokes and oh yeah, he’s good with his guitar too! *pervy Noona couldn’t pass up the pun*

So what do you guys think Yonghwa is trying to convey in this song?


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**


Source:  Code Azzurro, Mari @ColorMeCNBLUE

Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

25 thoughts on “[Vid | Lyrics] 121128 CNBLUE – Robot HD PV Plus Audio MP3

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  4. Thank you for the link! About the song, i must admit i was a tiny bit worried with the teaser but it all fade away with full song…i like it a lot and the rhythm is just perfect, it’s stuck in my head and i randomly played without even realizing it…it just wont go LOL.

    The trans of the lyrics really tugged my heart…so much things can be interpret from those lines, it really breaks my heart to think that Yonghwa has been told such words in some oportunities…having to say “Yes, sir” when they couldn’t promote their own songs or the “You must erased youself, ok?” “My bad, but you must change yourself” “Alright, you only need to do that much, it is no matter how hard you try, OK?”….Really, i congratulate Yonghwa for being able to say such things that have probably been haunting his mind and he just had to let it out…it’s sad how companies treat idols…as Yonghwa said, forced them to only say yes and no….or even make them change who they really are “You must erased yourself”.

    • It’s true but goes for any music artist, not just idols! To the management & record companies, these artists are really like puppets for the most part at the beginning of their career! But usually when they begin to prove their popularity or show that they can back up what they say they can do, they are usually treated a lot better!

      Now that CNBLUE have proven they can make hit records & sell them I’m sure they have made lots of money and get a little more clout now. They will surely prove that with their next Korean album because it will be the first one released in Korea that will be their own penned creations do I’m really excited about it!

      I know that Yonghwa wrote this song from his heart & his personal experiences, we can all tell but somehow I feel he had to let out all his frustrations because that’s how his life used to me and now hopefully as the video signifies, they have broken free of their Robot selves and now they can breathe!

  5. i have to admit that when i first saw the teaser im disappointed, coz for me its sounds similiar to time is over. someone in the youtube also comments that jung yonghwa is not genius anymore his japanese composition sounds similar too. (do you know i hate reading this statement “sounds similar” to each of their songs.) so when i heard the teaser i was nervous that they lost their touch of magic. BUT BUT OH MY GOSH!!! I AM REALLY SORRY FOR DOUBTING THEM!!! I AM SO ASHAMED. when i hear the whole PV, the magic of loving them sinks again in me. they are really the best. i love the song and i love jonghyun guitar solo!!!!!! yonghwa, did you really compose this song? its really great. youre really an inspiration to me

    • Yes if you read my previous comments, I too was afraid after the teaser but I had to change my thoughts wen I heard the song in its entirety!!

      You really have to appreciate Yonghwa ear for music! I’m really glad that he was educated in music since he was little because now is when his knowledge pays off! I really need to put the faith that I have in CNBLUE before anything else from now on! Three years they’ve been making hits and they are not stopping to churn them out! I’m really a BOICE because of their music first, because it’s that worthy!

  6. I love the song. When I read the unofficial lyrics I finally understood what he was saying about being a robot. As far as I know, the kpop industry gets a bad rep about making their idols their “puppets” and having them work long hours. And the idols can’t really complain because they could easily be replaced with another trainee. Even though the boys don’t consider themselves idols, but I think they were probably treated the same way. I mean when you first start out as a singer I really doubt you can say no to anything your company demands of you. I think that what’s Yong Hwa referred to in the lyrics where he says – you must tell me only, ‘yes, sir’. I must say I’m quite impressed by Yong Hwa because if he is referring to his company, those are some bold lyrics. If he’s only referring to his love life, well then, come to noona, I’ll tear down those wires baby! You can be free with noona! xD

    • LOL yes the Noona’s will help tie you up and then untie you when we’re done >,,<

      But seriously, I can understand what he and all the other Kpop artists go through. I hope that now since CNBLUE have proved themselves time and time again that they are IDOLS not by the Kpop standard of IDOLS but by the standard of an artist to really put up on a pedestal, I think they're "ties' should be broken, at the very least the ties FNC have on them. Great job on interpreting that!!

  7. Fuck my bad english, I don’t find the words to express my feelings ! But this song and PV are awesome ! It’s certainly one of their best japanese songs (even if In my head and Come on are still the best of the best for me). This song is totally addictive, I do not know how to explain. The catchy rhythm, Yonghwa’s haunting voice, Jonghyun’s amazing guitar solos (what a f*cking guitarist, he’s a god xD), the choirs during the chorus (I always repeat “No, no, I don’t know myself” by listening to the song xD) and that for me is one of the features that make this song very catchy. The music video is a wonder for our eyes omg. Yonghwa’s fiery eyes at the end of it make me die *^*.
    They made a good work again. I’m so proud of them ♥.

    • I agree! Honestly I get so scared when artists I like dont produce good music consistently so when they come out with new albums, I get scared. Especially the Asian artists because unlike American Pop, they release new albums several times in a year! Here the artists will release new music maybe once every TWO years on average so I think we are bless with CNBLUE being so good at what they do!

      I am not going to lie, when I heard the teaser I was not impressed but I didn’t let that hinder my enjoyment of the song once I heard the entire thing! Yes, I was amazed at the arrangement, Yonghwa’s always powerful melodic voice, and Jonghyuns’s guitar skills stand out for me! Of course the group on a whole amaze me every time!

      BTW, dont worry about your English! I think you express yourself just fine!

      • When I heard the teaser, I was both impressed and disappointed by the song. But finally, I love ! The music video is one of their best ! I love the concept, the atmosphere and the esthetic ^^. I can’t stop watching it, they are fantastic robots, I love their attitude !!

        Thank you for the DL links ❤ But I can't DL the mp3, the password doesn't work :(.

        • Hey, did you copy/paste the PW into the field because I just tried it and its working hun!

          TBH I think the video could’ve been way better! They had the concept of Robots and they were more like mannequins instead! They could’ve had some CG and show possibly an assembly line putting the robot parts together to form the band member! They could’ve altered their eyes or had their eyes light up to look more robot-like! Idk, I dont think this video played up to its potential. Other than that, I think the guys look really good.

  8. Omo!!! My feeling completely changed after listening to the full version of the song!!!! The WOW!! feeling is back!!! i like the tunes and rhythms of the verses sooooo much that I wow when I first listen to it!! And then the more I listen the more I start to like the chorus as well!! Omo omo!! Why is uri Yongyongie so talented!! I’ve fallen for him more and more each day!!

    • Yes I agree! Hahaha I don’t understand how he can be this talented & so humble! He amazes me! I can’t wait for the full lyrics to be translated! I really want to take back my reservations about the song!

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