[Vid] 121127 CNBLUE Debut 4th Japan Single Title ‘Robot’ PV Teaser

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Finally, CNBLUE and Warner Music Japan have released the official ‘Robot’ PV 30 second teaser video! We BOICE knew it would be coming soon because earlier today, part of the video appeared on Mezamashi TV today and everybody went into new video frenzy mode. The entire official video will mostly likely follow soon so we have to be vigilant for when it does finally post! I have to say, I’m not entirely sold on this song yet nor am I totally impressed. I feel Yonghwa can do and has done better. It may just be because I haven’t heard the entire song so I wont really try to judge it or anything until the entire song is available because I dont feel its fair to jump to conclusions. I honestly hope my mood changes because I really want to like it!

The PV is pretty cool. The imagery is cool, nothing really ‘Robot’ about it except for their vacant stares and expressionless faces in some of the shots but Yonghwa tied up in microphone cords…Priceless hehe! They all look great in the video but again, it falls a little flat for me so far! UGH I hate myself so much for not being as excited as I was and as excited as I want to be before I heard and viewed the teaser. It could just be that I’m in a bad mood today and its carrying over onto my poor CNBLUE boys…

**Mianhae my LOVES, I don’t want you to think I don’t like or appreciate your hard work! You all are doing such a great job exploring new sounds and expressing yoursefves through your lyrics and melodies and for that I thank you so very much! I have to be honest though as I’m sure you would want your true and close fans to be. I will not like everything you create, but I will appreciate your creativity and love you unconditionally! For always, your BOICE!**



Posted by Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

14 thoughts on “[Vid] 121127 CNBLUE Debut 4th Japan Single Title ‘Robot’ PV Teaser

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  4. Hello, mari as promise i come again. about the teaser, honestly i only watched today, (such a bad boice). beside the full PV, i think I’m curios about the lyric, what YH want to convey now in Robot lyric. Mari hope you will have great days.

    their musiv

  5. I think it’s ok for not liking this song as much as expected.. we are fans, but we can have our own judgement and feeling and preference.. not exactly like a particular song doesn’t mean we don’t support or appreciate their hard work.. somehow i feel the same as you at this song.. i think it sounds ok from the 30s we got to hear, but can’t make me feel WOW!! like Mr.KIA or Wake Up or some other Yongyongie’s composition did. But i agree we can’t judge or fall to conclusion so early, let’s just wait for the full version to come out ^^

    • Thank you for seeing it my way or at least understanding! I’m not bashing Yonghwa at all, I love him but the teaser didn’t wow me, like you said. I’m hoping after I hear the entire song, I’ll feel differently. On another note, my four year old son LOVED it and made me play it for him three times in a row so go figure lol!

  6. Not every song even of the greatest band will be satisfying. Even Beatles have some songs that make me cringe. But I feel really good about this one. Yonghwa is exploring yet another style. And based on the teaser this exploration was a success.

    • I agree. I dont think every song will be perfect nor do I think that just because I dont like I particular song that my love or dedication for them will waver because it wont! I think I’ve been mostly in a bad mood these last few weeks off and on with so many things going on and the fact that I have put so much expectation into this next album even though I was trying not to have any. I wont knock it until I’ve heard it a few times. Even then I will still appreciate Yonghwa’s want and need to try new things. I love that about him! THank you for your comment and for helping me^^

    • You think its just that I;m not in my right mind? I think so too so dont put any stock into some of things I say right now…I’m not Mari, I’m her stupid-ass alter ego who is being bitchy right now >,<

  7. I like the chorus as it’s quite catchy and I’m glade that it is different from their Code Name Blue materials. Is it a master piece? Maybe not quite there but at least it is going to be fun and enjoyable. Looking forward to the full MV.

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