[News] 121127 CNBLUE Debut 4th Japan Single Title ‘Robot’ PV Teaser

Finally, after much anticipation CNBLUE and Warner Music Japan have released the official 30 second PV teaser video for their title track,Robot’. CNBLUE fans knew somehow the teaser would be released soon because recently, part of the “Robot” music video was featured on Mezamashi TV in Japan which sent fans and internet users into new video frenzy mode. The entire official video will mostly likely follow soon so fans are eagerly vigilant waiting for when it does finally post!

Recently, FNC Japan updated the band’s website with new album covers, one for each of the mini album’s editions. The unique and very artistic album covers show CNBLUE members as statuesque and expressionless and include strategically placed deconstructed music instruments.

CNBLUE‘s 4th major Japanese release will be available on December 19th 2012. The new mini albumRobot’ will be available in three versions: Limited Edition, Special Warner Music Direct Edition, and Normal Edition.

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Source: cnblue.jp

written by: Mari @cnbstorm / colormecnblue


3 thoughts on “[News] 121127 CNBLUE Debut 4th Japan Single Title ‘Robot’ PV Teaser

  1. In my opinion I think “In My Head” is by far one of the best rock songs Yong Hwa has written, so comparing it to this one, it still remains the best. I’m not saying I don’t like this song, I actually find it quite catchy. It just doesn’t surpass IMH. In my opinion of course. That being said, I can’t wait to hear the rest and read the actual lyrics so I can understand why Yong Hwa is singing ‘I’m a Robot’ over and over again lol Maybe he’s revealing their true identity. That explains why they’re all so perfect! First TVXQ comes out with Humanoid and now CN Blue with Robot. =3 Now if only we can get CN Blue to have better music videos. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I want to see a music video where CN Blue isn’t just standing around in a room playing their instruments. I mean the whole concept of being tied up by wires does make me have nice imaginations, but I want a more meaty story. If that makes sense. lol I think their only videos with somewhat of a story-line was ‘I’m a Loner’, ‘Intuition’, and ‘Love Girl’. Maybe one day they’ll fulfill my fantasy and have a video where they get wet somehow. I know its so cliche but there’s just something so hot about men walking in the rain. Just look at Lee Shin in Heartstrings. Beautiful… *-*

    • You are not the only one who feels their videos are a little lacking! One the one’s you mentioned had a storyline and even though they are enjoyable to watch, I really wish that they can someday soon have some substance in a video. Perhaps have one of them lead the story or whatever, just have something we fan girls can sink our teeth into that doesn’t seem like they are just standing around!

      And yes I was a bit bummed when I first heard the teaser cuz I wanted something harder from them but with that said, I can’t pre-judge the song yet without hearing it in its entirety or reading the lyrics so for that I feel bad cuz I did feel let down at first. Maybe soon we can expect something where they get all sweat and take their shirts off or just jump in a pool and we can be the extras on the set with drinks and make a party out of it! hahahah

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